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  1. Unfortunately, true I also have noticed running on SSD/XB1X rendering early and beyond a few 100 meters is now degraded. One of the responders is probably right the developers are not capable enough to throttle down for XB1 without degrading XB1X capabilities. A real shame. Also, it is probably hard and they don’t want to segment populations by XB console or give any one generation of console a distinct advantage, so lower the playing field graphically for everyone. Perhaps a shitty but necessary choice they need to make until the XB1X or XB1S populations make up 65% or more of the playing populace. I do so think we are in need of a graphics update it is really ugly when compared to others BR games, still love it.
  2. Everyone’s response would be a good enough solution to me : 1) 3-4 Saved outfits changeable in pre-flight lobby 2) Outfit designated by map 3) Or even be able to change/customize outfit in pre-flight lobby even if not set.
  3. It’d be useful to have set custom costumes assigned to maps. Or in other words you designate an outfit per map. For example for Vikendi your character automatically loads in whatever outfit you picked/saved (likely all white, but whatever you have). If you get Miramar or another map your character would wear the appropriate customized outfit. Just a thought; seems easy to do.
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