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  1. I slowed it down and the tyre popping definitely caused the rear right end to lift up and caused the crash. Damn, those three kills shoulda been mine 🤔
  2. I don’t mind Sanhok but I cannot play it over and over. Erangel I could play all day back to back.
  3. Everyone would rush to camp centre st phase 4 causing a “Sanhok” situation of 3rd party hell.
  4. Yeah I know that but I popped the rear tyres causing the flip?
  5. Should I have been credited for these 3 kills? 636AD2C3-B2AA-4CC9-A99B-CD96DC7999D0.mp4
  6. Jesus guys, just use the LFG function, I never, ever fail to find a squad on mic when I put my own post up. I’m surprised anyone is still random queuing at all.
  7. My god, I can’t wait for this. Hope for Miramar only next? 🤔
  8. I loved the MW campaigns along with BO 1 and 2, but since getting into Battlefield mp I never play anything but online. Pubg is a step up again from bf and I find I can’t go back to the mindless meat grind and infinite lives as it creates no sense of pressure or value.
  9. I can’t stop playing. Have no interest in “story mode” games anymore. They just seem to be one horde mode after another and it bores me. I’ll take pubg and it flawed multiplayer any day.
  10. Instead of random fragging, they should’ve closed the gaps with smoke. Unless they weren’t carrying any, which is a sin. Nothing worse than hearing “I don’t have smokes” when you know full well they would’ve seen at least 1 whilst looting and you know they don’t carry cos they need 400 rounds of 5.5
  11. Sanhok.....in a nutshell. Its why I despise this map. For those in the circle it is a camp fest. For everyone else a continual run in, until either the circles get small enough and you begin to cross paths, or come up against those inside, looking out. Either way, it’s just a human centipede cluster fuck if 3rd party mayhem, where 9 times out of 10, he who shoots last wins. Glad it’s on its own rotation so I can leave it out.
  12. They were awful. Who stands in the wide open and engages someone in cover, even in a 4 on 1. Impatience and over-confidence was their weakness.
  13. I like to hear salt. I get off on it. How can you not find it satisfying to know how much you pissed someone off by killing them in the sweatiest way possible?
  14. I’ll always try to run a kitted out scorpion, especially if I’m in a position of both rifles running on 7.62 80 rounds of 9mm don’t take up too much room and it’s good to have it in case of ammo issues late game. Either that or the sawn-off with a choke (for close encounters), that baby rips. Also the R45 is a personal favourite on occasion, for it’d look and stopping power, it saved my team arse in a squad wipe situation a couple of times in the past.
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