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  1. If the win rate is coming from squads, 20% would be easy attainable if you have a squad of 4 legit players (40-50% is more in their realm of possibilities with your higher KD players). My squad win rate is 13% playing with a squad of 3 players total at all times, with the other two not playing much anymore and they are usually pretty rusty when they do. As to the full auto spray with 3x/4x/6x, that's where it's at if you want to take your game to the next level. It's attainable to 4x full auto spray with little to no recoil up to 150 meters (In my experience) with 50-100 meters being the sweet spot. In just the past two weeks, I've put over 10+ hours in training mode working on 4x full auto spray with adjusting vertical recoil sensitivity to my liking. Just the other night one of my dead teammates was spectating me and watched me laser a guy at about 100 meters with a 4x M4. His reaction - "Holy shit dude, how did you do that?". Practice my man.
  2. Very interesting. Looks like a network drop to me
  3. Do you guys play hardwired? I literally never have network type issues like this.
  4. That feature is something I've always wanted also.
  5. And it could still be a none serious league. Just an opportunity for us forum dwellers to join a league that's not the caliber of CSL or other very competitive leagues. Anyways, I'll hopefully get to join one of these sometime as I usually have prior commitments on Saturdays. It sounds like a blast.
  6. Right on, just a suggestion. I'm super competitive, so always looking for leagues, etc 🙂
  7. Would love if you would take this a step further and create a weekly forum league with a point system. Run season one for 4 weeks or so.
  8. It's possible you hit him with a fourth shot, but if his second heady shot landed before your last shot hit, it wouldn't of counted since you were already dead.
  9. Ah you're PS4, took me a little while to find your match. He hit you with a double heady and you had 3 limb shots.
  10. Yea I wouldn't be too concerned with the aim you showed above. A 2x probably wins you the fight because you more easily can sneak in a heady, which is usually the difference in fights like above. I go through a complete routine in training mode. 500 rounds each with Red Dot/2x/4x on full auto with an M4 (Has really helped out my 4x full auto spray from distance and added a deadly skill to my arsenal) and usually a 100 rounds through a DMR or Bolt with 6x. When I drop in my first game, I want to be the deadliest dude around instead of dropping hot and dying for the first hour to get warmed up. I stopped playing for about a month when Apex initially came out and I only played Siege and Apex. Previously, a red dot was my best scope. Now that I've been back for about a month the red dot seems to jump around slightly left and right on me kind of like you mentioned. I have my 2x locked in though and don't necessarily see the left and right jumping on it like I do the dot. So the 2x has been my go to short range scope.
  11. Any certain scopes or across the board?
  12. I tried random squads for the first time tonight. Had a guy talking about anal and he team killed 2 of the 3 squad members and tried to kill me. I was shot in the back by an enemy squad defending myself. With that said, I’d be interested in squading up tonight if anybody needs an extra
  13. I believe the video was taken with a One S correct?
  14. There seems to be a grey area here with that rule. A majority of the time us forum members can debunk what actually happened in a video proving that the opposing player wasn't actually cheating. What is the proper etiquette for a user wanting advice on what happened in a given situation that could potentially turn into the opponent cheating? Example Scenario: User posts a thread saying "I was in cover, but somehow was shot and died. Please tell me what happened". A majority of the time the community can give valuable input along the lines of "The opponent had a sight-line standing on this hill" or "The opponent can get on the roof next to you and would have seen you" etc. I believe these responses are valuable in helping the community learn. However, what if in the small % chance the community all agrees that "Yea that guy was cheating or using a hack"? I'm not condoning calling anybody a cheater and respect that rule, BUT I would hate for us to not have a chance to help someone out and provide insight on what most likely happened. That's why we ask for clips of what happened to help inform the poster or at least discuss what likely happened in said scenario. Please advise.
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