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  1. lmao, it's what I say. I'll believe it when I see it all the hype beforehand is to get investors.
  2. The compensator or flash hider doesn't do anything on the S12K
  3. The S12K is a steaming pile of doodoo at any situation, the other shotguns are fine.
  4. 100% not psychological, very likely different attenuations. Just had a game where I clearly heard an enemy stomping around quite far away spectating my friend.
  5. Moving your head around makes it harder to hit
  6. I wish they'd just make the current weapon pool more balanced. 1. Just get rid of the Tommy Gun 2. Allow a Red Dot on the Uzi, make it take a tactical stock or make it's stock baseline. 3. Allow a Red Dot or a small scope on the Winchester, or give it it's own scope something like a 2x or 3x. 4. Make chokes baseline on all shotguns, the duckbill on the S12K. etc. Just.. buff the low end to shake things up. Stop adding new guns that would fit 'the meta'.
  7. I feel like I legit hear steps farther when spectating than my partner and can spotcall enemies in basically every encounter that you as a normal player wouldn't hear. How would the audible distance be explained through corrections?
  8. It could be enabled for regions that speak just one language, EU was absolutely terrible from start to finish.
  9. Wouldn't matter I would have to mute it anyway.
  10. I'm concerned about just how much it will possibly change the balancing of the maps, any cluster of houses will be a super dangerous area because people can be camping nearly anywhere. Nobody will theoretically be pushing houses more aggressively because pushing houses becomes really dangerous. Time will tell, now would be a fairly critical time to get the vertical audio issues fixed lol.
  11. 3rd season with the current system, 13th season overall.
  12. Wholeheartedly agree, the wind is literally the only reason I don't want to play Vikendi, I still like the map and how it plays but I just don't want to play it because of the constant howling.
  13. How much are you guys roiding if such minor changes make you angry?
  14. That's weird, my 3x in black is just fine
  15. They already almost tripled the good weapon spawn rate it's fine as it is, stop hotdropping if you don't like playing the odds. The only problem left in Erangel is the Military Island and how it polarizes the gameplay, if there's the slightest chance it can go there you need to get there or get stuck on the bridges.
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