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  1. Actually a great idea for once. But it needs to be simple full closing and not like other games where you can have a gap and shoot through it.
  2. It is not that hard to destroy you know. I have destroyed every one I have seen so far. Go aggresive on it...
  3. They simply do not understand that only the people who create new accounts will come back when the game is on sale like now. The people not cheating already got this game so why would you rebuy. Put the game at $60 and the honest players will praise you for it.
  4. Oh wait before you uninstall make sure you buy a couple of bikinis. Only a tenner each. 🤣
  5. LMAO $10 for a bikini? WOOT. Are you seriously trying to kill your game? Who is coming up with this idea? Are you having a contest at the office? Who can come up with this most insane idea this week. Come on BH you can do better than this. All these skins are plain and simple an insult and not worth more than being content of the upcoming season pass. Nothing more! Yes and I am wondering how long this post will stay until it is deleted. Just saying!
  6. Do not need to add much to this statement. Thumbs up!
  7. They keep adding stuff that removes the tactical "you have to think" part of the game. please stop adding rubbish features like this.
  8. I agree. They do not have much fantasy do they. I did like the "Sacriel" crate though. But it cost more than the game so not really cool if you ask me. If they had a smarter price policy then maybe they also would sell more.
  9. I have been running this fix for a long time now and it does work alot on the smoothness of the game. You would be amazed how fast 32gb of memory is filled. Haha
  10. I got these sudden huge frame drops happening very randomly. Goes from 140ish to 25-50 and sometimes is just crash the game. Happened last week I would say. Not had any issue before. Intel 6700k, 32 gb mem, 1080 gtx. Two weeks ago the game was smooth smooth SMOOTH for me. Well it is pubg. All about the RNG.
  11. Atleast then it should be tied to the team management system coming in patch 30. That way you can turn off/mute markers from certain players. Example: playing with randoms and some guy enjoy painting pictures of sausages on the map. But I agree it would make for better tactical play too. But good idea!
  12. Pricetag should be $60 then maybe they wont keep rebuying. haha
  13. Agree I found it to be fairly balanced. Enjoyed it!
  14. I would not be very hard for them to add teaming as a reason on the ingame report system. But not everything is logic.
  15. Alot of nice ideas but not sure about all the stuff limited to crate drops. Think the loottables are ok as they are in any mode. But I do beleave HC mode would be better by just removing all UI including player markers. So the only markers showing on map should be player placed markers (not even the gass should show to be honest) After all this is a BR which is a game of situational awareness and tactics. Not seeing where you are on the map would be hardcore. But I agree this game really really needs a HC mode where the smart players would win over the hot drop type of players.
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