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  1. BaRoN of LooT

    Picture freezing!

    Wired ssd and og xbox
  2. BaRoN of LooT

    Picture freezing!

    Game picture freezing often when driving, aiming, and basic play. Never had this problem since last update. Wired sad of xbox. Please fix your game. No I didn't take a video you should pay people to figure this crap out. Thanks!
  3. Put extended mag on sks from crate. Reloaded it and wouldn't until I dropped the sks. Then I proceeded on without all my 7.62. My inventory automatically dropped what wasn't in my gun didn't realize till I was in the next gun fight and I was out.
  4. BaRoN of LooT

    Stopping in red zone!

    Stopping in red zone with a vehicle is not working! I have tried on all maps and it has only counted a couple times.
  5. BaRoN of LooT

    Store UI is Broken

    Same for me.
  6. BaRoN of LooT

    Vikendi pack?

    Does this include the premium pass? The store is confusing on what comes with anything!
  7. BaRoN of LooT

    Falling under the map , no footprints

    This also happened to me.
  8. BaRoN of LooT

    Sound of swimming

    So about a month a ago a squad was bridge camping the base and was engaged in a fight. Once finished I was about right under them swimming. They were able to here me swimming, jump on a bike ride to the other end and wait for me to pop out of the water finishing me without a chance. I can also here there footsteps I'd like to note. Seems a little OP super human hearing I guess. I'm using astro a50s which work great for the game. Also the swimming mechanics are kind of bs now. Can't hold your breath for much of any time. I get you probably shouldn't be able to swim or float with that much gear but WTH it's a game. Was wondering what everyone else thought about this? Sanhok seems better about this. When you get close to the ocean it's really over powers other sounds. Happy hunting!