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  1. Yea. I saw it the first time when a guy cheated me out of a win in top 2
  2. This was reported before the last patch everyone has seen it and it's definitely been exploited
  3. The blood scared the shit outta me I'm just like HELP IM SHOT then you can physically see my relief when I saw what happened
  4. Here is some desync I experienced yesterday. This guy is now long dead then I get hit. save_25_1.mp4
  5. When do you guys plan on cracking down on cheaters I literally have proof of people cheating people using an m16 in burst mode at 300 m with absolutely no recoil with nothing really attached are you gonna tell me when you gonna really get your shit together
  6. I'm NA WIRED TPP DUOS. I dont have a match I'd. I'll let ya know when I've got more info. It also tends to happen a lot when you're in spray battles against someone at close range you'll get by them and it still shows them facing the opposite direction but they kill you
  7. I've had multiple times where I would pull up a sniper go to shoot someone in the side or the back of the head and all of a sudden they shoot me when they were never facing me I would really like just players facing U to be fixed that's kind of ridiculous like one of the most important things you need to know is where a player is looking and you can't even trust that anymore
  8. Since yesterday I've had 2 grenades blow up in my hand after about 2 seconds it's like they have the same fuse as the Flash bangs this just started happening I don't know what they did with this update but there's weird buggy things that haven't been happening before that are going on now not to mention earlier with an 8X at about 50 put my DOT on someone's head and watch the bullet go through three times with an M24 before it finally connected
  9. By the way I had this issue when the sonhok pass came out I re downloaded the game and then hard reset my xbox and it worked I don't know if it will help you but maybe it's worth a try
  10. Sounds like it I can't tell you how many times that I've reported someone or asked a question and not got a response 2 or 3 days later and a few times it's been them getting on to me for saying something that needed to be said and they didn't like
  11. This right here. I had a buddy get banned for doing this so the only etiquette I follow as you don't thirst I don't thirst.
  12. Is there any way you can set up this game so that you cannot be put in games with your friends unless you are in a game party together I just came across 2 full squads working together the mass looting was ridiculous watching eight people try to scramble on two bodies and of course I got a screen capture but what does it really matter because when I report people with proof nothing happens
  13. It just says ex: timeout servers are to busy?
  14. I completed the beryl mission and it wasn't worth it
  15. I think that's a great idea and that the amount should stay the same across-the-board 3 of Each for each person sounds fair but there's literally a post in here were a guy is carrying 16 grenades that's a little bit overboard and I've seen that kind of stuff more than once it ruins the experience of the game and all the people that go "I've never seen a nade Spam before" are full of it
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