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  1. KiefTrev

    PUBG Roadmap for 2019-Beyond

    5-10 years? Lmao yeah right. We’ll be lucky to get another year or two out of this game. Shits getting played out already.
  2. KiefTrev

    Kaymind inspired clips

    Love chasing people down! 13D3D2FB-279D-4C39-B080-7AD9965396B2.MP4
  3. KiefTrev

    Customization of controls

    I would like to see this implemented eventually too. But to be fair, there aren’t very many console games out there that give you full control of button mapping so I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  4. KiefTrev

    Canted sights

    I would assume whichever scope you used last will remain until you toggle it back while ADS.
  5. KiefTrev

    Parachuting on to a care package

    Is this what the random un-textured box in the sky is for? I’ve been wondering ever since it came out, never cared enough to parachute to it though lol
  6. I would assume both, but I wouldn’t ever suggest trying to play Pubg without a proper headset.
  7. A few days ago I made a post stating that I felt like the enemy footstep audio has gotten harder to hear since the last update. Since then I looked into some fixes and I found out about “Dolby Atmos” if you didn’t know, Dolby Atmos is an app you can download on the Microsoft store that claims to deliver more immersive sound to your games and movies. Anyway, I’ve been using it all day and it seems to have a noticeable impact on how soon and how clearly I can hear enemies approaching. And it doesn’t have that low gun shot volume issue we had with the built in “surround sound” feature Pubg Corp gave us a few patches back. (Which has now been removed) So I suggest if you’re having this issue to give Dolby Atoms a shot. If you don’t like it you can simply uninstall the app and be back to normal. I think I’ll be using it from now on or at least until the next patch drops and I gotta find a new work around lol. Happy Hunting!
  8. Before the Vikendi patch, I heavily relied on audio ques of where the enemy was located and I was always the first in my squad to hear enemy footsteps and alert the rest of the team. Maybe I’m tripping but it seems like now they’ve lowered the volume of said sounds. So unless it’s dead quiet around us I can’t hear if people are rushing or not and it’s become harder to tell where exactly players are in a building. Has anyone else noticed this? Was it changed on purpose or is it a bug? Or am I just trippin 🤷🏾‍♂️
  9. KiefTrev


    I can’t stand sanhok, I literally hate it so much I catch my self playing like a bafoon every time I get that map just to get it over with. As of yesterday I told my squad I’m just gonna quit any sanhok match it throws me in. Which isn’t a huge dilemma since I have an SSD and load in rather quickly so I can back out before most of the lobby is even there. Sucks tho cause my friends that don’t have SSD can’t really lobby hop the way I do cause they just don’t load in fast enough. Anyway I really hope they change this soon. I really want Battle Royale mode and Mini Royale mode back it was perfect
  10. KiefTrev

    Anyone else terrible post update?

    Yes dude. I was a pretty decent player before with about 230 wins across solos duos and squads. I’ll admit I felt a tad above average there for a while. But shit now, I hardly get 3 kills on any map. Seems like everyone is playing way more aggressive than before and I’m getting knocked left and right in situations I thought I had under control. I dont know what’s going on but I hope I can get my groove back soon cause this game is hella boring if you’re not out there sweating people lmao
  11. KiefTrev

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    I’ll admit I am exaggerating a bit cause it’s not every single squad obviously. But I do believe the percentage is rising quickly. The urge for good M&k users to take advantage of it is just too strong. All I’m asking is they quickly find a solution to it before it becomes a major issue.
  12. KiefTrev

    Ssd help ( im sorry) someone help

    Either Either way he stated he’s not super techy so I didn’t want to suggest something he would have to put together and buy multiple parts for. Up to him 🤷🏾‍♂️
  13. KiefTrev

    Ssd help ( im sorry) someone help

    Nah.. the one I linked is cheaper, works the same and you don’t have to buy anything extra.
  14. KiefTrev

    Ssd help ( im sorry) someone help

    $50 ADATA SD600 3D NAND 256GB USB3.1 Ultra-Speed External Solid State Drive Read up to 440 MB/s Black (ASD600-256GU31-CBK) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XRT23D5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1BktCbMRD4Q32 This is the SSD I use with my One X and it works great. Absolutely no problems rendering Vikendi or any map for that matter. No setup or enclosure required. Just plug it in, move PUBG over to the new SSD and play on. Comes with everything you’ll need to be set up in 5 minutes flat.
  15. KiefTrev

    Just curious

    Just turned 23 on Thursday