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  1. Marc_T9

    Well that was painful

    That hurts being so close to the price
  2. Marc_T9

    Queue times are stupid!

    Never experienced waiting so long for a match.
  3. Marc_T9

    Well that was painful

    Yeah, my form can be the same.
  4. Marc_T9

    Can we get first person sky diving? FPP

    Is that a big deal?
  5. Marc_T9

    The feel of a sniper...

    SKS or SLR.
  6. Marc_T9

    Most fustrating game ever

    I understand your point of view but i dont agree with your suggestions.
  7. Marc_T9

    Beautiful Executions

    Loved the slow motion effect you added to each kill/knock.
  8. Marc_T9

    National Patriotism

    Wonderful idea, i like and support it.
  9. Marc_T9

    Map - Water Based

    I agree.
  10. Hard question but i will say Miramar. I love the landscape and the better way to get cover but i dont like the loot balance, long mid game patience, etc.
  11. Marc_T9

    Log in now for free 20 level pass

    Not needed for a thread i guess.
  12. Marc_T9

    Do you truly care about this game?

    I do care.
  13. Marc_T9

    I’m tired of dying in this game.

    Bye and take care brother.