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  1. Damn Yankee

    Fun Weekend

    I had died earlier in that game on the bridge trying to get to mili and decided to spectate the rest of the game. That guy you killed went prone and tried to snake his way in to the zone. Then the blue overtook him so he got up and tried running in. But he had already taken a bunch of damage. Then I heard you open up with the DP and knew it was game over for him. I'm glad you posted the clip. It's interesting seeing both perspectives.
  2. Damn Yankee


    Protanopia will give you a sort of blue green blood. But I've been using Deuteranopia. The blood is a very bright red almost pink color and it's very easy to see.
  3. Damn Yankee

    Weekly Challenges

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't week 7 challenges just start? I now have week 8 challenges showing and it says week 9 will unlock in 3 days. Is anyone else seeing this?
  4. So I just jumped into a game of solo squads and knocked a guy with an Ak. I then tossed a molly on him to finish him. I checked my weekly missions after and I got credit for a molly kill. I've done this for a long time to get my punch kills or pan kills. I'm always credited for what I use to kill the player with not what I use to knock them with.
  5. Damn Yankee

    Team Killing Consequences

    Exactly. Also suicides are considered team kills. So I'd be banned everytime I try to throw a molly.
  6. If you don't have the Vikendi pass you are only able to collect the XP from four weekly missions. The blue highlighted missions are for Vikendi pass holders.
  7. Damn Yankee

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Thanks for the advice. I just accomplished this on my first try by going to Campo Militar. I think it may have been the first time I've ever been there except for a final circle there a couple days ago. Wow the place is stacked with loot!
  8. Damn Yankee

    All the sweet threads

    All of the above
  9. I was just about to make a topic about this. It is pretty funny watching the reactions of some of the streamers when you kill them. One guy actually said nice shot when I shot him off a motorcycle with an awm. But most of them just get salty. Stl Killin called me a fat kid when I killed him. LMAO
  10. Damn Yankee

    Spammed me with game invites after I killed him

    Was that pts you were ranked 20 on or the live servers? I see on your profile a screenshot when you were ranked 36 but that was pts rankings.
  11. Sorry man but you just got beat by a better player. zCritic is a great player that uses a controller. Look at the leader boards he was the first player on them. You can check out his stream on Mixer and see he uses a controller. He is also a member of these forums so if you don't believe me you can always ask him yourself.
  12. Damn Yankee

    What Is Your Favorite Aspect Of PUBG?

    This is quickly becoming my favorite aspect. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/smoky-strings/video/68320038 Sending a player back to the lobby with one bullet. I used to only want a Dmr but I've been trying the bolt actions and I think I'm starting to get the hang of them finally.
  13. Damn Yankee

    Week 2 missions?

    My weekly missions are now showing correctly. Thanks for the quick fix.
  14. Damn Yankee

    Week 2 missions?

    . I just grabbed a buggy and went riding around miramar and now the fourth mission shows 4613/10000. So yeah I think these are legit.
  15. Damn Yankee

    Week 2 missions?

    Mine looks exactly the same. I've got daily missions but the weekly are blank.