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  1. Everyone is loot spoiled now lol
  2. Good news if this is how they deal with them
  3. Weekly rotation would be perfect.
  4. You watching love island 😆
  5. Random squads generally still put me in NA server not EU
  6. We need to petition for this to happen
  7. I've never seen so many SLR's and 6/8x scopes in games.it does add a different dynamic to erangel now though cos every 1 has an SLR with a long scope lol.it does need adjusting down slightly imo.
  8. Apart from me playing shit I've had no issues with this update.its strange how it runs good for some and not others
  9. My personal fave callout is over there behind that tree 😆.its all fun though when we win weve actually earned it lol
  10. Don't see what's wrong with the soft mark as it is.they need to stop changing shit to make it easier
  11. GGs that was fun I only play til 10 thru the week gotta be up early for work
  12. I'll try jump in tonight might have no mic on if its loud at mine
  13. Gas cans really should be flammable though,there be endless uses for em then
  14. 2 good ideas hope they can be implemented into the game
  15. I've been in either NA or EU servers playing solo and random squads,dodnt take much notice when it put me in NA though.im EU
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