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  1. Yeah since changing my settings a bit as per our other chat I'm fairly comfortable controlling an M4 on auto with a 4x, need a vert and a comp though!
  2. You should definitely be able to do this when your in the same vehicle 👍
  3. The biggest impact (i notice) is with parachuting, seems to effect how far i can fly
  4. Very possible, i only put my red dot and 2* down by 1 so not massive changes. Think i was mostly just having a bad run, probably best to just ride it out.
  5. Isn't 'hit detection' client side? So you see the blood splatter because that happens at client 'level'. The death is then registered on the server so it's all slightly out of sync.
  6. I had a purple patch, everything felt on point. Tonight I'm terrible, feel like i need to reduce my sensitivities again......that shi*t is getting old now
  7. I don't get it either but i think it effects squad games more. I play mainly solo with a fair chunk of duo, squad every now and then. I think you mainly play solo?
  8. I don't think I said anything about forward movement sensitivity.......did I? If I did it wasn't meant to be about that.
  9. I think changing between on and off is always going to be a struggle, best to stick with what you are used to.
  10. After 50% stick input your aim will move at a faster rate. Pros - Vehicle destruction, you can track fast moving targets easier. Cons - Erratic aiming, if you're not used to it it can make you a bit all over the place. That's just from my experience with it and I'm anti AA. Some fantastic players use it though so it can't be all bad. I'm a bit heavy thumbed so doing anything under 50% is nigh on impossible.
  11. I don't think you should be able to drive 100 mph into a wall without any impact damage, that should kill you.
  12. I couldn't stand it, so loud and annoying. War Mode is the best warm up 👍
  13. https://pubg.report/streams/6cf384c8-1dc8-4d05-916a-a8806a1bf2df/1023411167 Lol
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