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  1. Hello together, since the location can't be changed manually anymore I have a lot of games with a huge amount of package loss, especially in the downloaded packages. I did check the AWS instance which I'm connected to ingame via the windows resource manager and found out, that I'm often - almost always - connected to "compute-1.amazonaws.com" instead of "eu-west-1-compute.amazonaws.com" or "eu-central-1-compute.amazonaws.com". I looked up the IP ranges here https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json which confirm this assumption. I attached a screenhot of a package loss heavy game. Yes, it seems to be an issue with my ISP, further more with the peering providers. Still there is package loss at the bottom (aws) and it is a us-east server. Can someone tell me how to fix this? Kind regards from Berlin, MVPotato
  2. No weekly community update until the 6th July. Infite DSync reports in this forum and on reddit. Not a single response anywhere. EU servers are unplayable. NA servers seems to be unplayable as well. Give us some information asap or shut down the servers for maintenance for a week or longer. I read the news about ping lock isn't working. This news are old by now and this can't be the only reason. How do you want PGI in Berlin to be a success with this performance? I bought tickets for all 4 days and if this is a lag festival like it is for a week now you will make the worst advertisement ever. Still interested in an answer to that question: Do you use any kind of monitoring tool to trace down server realted performance issues?
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