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  1. Marc_T9

    Pubg Xbox player bots

    Why you calling bad players bots?
  2. Marc_T9

    My team killed 24 players

    Tartarus Gavel with the assists.
  3. Marc_T9


    Do you have any evidences?
  4. Marc_T9

    pubg stats

    There are many but for me - the most completed one and with connections to other websites is pubglookup.com.
  5. Marc_T9

    Get rid of custom games

    What was your objective with this thread? Seriously, World Ceres think about it before answering.
  6. What was the main headline news that day?
  7. Marc_T9

    Make AUG a common spawn

    It should remain a create weapon imo.
  8. Agree. a weekly session to answer some questions would be super dope.
  9. Marc_T9

    New Parachuting

    Didnt manage it yet.
  10. Marc_T9

    How many players?

    So, where do you find that statistics exactly?
  11. If you are a new player, its understandable.
  12. Marc_T9

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    Take care then. Bye.
  13. Why you responding to your own clip? GG tho.
  14. Marc_T9

    absolutely discusted.

    Use paragraphs next time, jeez.