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  1. This you REV? Only reason I ask is the name looked familiar in my last match.
  2. Did they redistribute so the loot is more concentrated elsewhere? If that's not the case, then they are flat out making it up.
  3. Did they in fact nerf the loot? In one of the latest patches?
  4. I hear more about TPP having more cheaters.....maybe because TPP has way more players. The bigger issue IMO is high pingers getting thrown into lobbies because of matchmaking issues.
  5. This was NA. It's back up....wondering if it was a numbers thing.
  6. Solo FPP just grayed out and can't select....? Is this normal when numbers are low?
  7. I like the map itself....performance issues are the problem as well the ridiculous wind sound.
  8. For a game very dependent on sound...I'd be nice if it worked correctly and wasn't affected by high pinger desync.
  9. You gotta know the common spawns and watch the clock. And...ROE is not new or a good game.
  10. Would probably help if people don't buy that crap.
  11. PUBG survey should focus on BANNING cheaters and getting a handle on high pingers, IMO.
  12. SA and EU on the NA servers is the freaking BEST.
  13. No point in playing for a month...NICE.
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