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  1. LOL. I have been bringing up this issue a couple of times but these people does not seem to think there is an issue with the games matchmaking. Use VPN and play where you want @Lady_Thunder
  2. I just logged out after playing duo with my NA friend. We got forced to NA servers because of ping and had to use VPN. It was a wooping 6 people in que on sanhok, rest of the maps there was not a single person in que. This is great matchmaking! HAHA what a game.
  3. Yes you can. You can remove the map selection. They should finetune the quickjoin algoritm so you wont be spending the time in the same map all day. Atleast they should revert the map selection back to where you had BR and mini BR to select from. More options will create issues like this when playerbase gets smaller.
  4. Sadly you are talking to a stone wall. Some dude is going to come in here and give you some bull answer and nobody will be any wiser. I have also wondered about the logic behind the pingbased matchmaking. It should also take into consideration current players in the region. Not fun being matched in a region with a friend when most of the person in your friends region is sleeping or working. But it will put you there because the ping tells you that this is your only option. I am telling you this is causing alot of people to stop playing.
  5. Will not accept or discuss that change no. This is a rubbish feature and should be kept in kiddy games like BF5.
  6. Then nahimic from MSI should be allowed too? I can tell you that nahimic is rather accurate at pinpointing your position in any game I have tried it on (rainbow six siege). If these programs are not looked upon as visual aid and cheat then this game has no future at all. I do agree these programs wont be any good in a snipe battle but in a building fight it will. I think an actual dev. should comment on this.
  7. It did not explain the issue at hand dude. Why force us into a dead region because of ping when there is another region EU filled with people. And have a nice day!
  8. Seriously? Did you come up with this idea for them? I can tell you that forcing me to play in NA with my NA friend far outside peak times just because his ping favours his region over mine is just rubbish. It should take playerbase into account then. When there are 0 people in bloody queue then the bloody matchmaking is not working AS BLOODY INTENDED!!!! Slow people wont understand this so I am giving up.
  9. I think this is very broken. Me and my american friend has played this game since beta. Me being in europe has always forced us to be playing on EU servers since they implemented the ping based matchmaking. But this doesnt matter as he is used to gaming with 110 ping and has no problem with it. But a month ago this changed and now when I play with him we always play on NA servers even if is nobody online over there. So he had to go and setup up a VPN and use EU ip so we could find a game at all. This ping based system is very broken. Atleast the system should be made so it bases it on squadleaders ping mostly. Atleast then we can find games together without using VPN.
  10. If it is the lack of details on the hair you talk about try running on ultra. You are probably running everything on low to get fps high right?
  11. Just tonight in 10 matches I have had 3 people I reported permabanned. So tonight it seems they are countering something. hehe Only wish they had the bags to hardware ban them.
  12. This has a very "difficult word for someone to accept" easy solution. Max ping of 150 on any server period. This should have been implemented while the playerbase was over a million and not when playerbase is dropping. Playing within 150 ms should not create that big desync. Some yes but not unplayable.
  13. A reason would be playing with ouf of region friends. But this has been a challenge lately.
  14. Vikendi performance is very poor for me too. Less than 100 fps in most places and other maps around 140fps.
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