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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/a7x-f4b0/video/74187268 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/a7x-f4b0/video/74187282
  2. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhoNyvf43VvCgTqFI9LBAwAmlNIw
  3. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhoNyvf43VvCgTm3Kuqh7WmmXziE
  4. So.. since the last Patch the Game laggs even on the One X with SSD. Thank you. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhoNyvf43VvCgTm3Kuqh7WmmXziE
  5. I posted that in bug reports aswell,some days ago. No response to today. But it seems every house of that are got a problem with that missing wall.
  6. So some games later i can say: (Got X1X with SSD) Pro: -loading times were reduced hard maybe 3-8 sec from loading screen to lobby - No rendering issues on landing -fps seems stable on open field -foot steps are good to locate - no random molotov or footsteps near - game stops lagging while on high speed with motorcycle or Mirado -no buggy stairs in Dino Park Con: - game is lagging if on open field by turning the camera fast - play doh all over in 100-250 meter's If you look towards the buildings they rendering slowly up if you move your camera away they are going play doh again - enemys are unspotable on higher distance, or they seem to teleport - after landing weapons need 10-25 seconds to load up (just to much for hot drops) - some weapons dont reload properly - some Shots really doesnt connect properly - its like the game f*ck you if you got good internet Connection. - menu lagging like hell, Customizing the character is a time consuming mess - vehicle still hang up from tiny rocks and explode - sometimes ingame menu doesnt let you loot, its like the white field to pick up are somewhere it doesnt belong The overall experience are medium, some days it feels like im a pro. Kill 7 people with duo MP and get the dinner alone in duos against 2 other teams. But the day after, i shot some people 3-4 burst from the m16 in the back. He get up and kill me instead. As i saw he take no dmg, but i hit him and the blood run out his body. Sry for my bad english
  7. Wrong forum. But the problem is your setup. FX6300 and 1050TI are pretty less for that performance hungy game. But try to update your Graphic driver and set the Visual settings to low or even very low. If it doesnt help, watch your PC if the game shuts down. Maybe the CPU get too hot?!
  8. Heavy reduce vertical/horizontal recoil.
  9. M4 its the easiest to handle AR. lot of Attachments. Less dmg as the 7,62 AR's but it spray less.
  10. Ump- full attached / Bizon with Holo/red dot or 2x M24/AWM extended mag and suppressor 6/8 X
  11. After the patch i noticed that there was a wall missing in Erangel. I marked the House. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhoNyvf43VvCgS566TYCT7LgyJwu https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhoNyvf43VvCgS-wwIMPY8wIXlGT
  12. As i posted before, my squadmates say hot drops are fine even with og xbox without ssd. I cant confirm that because i got the X1X with ssd. I only noticed that we didnt fall through the map if they are driving
  13. No. Still normal FPS, not better or worse. The only thing my squad noticed is that there is no shitty Texture if you hot drop. But cant agree with that cause i never got these problems. As i own a X1X with SSD
  14. Yes. My Loading times from lobby to ingame are insane. They are less then 10 Seconds. Otherwise i didnt notice anything better or worse. But i just played 2-3 matches.
  15. Still better then no patches. Im happy they still try to fix that mess. We should not complain about Everything, just be thankfull sometimes
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