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  1. Yep squads only. Just played duos earlier in the day so I dont k ow what the hell happened
  2. If they made a range finder available, I'd rather them make it to where you couldnt zero the sight and you had to use your mil dots as your zero
  3. All that would do is add 5 seconds to my original post. Outcome is the same
  4. Dont worry, with the new update you'll be able to one tap the toe
  5. It'd be OP I think. Battlefield 4 had them for rifles and they were OP. Took awhile to unlock it but once you did, it was too easy to sit back and use the range finder to dope your scope and hit shots.
  6. I feel the same way but I'm not all that interested in any other games at the moment. I'm hoping for a Modern Warfare 2 Remaster in October and I may start slowly slipping away from Pubg, if not for anything else but nostalgia. At the least, it would give my blood pressure a break from top 10 situations
  7. I play on a 75" Samsung 4k UHD tv and it's amazing. Not sure where you're coming from
  8. Well no being that they upped the sensitivity levels
  9. Can we find a way to retain the sensitivities we have already set prior to each update? It would be much easier to adjust accordingly if there is some sort of sensitivity patch. It also wouldn't take a game or 2 to get the sensitivity back where you like it.
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