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  1. It's weird how only the first two shots do damage. Is the first one legit through the window behind him? Then huuuuuge lag and the second one was also fired through the window but just registered after a massive delay? The rest are just weird
  2. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/76286707 Apologies @HelloDaddio
  3. Yeah sorry, thought I'd already mentioned to you. Something deffo feels "off" with player control
  4. @VinnieB he's obviously very good 😊
  5. @ColonicBoom My FRS is 35 and MS is 80.....
  6. Not xbox but Liddy is my favourite streamer, only recently started streaming though. All you YouTube beforehand
  7. I think we should warm up with a squad based war mode match 👍
  8. Just throwing this out there, @L1nk......are you @Legion x5? 😉
  9. I remember him on the forums, seemed alright to me but deffo rubbed some folk the wrong way. I wondered where he'd gone, i watched a bit of his mixer channel.
  10. It's swimming related, basically there is a wax plug in it
  11. I'll be back off holiday tomorrow, hopefully get on for some games. I'm completely deaf in one ear, I'm sure that will help loads😂
  12. Have you tried this @ColonicBoom? Also the map cursor movement might highlight the issue? I'm sure it feels like it is moving through treacle sometimes.
  13. I think this mostly goes unnoticed with most people. The game has always been a bit of a jerky mess so most will glaze over. In your video i can see a "stutter" around the 10 second mark. I'm assuming that is what you are highlighting? I do think it is an issue and I think it messes with aiming, forcing changes in sensitivity. This hitching or stuttering or whatever it is must effect precise aiming. I have a hard enough time aiming under the best of conditions.
  14. Adjust your vehicle sensitivity setting 👍
  15. Stream the early days, I'd like to see the 'adjustment' period. I still find it hard to not call you "Aim Yak-ee" 😂
  16. It is not just you 😂 my most common one is "why did you stay still, you know you die when you stay still" This happens a lot when I think I'm in a good spot for an ambush. Then a grenade lands next to me because they knew where I was.
  17. It's the same as running into a shotgun to the face though really. People do a circle check of buildings don't they, if you see suspicious looking gas cans you know sh*t is going down. Makes no difference imo.
  18. It also acts as a giant red flag saying "campers in here" 😂
  19. Haha, i think you can extrapolate most things out to the nth degree and find something you don't like. I can't help but like the possibilities that an exploding trap opens up.
  20. The youtube link to Wacky Jacky's.....i think
  21. Yeah I'm down with this. Quite enjoy the idea of pulling off a through a window snipe shot on a gas can
  22. .... Coming to us soon(ish)........ exploding gas cans! Someone mentioned this recently 👍....apologies if this has been mentioned already
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