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  1. Alright I am curious to see how many people have reached the promised land of getting 3 wins in a row or as I like to say a Turkey Dinner. I am not interested if you have gotten one in Squads, as we all know it is the much easier game mode. I am talking about specifically Duos and Solos. My buddy and I last night came so close! We won 3 out of 4 games on Duos. And on the 3rd game for the Turkey we got 3rd place and really just got unlucky with Blue zone. Also in solos I have gotten 3 out of 4 wins, and came very close the other day as well for the Turkey. It has been very elusive but I am sure with time it will happen.
  2. Ok so I had a really funny game the other day and frankly I could not believe what I was witnessing. Final 3 people left in a small circle and one of these comedians is driving around in a car trying to run people over. I don't care what anyone tries to say, but if you are this guy in this situation, you are trash and I will never respect you as a player. You can please feel free to leave your comments about how this guy was brilliant for using this "strategy" https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/legion-x5/video/64359107
  3. Haha am I the only one that finds it hilarious that they are going to be doing Bi-Weekly posts now? I feel like a weekly update is not such a hard concept...like they could at least tell us the progress they are making with the coming changes. I would like to say that I'm surprised but its par for the course!
  4. Legion x5


    You'd be surprised my friend, I am pretty quick at snap shotting with the Kar98, all I need is 5 seconds
  5. Legion x5


    Oh yeah that's what I meant. I thought that was obvious haha. If you are in a building looting someone you killed it is not necessary.
  6. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    It’s like no one read that one guys post talking about how the “TPP vs FPP” argument is futile and pointless...
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    Yeah just wiggle around. Standing still while looting is a guaranteed way to get yourself killed.
  8. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    Haha you're rich man. The fact that this is an FPP thread has nothing to do with you being an elitist, that's funny you think that. I don't want to make any argument on here that TPP takes more skill, I have never said that about TPP vs FPP. It's amazing how moronic your statements are. All I have ever said is that they are two DIFFERENT play styles. Also if you have someone who is abusing the TPP camera and you still kill them (which I do all the time), it is much more rewarding than just winning a head to head FPP duel. Honestly I didn't want to embarrass you like this on these forums but you really just left me no choice
  9. Legion x5

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    Damn man. You should try it. Twitch you can't move the overlay on the screen and it blocks your ammo count and health, it truly sucks...
  10. Legion x5

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    I'm taking baby steps man. I find that when I stream I need to get better at talking, problem is I don't like talking all the time and it's a bit weird if I am just running Solo haha. I will be on tonight though!
  11. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    I play TPP and I run type B. The concept is exactly the same. For me the reason I play TPP is it feels much smoother and it is a unique gaming style that you simply don't get with other games. Once they improve the FOV and smooth out the FPS even further I will have no issues playing FPP. There is no advantage people get on TPP because everyone has the same camera at their disposal. Don't let the FPP elitists on here sway you, try both game types and see which one you like better.
  12. Hello everyone, I am starting this thread for people who do stream and want to drop a line to let people know when they are going to start playing for the night/day on Mixer/Twitch, and for people who have questions for people that stream, etc. Basically, I think this a great way for people to know when to hop on and watch who they are interested in seeing. Hopefully this post does not get deleted, but we will see I guess haha...
  13. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    Type B is 100% the way to go. You will be amazed at how much easier the controls feel.
  14. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    It truly is amazing the elitist view this man carries about FPP
  15. Legion x5

    Xbox FPP Club

    Here we go again with people griping about TPP vs FPP. Also, Charlieboy if the FOV is so great in FPP why did they announce they are going to improve it? There's more of that fantastically flawed logic of yours.
  16. Legion x5

    Even LESS Communication from Devs

    He's got highhhh hopes...he's got highhhh hopes!
  17. Legion x5

    Stopped by. Was disappointed.

    Go back and hibernate in your cave for the winter. These forums have been fantastic with you
  18. Legion x5

    This Type of Player

    Absolutely man. It is absurd that there are so many open spaces on Erangel where the final circle closes. Everyone just either snakes in the grass or drives around like a pleb. It encourages a negative play style which sucks!
  19. Legion x5

    melee is broken

    I run until I find a gun to at least have a fighting chance. I can tell you right now, trying to punch someone is futile.
  20. Legion x5

    Pubg Peen Challenge

    I would definitely be down to challenge people. The problem is the custom games don’t give you many options now. We would have to do a war mode setting. And play like first to 10 kills.
  21. Well ladies and gents I have the proof (as if I need more) that this game is a complete joke! There was a guy on here a couple weeks back claiming that people were not dying from Kar98 headshots with Lvl 2 Helmets and I thought he was crazy. Well enjoy this video of me shooting this dude right in the face and his Lvl 1 helmet saves him. Have a good laugh! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/legion-x5/video/64358804
  22. Ok guys, I have had a lot of requests to start streaming because people want to see the greatness (that ones for the trolls ). I just need some opinions on what people want to see with the set up. Should I use Mixer or Twitch? Also do I need to get a camera and does that matter to people? Also am I able to provide commentary without a camera? The issue if I get a camera is that I play on a TV in my living room from the couch, so I won't be at an angle like Shroud where it is close up. Any recommendations would help. @Chmona I know you stream sometimes, what do you suggest?
  23. Legion x5

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    OK now I am back on after some technical difficulties
  24. Legion x5

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    LIVE on mixer now boys! Legion_x5
  25. Legion x5

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    Type B all day baby. Going to be hopping on to stream on mixer soon. Toon in if you want!