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  1. hugeAXE WOUND

    Lead or Follow

    I’ll give my opinion no problem but if I’m playing with someone who has more time and more wins I’ll trust their leadership. Shit I don’t tolerate is someone going off in the fly with no notice / charging after a crate etc and getting raped before screaming down the mic “where are you guys?!!!” I also won’t blame people or be an arsehole for making a mistake, sonme people are so friggin uptight.
  2. hugeAXE WOUND

    tpp players

    I’d be more than willing to give it a sesh once or twice a week to help boost FPP numbers. At the end of the day we are all pubg comrades and the death of FPP won’t be good for anyone. They should implement a separate reward system to promote it or release a new map that is FPP only.
  3. hugeAXE WOUND

    tpp players

    Haha yeah we did mate 👍 Gt is HugeAXE WOUND now people can lookup my stats and see how shit I am!
  4. hugeAXE WOUND

    Pubg / life balance

    No, no way she would. She thinks I’m a right dork with my headset on talking to my team mates! Lol Shes not a gamer type of girl at all.
  5. hugeAXE WOUND

    Pubg / life balance

    How you guys do that I don’t know. When I need sleep, I don’t have a choice - I’ll literally fall off standing up.
  6. hugeAXE WOUND

    This is what happens with full map selection

    We know this will happen but it still does not stop the constant pissing and moaning.
  7. hugeAXE WOUND

    Finally Giving Up and Leaving

    Yeah play squads or duos mate, it’s much more enjoyable 👍 I do like a solo game now and again but my jump reflex is too highly strung to play it for long periods!!l lol
  8. hugeAXE WOUND

    Pubg / life balance

    thanks for the feedback guys!! 👍
  9. hugeAXE WOUND

    Pubg / life balance

    Can’t do the late ones I’m dozing by 11pm and don’t think I’ll start a fight, just ain’t worth it!!
  10. hugeAXE WOUND

    Pubg / life balance

    Past few weeks been really busy with work and my evening / weekends are swallowed up with gutting our and fitting a new bathroom. Havent has a sesh for fuckin ages and I’m getting annoyed. Managed one or two games in the last 3 weeks or so. Theres not a chance in hell my wife will play this, last game she ever played was Sonic the hedgehog ffs. I don’t even have kids yet!! How does anyone get quality time in pubg without getting divorced? Lol
  11. hugeAXE WOUND

    tpp players

    I’m gonna give it a go as soon as I can get back in the game.
  12. hugeAXE WOUND

    New crate

    Agreed would rather save for something I want than piss away 20k for tonnes of school shirts and pink polos trying.
  13. hugeAXE WOUND

    New crate

    Shite - why aren’t they making some decent military / guerilla style clothes instead of the multi coloured novelty bollocks?
  14. hugeAXE WOUND

    Map selection

    Haha!! Letsgo round again!! yeah except quick join will be used to top up the Sanhok only lobbies to cut down waiting times. All other maps will fall by the wayside and will hardly ever be played. Great for the entitled babies to play Sanhok only, shit for everyone else. No thanks.
  15. hugeAXE WOUND

    Map Selection Update

    Yes they are completely oblivious to what will happen with map selection and will soon be back on here crying that wait times are too long or they are now bored of “Sanhok only” and never get to play anything else.