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  1. Vikendi was teased last June I think. Maybe we'll hear something soon? Honestly though it might mean removing map select in some instances, otherwise players will get spread too thin per-map w/ 5 maps
  2. They should just make barefoot/shoes sound the same honestly. Oh, and per-map outfits ^_~
  3. Imerzan

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    I think it's good in most places, but there are a ton of places on Vikendi where the height of things is way off (counters/doors/windows,etc.)
  4. Dang, why on earth did he reload lol.
  5. https://pubg.report/streams/f9eed1e7-6fc4-4ab4-be10-2c4f21a44cd8/287 I love watching them get mad lol.
  6. Yup. Staring at a bunch of dots moving around the map might look cool, but really does nothing for detecting a cheater. It provides zero context for why the dots are moving the way they are. For context you need to watch a replay which makes the telemetry unnecessary at that point. I wouldn't count you out either. I have zero proof, but I guess that's what we're doing here. Accusing everyone of cheating without proof. You're effectively doing the same thing as accusing him of cheating, when there is no evidence supporting your claim.
  7. Imerzan

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    Change seems fair. Original modifier was 110%. so 130% is a happy middle ground. I'll probably still use SR's despite the change.
  8. Imerzan

    [POLL] bring back events?

    I would like them to come back. They might cause wait times to go up overall though since it's splitting the queues up more. That being said I have fond memories doing the events when I first started playing PUBG last spring. It was a good way to learn the game before training mode came out
  9. I think you're a bit paranoid lol. Most of the pro's (like Chocotaco for instance) have many thousands of hours in this game, and they're just good. With a good headset, audio cues are easy to discern too, especially if you're experienced and know how to interpret them. Recoil control comes with practice. I can spray someone at 60-70 meters with an M4/3x scope. Does that mean I'm using recoil hacks? lol. After playing this game for a long time you get used to the recoil and spray patterns, and your aim improves greatly. I'm not saying that there aren't cheaters out there in the streaming community (particularly with the less known streamers), but in all honesty most of the A-Class streamers all look pretty legit.
  10. Imerzan

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    I always found it strange how TPP has more hackers (wallhacks/esp in particular) than FPP.... You'd think they would all go to FPP since it would give them an even bigger advantage since the other players have much less visibility than they do? Weird.
  11. Maybe that player at a distance was in clear line of sight -- or they were shooting at another player like mad and the player was just following the noise? All I'm saying is that you can't (and shouldn't) use that tool as your sole means to detect if someone is using ESP or not. You can get the exact same information, with far more details by watching the replay. Now if you see a guy tracing someone through walls or zero'ing in on them with zero info on the replay -- that's a much better indicator of possible ESP use.
  12. This tool does not do anything of the kind. Even if someone's dot is moving erratically (so you think), you don't know if the person they are following is exposing themselves (in the open outside of cover, shooting / making noise , etc.) You really need to watch the actual replay(s) before you pass judgment on someone.
  13. Imerzan

    New shroud skins..really??

    I always liked shroud's pubg stream, no complaints here. although it is odd since he hasn't played in a while. oh well.
  14. Imerzan

    150% Bolt Damage Pettition

    This game incorporates realistic aspects, but it's not a requirement for every feature. Weapon damage / balancing is one of these areas. If this game was really realistic we'd be dying in single shots. The motorcycle helmet wouldn't hold up against a 5.56 or 7.62 round and you would be dead..... etc. The SR change made a lot of sense (for the M24/K98 that is -- AWM needs to be toned down) because before they were lacking in comparison to DMR's. I remember on Vikendi people would pass up the K98/M24 due to the abundance of L3 Helmets. Body shots used to tickle too.