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  1. Really hope this doesn't get implemented into the game
  2. I've noticed I've been placed in na servers a hell of a lot lately and I live in the UK. I play evening time GMT so there should be enough eu players online at that time. I've also been placed in SA servers and that was terrible lol
  3. I want the next map to run properly 😆
  4. I've noticed the same with loot too the last few weeks seems theres a delay in them appearing
  5. This ^.its getting ridiculous now with all these intermittent bugs no wonder people are quitting playing
  6. Lol I keep saying I'll go in the cupboard under the stairs but she said she'll never see me 😆.I used to play on 55" TV in the living room,now I play on a 28" monitor and I prefer the monitor tbh
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