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  1. While soft aiming and leaning, if you happen to fall off a ledge you get stuck aiming in that position has happened many times.
  2. Currently! Rd-15 Ld-15 Vib- on Frs-45 Ms-75 Vsm-100 Gen-10 Veh-10 Aa- on and 1 Otsa-8 1x-10 2x-9 3x-9 4x-8 6x-6 8x-5 15x-10
  3. Is it just me or does the movement in this game piss anyone else off. Going from third to first and it feels like your turning a damn cruise ship it's so clunky and dissatisfying! You can't even open a door unless your touching it in 1st. In 3rd you can open a couple body lengths away. Is console slower movement than PC? It seems that way when you watch people playing it. What's everyone thoughts on the best forward movement sensitivity and movement sensitivity to eliminate some of this?
  4. Game picture freezing often when driving, aiming, and basic play. Never had this problem since last update. Wired sad of xbox. Please fix your game. No I didn't take a video you should pay people to figure this crap out. Thanks!
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