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  1. I myself run a general of 1-2 with the rest of my sensitivities at 3-4 except for 8x and 16x. I also use a 60 in my vertical sensitivity. I use general aim to get close to someone then ads and adjust. https://xboxclips.com/SleepwalkerCE/648a3f5c-1f69-468c-9bc1-6dcb8b4c4b7d This clip shows how slow my turn speed is. I won this one with 8 kills. And the next match with the same amount of kills.
  2. I will camp a new compound I've taken over, but I move around the outside walls of it looking for movement towards or around me to plan and attack. However I can't do treehugging but for so long so I always keep throwables to push up. I get super aggressive once I get to the top 15 trying to get position since it's easier to keep track of everyone and where the gun shots came from. There's nothing like systematically hunting down the last few players. I'll go from 2-3 kills to 7- 8 in the last few minutes of the match.
  3. This is my basic setup. I almost always carry an AK too. AK plus a 5.56 rifle with a 3-6x . Unless I find an slr. I will carry a bolt action and do love them, but the best strategy always seems to still use them to wound someone so I can push up and use a fully auto weapon to finish them off. If I get the hs and kill then sweet but that's not guaranteed with how many level 3 helmets you'll be fighting against in the top 15 anyhow. I will however say that I only use vertical grips on the skorpion or my long distance weapon. Otherwise I try for a thumbgrip. The ads speed with the thumbgrip is godlike at cqc.
  4. I started the Thompson one this morning and placed second first match I took it on. Was killed by someone using the ump.. we both got our first mission in that match. Was easy.
  5. As long as you don't modify the internals to cheat you can get them to repair an Xbox you've opened. Most States have right to repair laws now.
  6. SleepwalkerCE


    I've had to search for snipers/dmrs every match. About 10-12 matches played and I've found 5 total, 2 Kar98s,1 m24, 1slr, 1 mini. Mini and Kar together in one match at concrete plant. So 4/12 games I've found a sniper. No issues finding at least one or two ARs but still a bit of a search. However, every match I've carried a Sr suppressor,mag, and cheekpad . They are EVERYWHERE. The level 3 helmets have been rare enough for me that I haven't had an issue. I hate the fact that the scorpion can't take the extended quickdraw. Annoying as hell since pistol mags feel rare enough on this map.
  7. Like Kenji, my only issue is the late middle game. Every match or seems people die off really quick down to about 40 players then the last 4 circles are terribly slow to the point where camping an area middle circle seems like a better bet than trying to hunt people down like I prefer.
  8. This ^^ OneX on SSD hardwired to 150/20 and only playdough I see when parachuting is buildings over 800 meters away. I dropped in the big city right on the church and zero of the buildings were playdough. I could even see the Dino's rendered at Dino park before I hit the ground and they were a good 500-1km away. However it shouldn't be down to an SSD to make it playable.
  9. There are a couple of YouTube videos that go into the PubG lore. Each map has a backstory. You can also find control* rooms on each map for *scientists/game runners to watch everything unfold. Some expect the snow map to bring more hidden lore.
  10. You sir are wrong and are not looking at other view points. Been a PC gamer since 1999 and I bought my X because it promised closer to PC performance/4k gaming . I sold my 1070 for 150 more than I paid for it and picked up the X. Changes in life necessitated that I chose something cheaper in the long run. I don't mind the controller and won't mind if they don't allow kb&m. It IS fair in its current form to not allow it. However I would gladly accept the option to play with kb&m if they had separate lobbies or one that had explicit warnings for controller users that they are playing against kb&m. With the extended fov coming for fpp, I could see this being a thing with performance mode.
  11. If you have the mission screen up and join a game/group through the Xbox button it will be stuck with it up. B button and menu buttons behind it work. Have to exit to title screen to get rid of it. In the oneX Repeated it on my wife's S accidentally.
  12. Feels like there needs to be less players. Becomes the same fight for a hilltop like the previous war modes with secondaries it seems. 7 out of my 11 kills in my first match were with a double barrel lol. My opinion though.
  13. I've been out of the marketplace loop for a year or two, but it still makes me glad that pubg Corp isn't going the same path as steam. I don't want it to be limited to how much $ I have to spend on the game to get skins. Though I do want to buy the pack with the scarf and fancy sunglasses. Since I know they come in that pack/s.
  14. As at they add more skins, it'll be fine. This is the way csgo skins work, and you PAY for keys, 0 free skins. I remember buying 30 keys and hitting up the marketplace for 30 crates of a specific box and Getting maybe one semi rare skin. Certain Knife skins were so rare they went for over 300 bucks. Im honestly glad pubg is avoiding that black hole that people will dump money into.
  15. It also does out on type A. Have had it happen several times a match. They said they would fix it so I've gotten used to just tapping aim to fix it.
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