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  1. We got your point. I think "Lost connection bug" happens more in Erangel than Sahnok. Everytime i look at the players alive in the game, Erangel is always with 75-85 and Sahnok near 95.
  2. It was a featured map for couple of months and nobody liked it...Yeah but i agree that after changing their loot and circle management, it should come more often.
  3. Yeah, i would like to know also where is the EU servers based but i guess it is London.
  4. You killed a friend of mine to get that chicken! Nevermind, i feel happy for you. More to come bud!
  5. He felt PUBG was too easy for him.
  6. I rofled but i already felt the same. Somedays PUBG isnt with you.
  7. Been getting them at least 2 to 3 times per long game.
  8. Happens to me all the time. Sometimes isnt even in the final 2, just a 1v1 in a compound when its like 50 people left. I think its the fear of going back to the lobby but oh well.
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