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  1. As long as you leave in the pre game lobby it does not count. Once you are in the plane it does count.
  2. Thanks for the demonstration :-). You took me to literal, there's obviously times that it's absolutely necessary to lay down and heal. With that said, I crouch heal in the situation above. I watched with no sound, but I can tell from the blood splatter from the first guy you killed was being shot by the second guy you killed. The gun shots should give you an indication that he was not close enough to crest the hill, but might get close enough to chuck a few nades your way. Crouch healing in that situation allows me to quickly run from a nade whereas being prone might not give me enough time to stand up and run from a nade.
  3. I avoid going prone at all costs.
  4. I should of said "Follow". Search any player and you can click follow under their name and then there's a page dedicated for the people you follow.
  5. Received my first voice message from a 10 KD dude. How salty do you have to be to send someone a voice message??
  6. Lol I've got you added as a friend on PubgLookUp, so it's quickly accessible. Especially when I would rather be looking at PUBG stuff than work.
  7. He's at 7 days 12 hours in Duo FPP. I was checking solos TPP last night, and if I'm remembering correctly, we're talking 9+ days of play time with a 10-12% win rate to get to 6000 SP.
  8. I want the parachute but don’t believe there’s anyway I’m going to get it. I’m at 7 days worth of play time this season for the 3 modes combined with 4/3/3 KDs but nothing to show for it. My highest SP mode is solos with just under 4k. The current SP and leaderboard system is beyond frustrating.
  9. This is probably my biggest/most frustrating issue with the game. Landing seconds ahead of everybody on Lobster @ Bootcamp just to run around the roof while the weapons load and have someone 15 feet from me land on an AK that was loaded for them. Have the same issue in Boxing Arena and other hot landing spots. Once in a blue moon the loot at Bootcamp will be loaded before I hit the ground and it's glorious.
  10. Same for me. Only had the lost connection to host happen to us 2-3 times since it started. No stuttering or freezing on my end, we’ve been very fortunate it sounds like.
  11. Recent example - https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/riotmaker2020/video/76763581 So glad PUBG doesn’t have trades, was one of the worst features on Blackout imo.
  12. I upgraded to the X from the S last month and agree with everything you are saying. I also thought my frames felt a lot better and less motion blur. Everything felt smoother overall to me. It's absolutely worth the purchase if you play PUBG religiously.
  13. The sensitivities to me feel totally different with AA off compared to AA on and set to 1 (At least when the option first came out). For example I run - AA - 1 General and OTS -13 1x-2x - 8/9 3x-8x - 7/8 When the option to turn AA off was released, I turned it off and my sensitivities felt much much slower. Like I had to run my 1x/2x at 14/15 with AA off to feel similar to AA on 1 with 1x-2x at 8/9. I'm not sure if you guys felt the same way or if that was ever updated, but I've always ran with AA On because of it. Way to drastic of a change for me.
  14. Lvl 3 vest plus Groza. Looks like most of your shots are hitting his left and right arms/side. As PJ said, landing one headshot goes along way in these type of battles when you’re at a disadvantage gear/weapon wise.
  15. @PUBG_Andymh5 I believe there is a bug around this. I first noticed in the CSL duos competition when Thumbless Aimbot killed I believe Fringe of Fate while Fringe had a nade pulled. Aimbot knocked Fringe and Fringe’s own nade killed him but AB wasn’t awarded the kill and there wasn’t a notification on his screen. I believe they had to manually add a kill to his stats. Fast forward to a few days ago and I myself knocked a player in duos that had a nade pulled and the nade finished him. No notification on my screen and the only thing in the kill feed was around him finishing himself. I’m 80% positive I wasn’t rewarded the kill, but can’t say for certain. So it’s either we aren’t being notified of the kill or we aren’t being credited at all for the kill. Both of the instances occurred after the big update that contained the loot buff. Can possibly be recreated on a custom server.
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