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  1. That was the problem for me. I switched back to type B and all inputs seem to be working fine now. Thanks!
  2. I had died earlier in that game on the bridge trying to get to mili and decided to spectate the rest of the game. That guy you killed went prone and tried to snake his way in to the zone. Then the blue overtook him so he got up and tried running in. But he had already taken a bunch of damage. Then I heard you open up with the DP and knew it was game over for him. I'm glad you posted the clip. It's interesting seeing both perspectives.
  3. Protanopia will give you a sort of blue green blood. But I've been using Deuteranopia. The blood is a very bright red almost pink color and it's very easy to see.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't week 7 challenges just start? I now have week 8 challenges showing and it says week 9 will unlock in 3 days. Is anyone else seeing this?
  5. I was just about to make a topic about this. It is pretty funny watching the reactions of some of the streamers when you kill them. One guy actually said nice shot when I shot him off a motorcycle with an awm. But most of them just get salty. Stl Killin called me a fat kid when I killed him. LMAO
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