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  1. Can anyone help influence my decision? I am fed up with the performance of my Xbox one X, i feel i can't wait any longer for the so called performance mode which is apparently coming. I am thinking about coming back to PS4 and the mostly positive things im hearing is making it very tempting for me. All i want is decent performance, i dont care for graphics or 4K. Should i buy a PS4 or PS4 slim or PS4 PRO? Many thanks. I know its early days but any help is appreciated. I play on a 24" Benq 144hzs monitor 1080p
  2. Pro-Profanity

    "We're pretty proud of our vehicle physics"

    Haha I love the bike and side car. It's like a tank! Whenever I'm on it and see someone else driving around, a little voice in my head tells me to smash into them! Doesn't always end well for me though.
  3. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    Axewound I messaged you on xbox and I think you left me out. I don't see any invites on the app. Maybe I will when I get home. Doctor VonBrown.
  4. Pro-Profanity

    Private forum-member only match/tourney?

    Yep I would like to try, I'm trying to find more people to play with as my entire friends list (all 10 of them) don't seem to play anymore. I know it's sad.
  5. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    For some reason my post has been hidden, I don't think this site likes my gamer tag which is why I am pro profanity. So silly. If you can take it off this pic instead. Thanks I would like to join the group.
  6. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    Doctor VonBrown is mine, I'll be up for getting in the group. I come from the days of amiga 500s so i think I am valid. I'm not much of a squad/duo player but will give it my best. I Look forward to gaming with the group!
  7. Pro-Profanity

    Sound randomly distorting?

    Yep I've had this issue on both pc and xbox for months. It's been so long that I've gotten used to it.
  8. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    Haha I remember it so well, we could never get duke nukem to work for some reason. It was usually blood, or shadow warrior. I always wanted to play duke as that was the game which just had such crazy level design it was ground breaking at the time. It was the first game after doom which took it to another level. The humour was great also. I used to love also all the point and click adventure games (monkey island), the Ultima series (espescially Ultima 7 and Ultima online), syndicate, dune 2, command and conquer, original GTA.
  9. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    Ah I totally forgot kingpin, loved that game.
  10. Pro-Profanity

    For all the old school gamers...

    Fps games I remember. Wolfen 3d Doom Duke Blood Shadow warrior Rise of the triads Quake Goldeneye Half life. Halo I used to play modem dial up matches with my next door neighbour and although I loved the games, I always got destroyed by him. I used to shout and rage so much. Eventually I got a msg from him on screen 'i can hear you shouting' haha good times. I really loved the atmosphere of 1 vs 1 modem games. Quake, half life, goldeneye, and halo were absolute game changers. We used to link up 2 xbox originals and have two teams of four split screen style halo matches. Super fun.
  11. Pro-Profanity

    For those complaining about movement.

    Well I had two games using your settings and although it didn't fix the slippery feel to running straight, I did have two pretty decent matches. I've been meaning to try out some different settings so thanks for that! I may just stick with them ?
  12. Pro-Profanity

    For those complaining about movement.

    Thanks I wil give them a try and report back later. Thinking of testing out some different aiming settings, now that we have the training area I should try yours. Radically different to mine, I use mid to low settings and AA off. Anything else just seems overly quick to me but I'm willing to try ?
  13. Pro-Profanity

    Sluggish movement?

    Also finding issues with it, I've also played since launch but nowhere near hundreds of wins ? I will still play the game as I enjoy it very much, but I just feel like this time they have changed something which wasn't needed.
  14. Pro-Profanity


    It's being looked into and no you are not the only one. I don't like it either but some people do. Some people either aren't noticing it or maybe it's just not happening to them. I personally find it very awkward to move about now, but not totally game breaking.
  15. Pro-Profanity

    Sluggish movement?

    I wouldn't say it's broken, but the controls are definitely more sensitive. OP I know exactly what you mean I felt the same thing first game after update. I've tried every piece of advice I've read here, but it still feels off. I managed to get a solo win today and i don't feel like it's hindering me in any way so I'm not too fussed.