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  1. Legion x5

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I play on a 55 inch Samsung Free Sync TV and it is amazing. I see everything, and from the comfort of my couch. Git gud BRRRAAAAADDDDD
  2. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Actually dude no. That is from the smoke grenade you dork haha.
  3. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Dude I’ve watched several times on a good computer. Just trust me I didn’t hit the dirt man. Everyone else sees it on here. Also that’s not dirt from me dude that’s from a grenade exploding nearby.
  4. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Watch again dude I didn’t hit any dirt.
  5. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Also I wanted to add for the other people that post on these forums complaining about how they died or something being an issue, please note my post. All you have to do is provide supporting evidence with a video and people can analyze and provide feedback, it's not that hard!
  6. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Shotguns are EXTREMELY imbalanced and I've said it multiple times before. If you have a lvl 3 vest on you should not be 1 shotted from 15 feet away, especially when its not even a head shot. It's absurd.
  7. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    @Civilian Kiwi Where you at? I know you will find this amusing
  8. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Yeah I think this is a case of "Oh it's super great problem fixed right after the update comes out...and then reverts back to shit"
  9. Legion x5

    Desync/Hit Registration Still Present

    Well guys, unfortunately it is still an issue. It's just maybe not as frequent, but this clip really shows how bad it can still be. I had two blink twice in disbelief when this dude didn't die from the first 2 shots. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/legion-x5/video/63943720
  10. Legion x5

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    You cannot just say simply because you didn't buy a console because of the ease of use with a controller that is not the case for other people. I guarantee if we took a poll on these forums, a majority of people would without a doubt vote that they prefer to play with a controller. I also did not say that the controller is the ONLY reason people choose console btw, so glad you could read.
  11. Legion x5

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    There is no sense in arguing with you. You just made the dumbest comment that killed your entire argument in one sentence, "people do not buy consoles to play with controlers." What planet are you living on? That is one of the HUGE reasons why people choose to play on console, so that they do not have to people fully locked in on a computer screen with M&K. I am not saying that M&K won't be used at all, it will just be for single player games that have more complex looting, etc. No multiplayer shooters will have M&K if they are to be taken seriously in the Xbox community, and the notion that they will create separate lobbies for them IS LAUGHABLE. Also find me someone that would play with M&K from the comfort of their couch with their TV 10 feet away, please! Enjoy the fantasy land you are living in bro, and enjoy using your M&K to compensate for how crap your aim is
  12. Legion x5

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    "what disparity are you talking about? being salty isn't disparity." Are you dense? There is a clear advantage for someone who is using M&K on a console to someone who is using a controller...if you can't understand that, there is no point in having this conversation anymore. I am simply saying people get consoles because they want to play with controllers that is purely a fact. Hence why a console comes with a controller and not M&K. I am not disputing that people can't play seriously on Xbox, you took that comment out of context. A majority of players play in a relaxed set up on console either in a comfy chair or on a couch is my only point. I am ranked top 20 for Solos NA and I play from the comfort of my couch my friend. I meant it is casual only in the sense that you don't need to be locked into a monitor 2 feet from your face with console.
  13. Legion x5

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    That will never happen. They will not make lobbies for online shooters on Xbox for M&K users. Remember this statement. If they do I'll give you $100. That would dilute the player base and frankly be a colossal mistake. People need to be able to play with a controller and git gud without the crutch of M&K. If you want that experience like I said you can happily stay on PC, where PUBG runs betters anyways.
  14. Legion x5

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    You couldn't be more wrong. People like consoles because they are more casual and people can relax on their couch and not play in a dungeon with a full desktop PC situation. M&K only have a place for consoles with games such as RPGs and other Single player games. For shooters with online play it creates a huge disparity. Again, for people who want to play with M&K you belong in the PC world. It's not that hard and that is how its been since gaming was invented.
  15. Legion x5

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    I am in the same boat. I got a 3rd place on Solo yesterday with 16 kills, following game I had a 7 kill chicken dinner. First scenario was waaaay more satisfying.