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  1. I've also had too many instances of a knocked opponent coming back to knock someone on the team later in the match. Tie up all the loose ends, IMO.
  2. I've been told there are no cheaters in PUBG. Get Gooodr.
  3. NDR2008

    Vikendi input lag

    Lots of weird lag and frame drops. Normally in the 115+ FPS, but drops all the way down to the 40s.
  4. Missions are ridiculous and suck.
  5. NDR2008

    Rip Miramar

    I like the map.........would like to have the option of playing it every now and then.
  6. Which region is it putting you in? Sometimes it show on the bottom-center of screen in game.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing rankings of people I've dispatched.
  8. NDR2008

    Other Weapons PUBG Could Add

    Tactical Nuke strike would be pretty cool.
  9. NDR2008

    They're baaaack...

    Does it depend on the time of day....or is it all the time? I used to not be able to connect to NA servers in the mornings.
  10. Is this season supposed to restart at some point?
  11. NDR2008

    Whats the purpose of it

    It's both....and desync is a thing.
  12. I was waiting for a competitor to show up, but none has to this point.
  13. Just crashed a motorcycle into an imaginary rock and it exploded. So there's that.