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  1. Whenever I get shot my controller disconnects unless its plugged in. Doesnt matter the situation. Doesnt matter what gun, map, game mode or if I'm shot from close up or at a distance. Only thing that stops it is to stay plugged in. Been this way since I got the game early in the year. Nothing else happens, theres no fps issue or glitching when it happens it literally just turns off my controller. It comes back on and connects with no problem afterwards so theres no lasting issue. But when I get shot again. It goes off lol.
  2. Unless I have my controller plugged in, whenever I get into a fire fight as soon as I get shot my controller disconnects. Then I have to turn it back on which takes a sec and 80 percent of the time I'm killed because of it. There isnt anything specific that I've noticed causes it, but it happens every time I forget to plug in the controller before playing. My xbox is brand new and I also use the same controllers for other games as well and never have a problem. It happens no matter what type of gun I'm shot with. Never happens if I take damage from anything else tho. Only if I get shot. Doesnt matter what equipment I have or what map I'm on. It happens literally every time