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  1. I don’t care if you find one or not. It gives the game the randomness it should have. Never, should we be in a position to expect a dmr / sr with scopes in the first building you loot.
  2. Honour amongst thieves is a myth. Honour amongst console gamers is even more alien.
  3. Back in the day I was a beast on MW1/2 online in my late 20’s early 30’s, now I’m 42 it seems like I’m behind the line on where I expect to be!
  4. It’s a joke. They need to do something to bump it up. I understand having items that have a rarity but it’s ridiculous to put them out of reach for anyone who cannot sink 8 hours a day into it. Ive played pubg since March 2018, bought every survivor pass, contributed in PTS and been a committed and regular player as I can be. Now I’m being slapped in the face because I’m not a pro streamer, kid on school holidays or unemployed.
  5. Well most people can’t play that many games / hours mate.
  6. Same here, with life commitments I get 4-6 hrs a week max and an unreal grind is a slap in the face really.
  7. No chance of getting even near the beard. As much as I love this game I just cannot dedicate hundreds of hours to it.
  8. It wasn’t me you said it to. I don’t feel threatened by keyboard warriors.
  9. I think nades should be a little bit more scarce. Like “ooh a nade!’ Instead of “hey guys, there’s two nades in here I can’t carry because I already have three!” Not bothered about the damage, they should be savage.
  10. What a piece of work. Is “Hope i see you in game” supposed to be a threat? Little man.
  11. Yeah, not the kind of player who can sink 20+ hours a week into a game.
  12. I bought it 8 yrs ago. Every other game I’ve played runs just fine. You can buy me one if you want.
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