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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/majorclagnut/video/75004069 It's horrible, please make it stop
  2. Apologies for the poor quality.................I'm just in training here, I save the nakedness for competitions
  3. @Harold Brock......go learn Korean!
  4. I'm guessing the ones earn't between the 21st and 28th, @Takarii mentioned on another thread that 'some' survival points from the last season would pass over to the new season pass. He couldn't say how many that would be or how the amount passed over would be calculated. It would be odd if they were keeping some points from the previous season but not including points earn't between the 21st and 28th....................all assumption though.
  5. I am the worlds greatest naked pig rider............both rider and pig must be naked to qualify
  6. I'm guessing there is a 'sign in' process so you are the best in the world out of the people that have signed in...................still pretty good though 👍
  7. Nope, they will be PTS only stats/points. Stats should be retained, the 'new season' is effectively underway it's just the season pass that isn't. They have mentioned that SP will carry over from last season in some way (it's not very clear) so I would assume any SP we get on live servers between now and the 28th will be kept.
  8. The new season hasn't started yet, due to start with the new update (28th) I think.
  9. In terms of data a 'soft delete' is where something has an indicator field that is changed to show that the data is 'deleted' as opposed to removing it from the database entirely. So if that rings true for this..............I still have no idea what it means 😂
  10. I don't think anything can be described as critical if it requires the panicked mashing of a button for it to happen 😂 Critical would indicate the game is unplayable and there is no way to avoid the issue...........just don't mash the A button. I did notice the OC or NA red icon had re-appeared last night (I'm EU), it still put me in EU when I tried starting a game with the icon present. Not saying that it does that every time, just didn't happen to me the time I tried it. Other than that I waited for it to go away.
  11. This is probably linked to the new dangly 'jewellery' you will be able to unlock when weapon mastery starts.
  12. Pretty sure if it has a one under the picture of either of the care package types you can use it. Simply put, if you're in the blue you can get a UAZ. If you're in the 'safe' zone you can get a care package.....but only if the indicator indicates at least 1. I think I've had 5 so far, they've always worked......my only issue has been people trying to steal my drop.
  13. You can still see your lifetime stats. Personally I like the reset, I have gotten better since the start so it gives me a chance to improve my KD. I think lifetime in solo is only just over 1 but last season finished at 1.52 with a peak of 1.55..................for example.
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