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  1. Haha good one, play a game with random people? Every time I do that I get maybe one guy on the mic and the rest running off to die immediately without team playing. I like my gaming social, I don't enjoy gaming on my own. I play duos and the occasional solo, but I prefer a squad game. Last time I random queue I got a bunch of total idiots who got 2 kills between them to my 9 and ran away from a fight where I'd downed 3 guys in a squad because they were "running to circle" which incidentally was where this squad was. Last guy in that squad downed me and that was that. The enemy squad had the strongest position in circle and shifting them would have set us up for the rest of the game. My squad died eventually with no more kills to their name. Why would I want to queue with terrible players who aren't that good? I'm not that bothered about my stats, I'm just quoting my k/d against complainers k/ds, since no squad carrying you can make you hit your shots. I'm not bothered about wins, I only care about kills and getting better at killing. I'd rather lose 10 games with 100 kills than win 10 games with 10 kills. I've clutched plenty of games where my team died at the start and it was just me, or the best player died at the start and we had to frag to victory. Got myself a 17 kill duo last season just before the season change over, must be getting carried though? Anyway, I digress, the point is that you are not as good as you think and that everyone hasn't got a mouse and keyboard. Yes mouse and keyboard is a massive advantage assuming it works and it's responsive, but I wouldn't know how well it works on pubg since there's no way I'm paying out my arse to cheat (I don't like cheaters, never have). All I know is that one of the people on my friends list uses m+k for Siege and is diamond but he's not great at PUBG. I've told him before I don't really care for his m+k and that it's essentially cheating but his point is that a lot of diamonds are using m+k, either way I'm not interested in getting diamond on siege so I'm not bothered. Whether he uses his m+k or not in PUBG I don't know, he said he didn't before because there was too much input lag and jitter, maybe it's improved. I'm not saying they're aren't m+k players, just saying that they don't dominate the leaderboard like you think they do. For example, here's a clip from someone very high on one of the leaderboards, his kill rating is ridiculous: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/esports-captain/video/60153021 Clearly controller, this is not mouse movement, the grenade throw corrections aren't required on a mouse. Anyway, if you want to believe you are a victim go for it. You can carry on whining about m+k players while I'm trying to get more consistent with my aim/make better decisions in game and win more. My aim every game is to try to out frag Jack, it's not quite happening yet but I'll get there with enough determination. You on the other hand will always be average.
  2. Lol mate, don't be accusatory with some creative paraphrasing, I never said I used mouse and keyboard, I said I had a bunch of decent games and then some not so decent ones hence slipping down the board a bit. If you want I'll play some games, get some chicken and record my controller/screen. I said I suck with a controller compared to my mouse and keyboard aim (since I used to PC game a lot) and compared to the top of the leaderboard who are more consistent than me. M+k users don't dominate the game because the people I play with that are at the top of the leaderboard don't use m+k. There may be some m+k users on there, but they aren't in the top spot and I bet there's not nearly as many as you are whining about. I looked up his stats because only an average player would accuse everyone of using m+k as an excuse for not being great at the game. I accept that there are people better than me, much better than me using a controller, but I can still compete, I still hit my shots most of the time, I still have good positioning. My strengths are with the ARs and using my brain, Jack gets away with having ridiculous reaction speeds and good muscle memory. Using a mouse doesn't increase your reaction speed. Why can't you accept that given the number of players playing PUBG that there may be a few people exceptionally gifted at using the controller?
  3. Again, bad aim. A guy playing TPP with 6 kills at the end of the game misses a lot of shots, hits the guy in the pan with a couple of other shots (you hear it hit the pan) and then eventually manages to hit something. Again, his aim is all over the place, it's terrible. Same thing you did, shooting left and right/above below. When you put the crosshair on the enemy they actually die, again this isn't CoD or BF1, there's no aim assist. Your friend barely has a 1k/d. With aim like that he's not qualified to talk about hit reg. Nor are you.
  4. What you mean PC version? That's your clip... My clip is on Xbox... Who said anything about PC? It doesn't matter what I said or didn't say, fact is you can say how bad the frames are and I believe you, lots of people have complained, but the hit reg has never been wrong as far as I can see. Unfortunately because it's pretty damn good it means you have to actually aim well and also means that freak accidents sometimes happen (Pulp Fiction anyone??). I don't know if you have bad aim or if the game was too laggy for you to aim but there's no hit reg issues there.
  5. Lol come on... don't make me do this: 1st shot: 2nd shot: 3rd shot (no, shooting to the left under his armpit doesn't get you a hit, this isn't CoD) 4th/5th/6th shot to his right again: Back again over to the left to kill a few more trees/bushes: So far we haven't put the crosshair on the bad guy.... oh look we are back over to the right And then immediately left: Which one of these is supposed to have the hit reg issue? The trees are feeling these shots...again under the left armpit: Oh, how surprising - you got the crosshair on him at the same time the bullet fired... and it's a hit on the 17th bullet: I could go on but the fact is your aim was a mess and you fired to the left and right of him more times than I can count. See this is how you aim: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/57775946 You put the crosshair on them until the gun fires.
  6. Haha mate it has no hit registry issues - I can break it down frame by frame if you like but you missed almost all of your clip. You drew a pretty pattern in the forest behind him. Your aim was terrible. (that may be down to the bad frame rate but that doesn't mean you hit your shots) Every time your crosshair is on him and a bullet comes out of the gun it hits him. Blaming that on hit reg issues is a joke, your aim was all over the place, simple as that. PUBG doesn't have hit reg issues since all the hit reg is client side. It means accurate hit detection (favour the shooter) with the expense that the game is open to cheaters (on PC only though since Xbox users can't play the game with modified game files). There are a number of issues with the game, hit reg is not one of them.
  7. You missed almost all your shots... you were all over the place - that's not hit reg that's your bad aim.
  8. Like I said, it was a longer range, and it was one movement after the initial scope/spot. Was pretty decent mini-flick - I could have fired immediately but I wanted to be sure I was definitely on the head at what was about 200m. I'm bad on a controller but he's not that's why he gets all the kills because he has better muscle memory and is just more consistent. I've played him 1 on 1 in Siege and I know someone that uses a mouse every time they play Siege and the difference in their aim in the replays is night and day. You can clearly see he's using a controller and the other person is using a mouse. You are bad at the game if you feel the need to accuse every person of using a m+k, even those that are clearly not. My guess is that you are around 1 K/D which is pretty average and you blame your frustrations with being mediocre on a controller on the fact that it's not fair and everyone has an advantage over you. I could look up your stats if you want - which I already know aren't great.
  9. Lol mate mouse looks completely different, I snap to a guys head who is much further away in this clip https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/charlehpock/video/56472648 It's about the same amount of adjustment but for a harder/smaller target, but Jack is way more consistent, am I using a mouse? Mouse is easy to spot, you don't make turns in the same way, you make shorter movements with more variation in direction, controller input is very linear, mouse is so easy to spot. You are just so deluded if you think people can't be good on a controller. A mouse is a much more accurate control device, but that doesn't mean you can't slaughter people with a controller if you are good. Look at pax, some kid called Aiden was destroying PC players on fortnite with a controller in front of thousands of people live. You could see the controller in his hands. Doesn't mean the mouse players weren't a bit better, but the kid is scary on a controller. You make a really shit argument.
  10. I know he uses a controller because I know him, watch him play PUBG and other games such as Siege. Plus he has plenty of clips: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/itsblackjack9/video/59893940 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/itsblackjack9/video/59893957 Tell me which ones you think are mouse aim... Looks like a controller to me.
  11. Where's the hit register issue? For the few milliseconds your aim was actually on him you got away with murder...
  12. I really wanna see all these m+k players that people keep running into... This guy is top EU squads: https://pubglookup.com/players/itsblackjack9/season I play with him all the time - he uses a controller. Where are all the m+k players destroying him?
  13. I'm sure you aren't getting killed by m+k players as often as you think you are. Any examples/clips of someone doing a 180 and instant headshotting you? I'd warrant that you've probably run into a m+k player once or twice in your entire PUBG career.
  14. Not really - I was number 8 in EU squads until recently (I think I'm about 20 now), a guy I play with regularly is still #1 in squads and he uses a controller. I don't think many people are using m+k and doing well. I know someone that uses m+k for Siege (they have a XIM, not sure which version) but they say there's a lot of input lag, a lot of jitter etc so they use a controller for PUBG. M+K has a massive advantage over controller in 99% of cases, but I just can't see it being that much better on console. Still, if official support comes and there's no input lag/jitter, I'll be plugging in my m+k because my aim on m+k is filthy.
  15. fluffl0rs

    Pts teaming

    Yeah we queued solos and we were in the same game a lot - had fun killing each other but then my mate said he had teamers near him, two guys running around together. Eventually I died to two teamers peeking me either side of a rock just as I was messing one of them up with the M16. I ended up speccing the dude that killed one of the teamers that killed me. He had an AWM and managed to kill the other teamer too so was happy. Then .... another set of teamers attacked him. By now I was just reporting the position of the teamers to my mate and he ended up killing them both and getting the chicken. What a bunch of nobs.
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