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  1. Chefboyarnie88

    We need Sanhok ONLY!!! NOW

    Lol, just cause you get stuck in buildings and shot through walls doesn’t mean it happens to everyone 🤷🏼‍♂️ Literally never been shot through a wall and haven’t got stuck in a building in a longggg time. Erengel is my favorite with Miramar behind it. If you can’t find loot on Erengel either you’ve been spoiled by Sanhok or you just suck at looting. Very few games where I’m not running with either two AR’s or an AR/DMR/SR combo. To me, Erengel and Miramar take more strategy. I enjoy having to use different tactics other than to just pop up over a hill and third party someone. To each their own 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Chefboyarnie88

    We need Sanhok ONLY!!! NOW

    Sanhok is trash.
  3. Chefboyarnie88

    Weapon Mastery

    I mean you can switch to FPP while playing in TPP matches so I don’t think it really matters.
  4. Chefboyarnie88

    Harold Brock

    I think you have to have a 300 IQ to be able to fully understand and appreciate Harold’s playstyle.
  5. Chefboyarnie88

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    As we’ve been saturated with buildings on Sanhok and Vikendi, I would prefer something similar to Erangel’s style. Maybe a bit more mountainous, and have a couple lakes or something. But I prefer the wide open style.
  6. Chefboyarnie88

    A concern over the flare gun

    If you’ve got vid I’d post it. Could be a bug or something. I’m not sure if they set a max per map but I think what someone else said was true, an average of 3 per map. That’s well above what there should be.
  7. Chefboyarnie88

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Ah yes, have a few friends who use that to their advantage. Toss a couple smokes at someone and rush. Commence operation frame drop 😂
  8. Chefboyarnie88

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    Ill take a win with 9 kills.
  9. Chefboyarnie88

    Dream loadouts please folks...

    M4 with suppressed, lightweight, extended QuickDraw mag, red dot or 2x and a tac stock. Kar98 with suppressor/flash hider and a 4X. Also a fan of a suppressed tommy gun with extended QuickDraw mag on it.
  10. Chefboyarnie88

    Flare Gun

    Had the chance to use one on Miramar last night. And by that I mean I had the chance to use it, and then wait forever for the plane to come in, and proceed to get ambushed by a squad that had made their way over after hearing it go off. First impression, things are a death trap 😂
  11. Yeah, in the US. Thinking it was GameStop doing a promo maybe? Think he traded in his OG and a controller and got an X bundle(can’t rememebr the game that game with it) but pretty sure it was between $300-$400. Is definitely do some looking before pulling the trigger. Especially with the new ones coming out fairly soon.
  12. Chefboyarnie88

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    To be fair, some of those guys that are streaming on PC probably have a couple thousand in their setups and are running everything at max potential. The Xbox simply can’t keep up with that. From what I’ve heard, the X would be equivalent to a mid-tier, maybe even slightly below that, range of gaming PC’s.
  13. Have you looked around for any deals on the X? Friend of mine got his a month or so ago for around $300 I think.
  14. Chefboyarnie88

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    From what I understand, the update is not 20 gigs. I could be wrong but I believe every time they do a patch, you’re essentially redownloading the entire game and it’s overwriting old code/putting new code in at the same time. Hence why the “updates” seem so big.
  15. Chefboyarnie88

    Why is the community so toxic?

    Ah yes, the old “somebody killed me so they must be cheating” stance. Ya hate to see it.