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  1. Anarchyreigning

    Network lag for days

    Wired xbox 1x. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it works a little better
  2. Anarchyreigning

    Network lag for days

    So 6 games in a row I have had permanent network lag. It starts about a minute in. I've waited 7 minutes in one match to see if it would go away. NA server tpp solo and squads.
  3. Anarchyreigning

    What the desync

    Not yet I'll get one. Its was around midnight na servers. In California
  4. Anarchyreigning

    What the desync

    Why is sanohok now a forced map to play? It's a laggy desync mess. Yall are putting people with extreme ping in servers, making them think they are awesome for headshots that IM ALREADY IN COVER AND HAVE BEEN FOR A FEW SECONDS. bring back the old map selection.
  5. Anarchyreigning

    hotfix did nothing?

    Dude it did something. It made it worse
  6. Anarchyreigning

    Wins don't count

    I've won 2 times today in solos and my wins are still at where they where. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. Anarchyreigning

    Standing still, yet moving

    Same here I have no idea why. He just creeps forward.