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  1. If it can't hold 30 fps steady right now, how do you think it's going to hold "45+"?
  2. hybiepoo

    Bad loot? Does it exist?

    Apology accepted.
  3. hybiepoo

    When will we get 60 fps?

    This guy gets on the high horse about negativity in the forums and doing the right thing, but gets busted as a XIM user (and admits it). Hypocrisy much? 🤦‍♂️
  4. hybiepoo

    6x bugged?

    To be fair, I'm not sure how much difference there is between judging distance so you zero correctly, or judging the drop once you guess the distance. Either one will improve with practise.
  5. hybiepoo

    When will we get 60 fps?

    When will you stop cheating?
  6. The one time I reported teamers in solo, supports response did not provide any confidence that anything was/would be done. Apparently someone would spend the time to hack the API database and modify 10 games in a row to show the same two players entering the same lobbies and landing together. As well as showing them doing duos together before and after. Out of the millions of players, the hackers chose those two players to mess with 🤔
  7. hybiepoo


    Some said they kept it quiet because of the bad publicity that EA and their wokeness got with battlefield.
  8. hybiepoo

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    He could be camping his way to the top 10 all the time, or is that a viewable stat too? But yeah of course they want people to play more. Even if it was "skill" based, you would still have to play way more than a normal person to make it.
  9. hybiepoo

    Leaderboards - What On Earth

    Don't even look at the leader board because I don't care, but they made it clear that it was about survival.
  10. hybiepoo

    Waiting for better performance

    There's approximately one person a day posting something like this.
  11. hybiepoo

    Bad loot? Does it exist?

    Thank you for your expert opinion.
  12. One of my squad mates was enamoured with Apex. About an hour ago he's come out and said he's over it. I thought he was joking, but he went back to COD and then some pubg. He's wasn't joking. The novelty has worn off already for him. It's that kind of game.
  13. My favourite. Hear this guy coming to my compound in a buggy then come stomping into my house. This is the thanks I get for welcoming him in.
  14. hybiepoo

    Bad loot? Does it exist?

    Yeah except it's not always that simple. Most people don't care about the perfect load out. We had a situation where the entire squad had no optics and were forced into a long range battle (no cover and blue pushing) with a team with two SR/DMR and scopes at least. It would be fine even if one of us was able to engage and the others could just cover fire. And its not just the loot. Some people don't like spending half the time running from the zone. Sanhok provides a good level of action (almost constant if you want it), and there is most often no reliance on vehicles because you can outrun the zone. There's more to it than loot, so it's unfair to simplify it to that level.