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  1. really don’t think the gas cans are going to be that much of an issue. They’ll hurt anyone and in a small enclosure like a house, there’s just as much chance it kills the guy who put it there. Besides, most people know where stuff spawns. You see a gas can right by the door then you know someone is in there already. Use it against them
  2. Vector and MP5 please. The ump I like less now, but a decked out Vector or MP5 will straight up shred.
  3. Moral of the story kids. Always wear proper protection to avoid any unwanted mishaps.
  4. It would def be difficult to lower the correct amount without throwing it off balance. I wonder if there are any stipulations to where loot is placed and how much. On vikendi I’ve walked into one of the two story buildings that are usually in the smaller complexes (best I can describe it) and had 3 frags in the living room area alone. But then I’ll go through 6-8 buildings before finding level one armor. I think a lot of this could be solved just by putting something in that says hey, there can only be so much of this in one room or so much of that. Do we really need 3 level one backpacks spawning in the same bathroom of one building?
  5. For the most part I believe so. It’s been awhile but if it’s the game I’m thinking of we landed at port, wiped two squads out, continued looting port then headed south. Circle was down towards abbey somewhere. Didn’t even go through Goroka (sp?) just hit up small complexes on the way. We all got to the point where we just stopped picking them up. And come to think of it, I think I’ve noticed this on Vikendi more than any other map.
  6. huh? As far as I know the circle has always been random. When you say the “final circle” are you referring to the one that collapses completely in on itself, or the one just before that?
  7. Didn’t watch the video but I will say, I for one wouldn’t mind a slight reduction in grenade spawns. I have no problem if I get killed by a nade. Usually just say good toss and move on. But the other day I was playing a squad match, I think it was on vikendi, and by probably halfway through the match I think we had combined about 15 nades, give or take a few. Just seemed a bit excessive.
  8. Zero etiquette. All other players are the enemy. I’m not about to give someone a ride out of the blue zone just to potentially have that very person be the one that takes me out later in the game. Just my view on things. Should probably add that I hardly ever play solos. Usually squads and an occasional duo match. I would think this stuff occurs a lot more in solos.
  9. Haven’t had any rubber banding the past couple nights I’ve played.
  10. 1. No. 2. Eh, don’t think it’d make much difference. 3. Pretty sure there’s a new vehicle already coming to OG. But no to horses. 4. Indifferent on that one. 5. No. I think it should be limited to the guns that already have it. 6. Wouldn’t mind new crate weapons, just not sure what. 50 cal would be nice. 7. Only map I think that might make a difference is nighttime Vikendi.
  11. Pubg is a brutal unforgiving game, and because of that it’s most likely never going to be as popular as say Fortnite or anything like that. It’s not cartoony, there’s no aim assist, they’re not having in game concerts, etc etc. People keep talking about how Pubg is dying yet I have never had a problem finding a game regardless of time of day or anything. This game caters to the more hardcore people. The ones who want realism. Not to some 10 year old kid who wants to see Marshmello in concert and get shot out of cannons to fly across the map. I’ve played Apex and Blackout and battlefield. They’re okay for a little bit. But once they lose their luster it’s back to Pubg. And it’ll probably stay that way for quite a while.
  12. Curious to see what the best runs you guys have had are. Squad had a pretty good run tonight. Won four straight and 6 out of the last 7 games we played. 7 total wins on the night. What’s your best?
  13. Got a couple friends who run a VSS and a 9mm sub and carry as much 9mm as they possibly can. Do they need all 500 rounds? Probably not. Do they always do it anyway? For sure. 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  14. Depending on the situation, I will “thirst” kill every chance I get, as long as it’s safe. Just means there’s one less person in the game and one less person giving info out on our location while they’re knocked. This game doesn’t reward kindness.
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