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  1. hybiepoo

    Ray of Light

    There's always one that's gotta run somebody down.
  2. hybiepoo


    Once is enough for an innocent person to be banned automatically.
  3. hybiepoo

    Kingston A400 SSD 240 GB

    240 will work fine.
  4. hybiepoo


    You could still do it accidentally to a random team mate and they report you in frustration. I don't think it would be fair.
  5. hybiepoo

    My first teaming encounter...

    Reading into Andy's comments, I think they would still have no issue with you riding with the enemy, just don't gang up on players together. Go your own way once you get to the circle or whatever. Having said that, I remember shroud being banned just for riding in a car with someone else so who knows 🤷‍♂️
  6. hybiepoo

    WTF did you do in the last update

    You can find what they did in the patch notes. 🤛
  7. hybiepoo

    Ray of Light

    I assume they would do a screenshot rather than copy/paste.
  8. hybiepoo

    Shot Underwater

    I can remember being able to shoot someone that was underwater for a while now. As long as you knew where they are it's game on.
  9. hybiepoo

    FPP vs. TPP: The Final Idea

    That has been proven many times to be rubbish.
  10. Or PETA protesters that can be shot at?
  11. hybiepoo

    PUBG community owners a joke

    I can't believe you are having to justify yourself to these people. No way would I have the self restraint for your job @PUBG_Andymh5
  12. hybiepoo

    FPP Weekend

    I love the creative ways that FPP players try to force people to play a mode they obviously don't want to play. I would be happy to switch to FPP since I've been playing FPP in every other FPS for 20+ years, but clearly that's not the way most people want to play. Would you like to be forced to play TPP if TPP numbers were struggling?
  13. They definitely know. One of my work mates is pretty bad at the game. He's accidentally killed his team mates a couple of times in wild sprays and because he had hardly any real kills, he had a warning come up somewhere saying something like "warning, you have been detected as a team killer" or something along those lines.
  14. I was watching chocos stream the other day and Hawkins was in there. Someone mentioned skins on console and he replied something like "yeah sorry, but it's something we can consider after we meet current commitments" or something along those lines. Make of that what you will I guess.
  15. hybiepoo

    Map selection

    If you want to keep playing this game, then map selection is not a good idea right now.