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  1. so we are just supposed to take what ur saying as facts and deny the fact that there is a guy who sells radar and has a list of streamers who he keeps updated regularly all because u are a meaningless troll. cheating isnt a joke. especially when people spend real hard earned money on this game.
  2. xbox pubg is too broken for this. and it would require the devs to spend more than the 30 mins per week on the game they are spend now. but PC is about to have a bunch of new updates coming in 5 mins the again tomorrow morning then the day after i heard they get a double update.
  3. u dont know what you are talking about
  4. bro that input lag is insane on the game right now. ever since the last 2 updates its been at its worst. i clearly went to land just a shot on a guy then run to cover and i felt a virtual glitch as i tapped the trigger to run and the dude just died. maybe another dude shot at him too but it didnt seem like that was the case. i shot ran then a hiccup then it says i killed him. i couldnt even smack talk like i normally do when i smack a dude cus it felt like i did some kinda glitch kill on him. wasnt fair to me cus i get pissed when that happens to me after i have like 6 hard earned kills then get cheesed out by lag and bad frame drops
  5. Will the next rendering fix update give us 60fps game play? Its strange how pubg can be played on a cellphone just fine but the xbox version runs like grandmas broke down Dodge Wagon . The bad frame rate makes it hard to reload on the run and gun fights. A lot of people get killed while trying to reload twice. Even gun fights are broken. you can be shooting a guy and hitting all ur shots and even see blood then get turned on and dropped in a split second even with level 2 and 3 gear on.
  6. this game doesnt need c4. what it needs is steady 30fps or 60fps
  7. You did good kid but as long as im around u will always be second best
  8. ohhh wow i thought it was just my controller getting old. iv noticed this every game i play. seems to me like when frames drop at the same time ur reloading it cancels the reload
  9. you should get a dds for ur xbox bro. helps u render in faster
  10. then u should play the standard play list if u like others. leave sanhok for people who dont want to run around mirrimar on solo matches.
  11. I know that. im talking about from here on out just leave sanhok as mini royal and not switch it over to Erangal like they plan to do on the next update.
  12. As a daily player of the game i can say for sure that the majority of the people who play PUBG would love for the dev team to give us MINI ROYAL Sanhok. Still Make Erangel a featured map when the new updates come out. but the ability to choose sanhok at will makes the game replay ability high.
  13. No prob... things happen. at least a fix is in the works. Im just excited to get sanhok back on single map. this is gonna bring a lot of people back to the game. good move pubg!!! cant wait to get some kar98 kills for my montage tonight on Live Stream. mixer @Prosapien
  14. pubg aint going nowhere. only the weak will fall off. pubg is gonna come back hard on xbox and xbox 2. so while all u dudes are on apex ill be here getting better with every game played.
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