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  1. Cancel that. For some reason all my sound mute options were on unbeknownst to me! 🤦‍♂️
  2. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? I know it’s the game because I have sound when on other games and at ps home screen, just not any sound in PTS, neither in PTS main menu or in game.
  3. Ok, it literally just popped up! Thank you. If I have further questions I’ll find you here!
  4. I just checked all folders for the date of the 14th, the only email I got is from the forums which is letting me know you replied stating I’d get an email lol. To be clear, is this email I’m looking for to work out getting the Bizon skin? As I already have the Gcoin. But yea I don’t have any new emails from support
  5. I’m still trying to understand how I’ve been friends with you for like 3 months yet never once seen you online!
  6. Only bad thing I’ve heard, has come from @Mr. Smalls saying that they nerfed the ump and vector into extinction on pc. Other then that I’ve heard only good things about where the games headed
  7. I actually like the UMP45 decision. It’s a simple change to spice things up. No big deal really.
  8. True but non of the other BR games are shooter sims, they’re all on the arcade side of the spectrum to my knowledge. I prefer sims as they’re more authentic and this is where pubg could hold the advantage if we (they/BH) could get more people interested
  9. I have checked junk/spam before making my post. I know they don’t do stuff on weekends (as is should be, no one wants to work weekends) hence why I waited til today 😎. But thank you for forwarding this to the appropriate personnel
  10. I’ll keep saying this til they either do it or the game dies. MAKE IF FREE TO PS PLUS MEMBERS FOR 1-2 months, I firmly believe this will boost the base. Ps has almost 100 million players, imagine getting them hooked on this game cause it’s free for a month, ONE month. I think players who have never played (most of my friends actually) are reluctant to play on ps SOLELY due to the horrible things they heard about how it played/plays on xbox. And they’d have to pay for it when a lot of xbox players got it free. Make it free for a month to intrigue them.
  11. Exactly, though I seriously doubt that the lack of 60 FPS is a big contributor to the low player base. @Mr. Smalls were talking about this the other day. The most likely source of the low count was the extremely bad star the game was/is in on xbox
  12. I pretty much keep up on all things pubg on console and I’ve seen no such thing. So, where have you seen this “confirmation”?
  13. Yea, you’d think you going up to guy when you’re the last 2 in the game with a pan in hand would be s clear indication but most people just want that dinner so bad, they don’t care. But a “raise your pan” emote or something would be awesome
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