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  1. SleepwalkerCE

    Awful desync

    https://1drv.ms/v/s!Atmji8qw81Usij2SdU3s8XRhjPrH Video of what happened. Worst case I've ever had. Will the patch coming with vikendi fix this?
  2. SleepwalkerCE

    This is interesting (network/bandwidth)

    Hey man, I need new frisbies and drink coasters!
  3. SleepwalkerCE

    adding miramar and erangel to mini-royal

    The is one of the best and simplest ideas to implement I've seen in awhile. I would actually play the mini Royale set much more often myself.
  4. -SSDs are not for frame drops, they are for loading in the level faster/stopping playdough. - monitors are not for frame drops, they are for the lower response time and being able to concentrate on a smaller area but the same or better detail due to the higher ppi. - the resolution drop on the pts performance mode gets is very close to the same framerate as the 4k mode. Both sides have had in game settings such as shadows and particle affects reduced and optimized though which is where the stability has come from. Reduction in resolution will only reduce memory usage and marginal CPU time as the higher resolution mainly only needs more memory.
  5. Not only that, you can get an og Xbox used for just over 100 bucks vs a PC that will run pubG costs 600+ depending on resolution and framerate Target.
  6. SleepwalkerCE

    Gun Melee

    First thing I thought , someone miss times hitting lean and ads and meelees instead. Like the idea, different button needed though.
  7. SleepwalkerCE

    Seagate 2TB SSD

    If you find a converter, let me know! I've got an extra 250gb m.2 that I've been wanting to use. But it runs off of pci-express m.2 . The only converters I could find were for m.2 sata drives that max out at the Sata3 standard.
  8. SleepwalkerCE

    What Headsets/Controller/Attachments using.

    Elite controller, g933 headset via wire, and yeti for my mic. Oh and SSD for game and recordings.(480gb/60gb)
  9. SleepwalkerCE

    A PC streamer this morning said....

    I was just telling this to my buddy the other day. Bizon will be coming, weird drum fed high capacity 9mm submachine gun.
  10. SleepwalkerCE

    Guns loading in

    I think it's server side with the guns. On all maps I can hot drop without seeing Play-Doh buildings but on Erengal and Miramar, the two largest maps, I have to wait for the guns to load. Sucks standing on a god garage or outside of a warehouse having to wait so I don't miss something. On the two smaller maps (pts for vikendi obviously) it seems even though there's more loot, the server randomizes the weapons faster. On a 480gb SSD.
  11. SleepwalkerCE

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    This would be awesome
  12. SleepwalkerCE

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    Yeah, apparently most of the options for the regular controller can be upgraded for the elite. They also offer tighter paddle tension for the elite since they get pressed accidentally. I have no issue with my paddles, but my left stick is bad enough where a it's set to 25 deadzone, and right is up to 8 where I used to have it at 5. Also my rubber grips are completely gone. (been thinking the scuff grips)
  13. SleepwalkerCE

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate

    How is the actual stick tension? I had planned on repairing/upgrading my elite with battlebeaver , which is likely gonna cost me 200 bucks total anyhow.
  14. He never said he had a k/d that high though. He likely got those games here and there and is just trying to break his record. If you're good and constantly try for the high kill count, that's what you'll get, but with matches in-between that he gets pinched/killed. Now if he said he gets 16-17 kills every match in solo I would be inclined to call bs.
  15. SleepwalkerCE

    One shot one kill without a headshot?

    Damnit I forgot that sorry. But it didn't sound like I single shot.