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  1. Gomer_Pyle


    This is what you got for having map selection. How to fix? Random maps and 5 minute cooldown for leaving lobby. Play the map given or not at all.
  2. LMAO. This is the beginning of the fall of a giant. Shame really! Oh wait I am trolling arent I? 😂
  3. You already have your friendslist and you can click on your friends to view their stats. So there is no need to spend time on adding a feature like this. You get can all the information as it is. I really hope they do not add this!
  4. It is the user of a program own responsibility to check what is allowed or not. SIMPLE! So say bye from me.
  5. Gomer_Pyle

    Do the devs actually play their own game?

    They may read the forums but they never post unless its patchnotes or defending their own honour like in this case above. More activity from the devs on the forum would be nice.
  6. Gomer_Pyle

    Struggling since update

    I have actually almost.....struggle to say this .... almost decided to uninstall. And I have been faithful since first day in beta. Me and my best gaming buddy from US can play most games together but pubg we cannot anymore. The desync is out of this world since last patch. I got a ping of 25 and he got 100 to eu and still game is soooooo off its scary. I am looking forward to playing the singleplayer in the division 2 when it comes out. Will be good to have a break from this addictive game called pubg.
  7. Gomer_Pyle

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    Yes Adapt. Learn. Conquer... or Die! Well said!
  8. Why is 25% with 4 maps not realistic? 100/4=25? All maps needs the same chance! If they add 5 it should be 20%. This is kindergarden math and that is the only math that is needed. Please do tell me or us why there is a need for a complex algorithm for this too like anything else in pubg? Actually I will edit myself. : 😀 Ok I see a potensial here. Miramar should be higher percentage in squad matchmaking and so should erangel. Sanhok and Vikendi should have higher on solo and duo. We agree now?
  9. Quick join is the only version that shoule be to be honest. 25% chance of each map. This is simple! Any other way and the game kills itself. NA got any solo players playing anything but Sanhok? Why is it you wont play any other map? Is the playerbase that small or you dont like the maps? Game dead to you? Personally I just use quick join and I play any map my love is Miramar. Oh and my nemesis is oh miramar. Some days I just hate Miramar with a passion. Pubg in a nutshell.
  10. To me this is the essense of BR. Random everything and people can use any tactic they like to achieve what is the main goal. The Chicken Dinner.
  11. Gomer_Pyle

    SO HAPPY! Night mode is so good

    Because what's in the game does not look anything like that. And I did say almost an insult. I simply do not like it thats all.
  12. Gomer_Pyle

    SO HAPPY! Night mode is so good

    You can have mine then. I leave it as I do not like it at all. Being from a place where we get Aurora alot I have to say it is almost an insult.
  13. This update actually made the game unplayable for me. And this is one of the very few patches that actually did this. Well lets hope for a patch of some sort soon. 😁
  14. Serious e-sport org I say. 🤐
  15. Gomer_Pyle

    RoE is everything PUBG should've been

    OK it may be a bit harsh. But when you go into a game you may end up playing against mostly bots it seems. And that is not fun either. It may be free but not a good game even then. But by all means have fun. I