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  1. DukeSilverBlue

    will this "SSD" (Not really) Improve PUBG?

    I have been using a Silicon Power A55 for about a year with absolutely no issues. Just buy an external case, I went with a sabrent but any will do. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16820301380 https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIAH3V8H51670 total price just a little over $50
  2. DukeSilverBlue

    final word on 1X

    Buy a monitor and not a tv if gaming is your primary focus. You are looking a are response times of 1ms not 5 or more me. Not to mention the distance your eyes have to travel to track targets on the peripheral of the screen. I don’t really see any benefit to a 4k television over a 4K monitor even if you get one that is 120hz because Xbox will never exceed 60 frames a second so it’s a relevant
  3. DukeSilverBlue

    10 kill 2nd place to guy glitching under the map

    I didn’t think of that and I should not have jumped straight to that conclusion. To be fair if he was exploiting he likely would have done it again, so maybe it was accidental. I just hope they fix it so it doesn’t continue to happen. If anything I wish I got credit for the weekly “win a chicken dinner in solo” mission but I still have 13 days to get that done. So it’s all good
  4. So i just lost a 10 kill game to a guy glitched under the map. I play on a Xbox one X, i do not know how he got under the map but the rest of the data you want should be able to be seen in my video. Besides this issues I am loving the new patch! The players name who was cheating was Jigster124 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Full Product Release (3).mp4
  5. DukeSilverBlue

    Game crash: Megathread

    100% spot on here i have one buddy who this happens to since the patch and we played for hours tonight every time we didn't get Mirimar he crashed and and his controller vibrated just like yours.