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  1. NYSmokeEater

    NO XP on Weekly Mission

    I stumbled across a description of the survivor pass which seems to indicate my problems are related to not purchasing the premium pass. For free survivor pass you can complete the 3 daily missions for minimal xp and some skins. There is a way to complete some of the weekly missions for free too. BUT this part of game is clearly focused for those willing to pay for premium. Do not recommend playing for free. Not fun. For me this topic is closed.
  2. NYSmokeEater

    NO XP on Weekly Mission

    Also no 8000 xp credit today for completion of current weekly mission “Use gas cans to refuel vehicles 15 times”.
  3. NYSmokeEater

    NO XP on Weekly Mission

    Update... No 6000 XP credit today on current weekly mission “Take 2500 damage from the Blue zone” when completed. Shows completed but no XP given.
  4. NYSmokeEater

    NO XP on Weekly Mission

    Update. Today I did receive promised 6000 XP for Week 3 mission “Get 5 kills with a G36C”. Also got Daily Mission credit.
  5. NYSmokeEater

    Fix rendering or I quit

    Happens to me every once in awhile. Figure it’s slow connection.
  6. NYSmokeEater

    Missions often don't show up

    Can you go to Title Screen to reset?
  7. Receiving XP for (past and present weeks) mission completion continues to be problem for XBox One. I’m on Level 13 and completed weekly mission “3 kills with a melee weapon” for 8000 XP. Went to 28 minutes so mission met time requirement. Shows completed but no XP given. Went out to title screen and back but didn’t help. Have had problems getting past week xp rewards but this is a current week mission. Received XP for daily missions today. Will discontinue playing until I hear problems addressed.
  8. NYSmokeEater

    No XP given for mission completion

    NYSmokeEater is my Xbox one gamer tag. If GT stands for something else than I’m sorry to be such a nooob. 😂
  9. I just finished the weekly mission for - Loot 20 Items from Carepackages and received no XP reward. Just shows completed. No Progress on level 13. The Daily Missions seem to work. I guess there isn’t a point playing them anymore.
  10. NYSmokeEater

    Why. Is. The. Map. Circle. White.

    I did circle search and got here to this topic. Change Xbox one white circle on Vikendi to something I can see please.
  11. NYSmokeEater

    Not getting XP for past weekly missions

    Forgot to say this is a Xbox One issue
  12. NYSmokeEater

    Not getting XP for past weekly missions

    Game states you can complete past weekly missions but no XP is rewarded. Example is week 1 - 15 SMG kills for xp 8000. When achieved this week it was marked as done but I never collected the 8000. No point in trying if not rewarded.