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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD1JJxXOOHE&feature=youtu.be red dot indicate when and where the Bullets impacted. Notice, there was no blood, no character reaction. Nothing. 2 hits that should have registered, didnt. the Vss has a base headshot damage (last i checked) of 95 with NO helmet. 66 with a Level 1, 57 with a level 2 and 49.5 with a level 3. Respectively, this mean it takes 2 headshots to kill, with the exception of a level 3 helmet being 3 headshots. Whether its ping, or desync, or peekers advantage, there was plenty enough time for the game to register those 2 shots. Again this game is trash.
  2. The first shot dusted because it didnt hit regular in the dudes head. You can literally see the bullet PASS THROUGH his fucking dome.
  3. Both you and the dude above need to go back and slow the video down. I very clearly hit him in the head. I've used the VSS enough times to know where to aim with it. It is my favorite gun and the best one in the game in my opinion. Slow it down and watch. This game used to be fun. But it's nothing but absolute trash now.
  4. Im not mad because he was hitting me. Im mad because i was very clearly hitting him and my bullets where passing right through his head. This game is garbage and i will not be playing it again
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