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  1. MajorClagNut

    Well that was painful

    This post serves no purpose other than to be content other than moaning about the state of the game, map selection, TPP vs FPP etc. Now I'm not a great player by any stretch, I have a regular duo partner who is terrible. Last night we played a good few games and had a few decent finishes and I managed to kill a few people.............he was essentially there to look at the scenery as far as I could tell. So anyway, first image is my duo matches last night, 2nd is his.......3rd is my solo after he logged off.............I think he infected me with utterdogshititus. It was a painful, torrid time 😂 My form on this game is such a roller coaster. My Duo Matches Squaddies Duo Matches My Subsequent Solo Matches
  2. MajorClagNut

    Map rotation idea(?)

    The population is what it is, the way we were theorising about it working would be effected by the population size in (almost) exactly the same way as it currently is.
  3. MajorClagNut

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I'm not sure it was closed minded, i think he just misunderstands. It appears like he believes there would only be one lobby per map. So you would have to wait for the people playing your next map to finish. @matthejl There would be lots of matches running simultaneously just like it is now. If there wasn't one waiting for you and your next map rotation a new one would be created and you'd wait for it to fill. Just like it is now.
  4. MajorClagNut

    Ahhhh f.....

    ...u*k it 😂https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/71503163
  5. MajorClagNut


    I've said it before, I'll say it again. These FPP zealots were abused by corner peekers in their formative years, it's the only plausible answer for so much pent up hatred
  6. MajorClagNut

    It blows my mind........

    That's some weird sh*t
  7. MajorClagNut

    Survival Points/ Season Rewards

    I'd rather put my d*** in an Alpaca, fo sure
  8. MajorClagNut

    It blows my mind........

    Yeah I'd already seen the lag switch making bs, admittedly I didn't know that was how this guy could be doing what he was doing.
  9. MajorClagNut

    It blows my mind........

    I'd rather not 😂, sounds like a terrible way to play a game. This thread will probably be locked/removed now by the way.
  10. MajorClagNut

    It blows my mind........

    Ah I missed that, I left out any naming/shaming specific and details of how it's done in the hope it could remain as a discussion. Also if the whole 'stuck on plane' thing happens people might be more likely to log it if they think it's something dodgy going on, rather than PUBG being PUBG.
  11. MajorClagNut

    Low Number Games

    Errrrm whut? 😂 This is in the lobby isn't it haha
  12. MajorClagNut

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I'm unsure to be honest
  13. MajorClagNut

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Oh yeah, this would be people leaving the game having it count towards their deaths. Currently I don't think it does, it wouldn't effect legit kills.
  14. MajorClagNut


    Yeah but they aren't all striving for realism like all FPS shooters so its okay for them to use TPP.................PUBG is much better when you run around like a 3 foot tall pygmy "becorz moar competitivezzz hurrr de hurrrr"
  15. MajorClagNut

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Backing out could count as a death? Impacting KD ratio, people won't like that.