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  1. I meant 32" sorry mixed up my TV I believe its the Samsung chg70 QLED
  2. Got the 43"Samsung ultra HD gaming monitor with Freesyc2, also able to run at 1440p after Xbox released the option for better frames. HyperX Alpha's - Best headset you can get returned my Astro A40 TRs for them!! PUBG special edition controller with Freaks Xbox1x
  3. Like I said I bought the season pass a few days ago I even used my unlock 20 levels ticket on it and now its showing that I don't have the season pass. The weapon skins and items I had unlocked are still in my inventory but I can't access season pass at all now.
  4. So this is a follow up to my last post more detailed tho. As a lot of you guys know there hasn't been any real legit tournaments for PUBG on XBOX. Well that's changed im apart of a large gaming community that has agreed to sponsor and host PUBG Xbox tournaments and start a league that will work much like ladders. It will consist of both FPP and TPP also solos, duos, and squads along with all maps which will be randomized. We are doing it this way because we want to cater to all PUBG players and teams. There will be Cash prizes for tourneys and a even larger cash prize for the winner/winners of the league. Also for players that are still new to the game and don't believe they are good enough we will be holding scrimmages for fun as like a practice of sorts. We have experienced players with over 1000 wins who will offer coaching to new players for those scrimmages. Lastly ALL are welcome!! Just please list you're gamertag and if you are apart of a squad or will be playing duo, or solos. The League I'm sure will fill up quickly so first come first serve. Thank you PUBG community!!!
  5. Everyone interested in competing or registering please leave you're gamertag in the replies. Unfortunately our gaming community is filled with negative people and trolls trying to throw shade and damage efforts we have sponsors to protect so I will send a link on xbox to all who are interested.
  6. So as we all know there hasn't been any real PUBG tournaments or leagues on xbox, maybe some streamers or random people hosting a custom match and calling it a tournament. That's all over now we are hosting real Tournaments and a real league for Pubg Xbox members with real sponsors and real pay outs!! We have over 400 players so far and want more so please if you have been wanting to compete foreal and win cash prizes and maybe even sponsorship opportunities for those lucky high skilled players join us. I am apart of a Sponsored Pubg Team on Xbox each player on my team is sponsored and recruited by our sponsor who is looking for more players. Get paid to play!! The League is our main headline we have both FPP and TPP leagues to comendate each type of player, we also have separate tournaments and events with there own prizes but the one I advise everyone to join is The Leagues it's where the big money is and and where our sponsors or gonna be looking for recruiting. The League's will be Squads if you don't have a Squad we can match you up with players or you can contact other free agents and test you're chemistry. There will also be Scrimmages and and practice events for all who want to sharpen their skill against other skilled players something you don't always get in matchmaking. Please Comment if you are interested and a link will be sent to you. Thank you everyone and Please don't miss out!!
  7. Honestly every PTS if im playing solos the majority of my games I run into people teaming don't even care either they are just running alongside each other or riding together in vehicles. Smh trash
  8. Honestly the worst part is I've played about 40 matches now and have only found a sniper 3 times looting and to make matters worse I find a sniper suppressor in about 80% of those games which drives me crazy I feel leiby a tiger in the zoo trying to attack the people outside but the dang glass is separating us. Lol ok but foreal I have had a sniper 3 times that I found on the map probably taken a sniper off somebody I killed 4 times, this map is perfect for snipers too its a snipers paradise I find myself wanting to go back to sanhok just to have a sniper in my hands. This map is beautiful absolutely my favorite map in the game but there are a lot of things that need tweaking loot being one add more ARs DMRs and SR lower Tommy guns Uzis shotguns. Add more attachments to the game these buildings are perfect for having tons of loot but I go in and find one shotgun one level 1 bag and helmet then 5 bandages and the other 10 rooms are empty lol. Please fix the loot even the playing field because everytime I find a sniper and ar I have usually won the game because knowbody else has anything but Tommy guns lol
  9. Been playing all day and there has been very little ARs and snipers and way too much smgs and shotguns. I think the game would be a lot better cause it evens the playing fields. The majority of time my squad is running around stuck with smgs and shotguns and come against a team with ARs and get smacked or vice versa
  10. Well i would agree but i spent less then half on clothes and got damn near all the rare items and then on the skins don't get anything but the beige guns lol
  11. Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem? It seems no matter how much bp i spend i just keep getting the same rugged weapon skins over and over.
  12. This keeps happening to me also and was in a party with a buddy and got disconnected too idk what's going on
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