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  1. so after today's patch ive noticed that my game audio is flipped, for example if someone is driving by on my left i would hear them on my right. Im aware that theres a similar bug when spectating however this is happening as im actually playing. ive died numerous times where im taking cover from someone that i thought i heard on my left but they are actually on my right, so i expose myself to them trying to take cover. is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. is it normal to have 40-60% of cpu usage is still have 30-50 fps? SPECS: cpu: fx 8320 gpu: rx 480 4gb ram: 16gb
  3. hmm, my best guess is that my headsets are not getting enough power to keep up with the game sound due to using usb 2.0 or lower slots. however, this shouldn't happen since all my other games work just fine with no issues, its just this game
  4. thats odd, do your friends have their headset connected to a different type of usb port? like usb 2.0 or 3.0?
  5. I have this issue that, by looks of it, hasn't been reported. When I find a match and load into the small island before the match starts the game sound starts to rapidly cut in and out as more people start to join and start making sound (shooting guns found scattered throughout the island). Im starting to think it's my headset which are Logitech g35's, however, all my other games work just fine with no audio cutting off. Am i the only one experiencing this? EDIT: forgot to mention that my friends also experience this, they also have logitech headsets
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