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  1. Erangel loot could be a bit better, I don't mind Miramar loot too much though. They are very big maps, and if you make the loot too good, people will just camp at the compounds they started in rather than venture out and loot (except when the circle forces them to)
  2. Imerzan

    How is it possible?

    I didn't care for Apex. I actually did like Blackout's faster playstyle , but there's something about Apex's play style that I dont care for... It feels like Overwatch and Fortnite had a baby and out came Apex Legends.
  3. Imerzan

    Movement Improvements

    Movement seems fine on PC with a mouse. It's a bit more realistic in terms of movement speed/physics. I feel like Movement on the console versions feels really bad though lol.
  4. Imerzan

    Sanhok loot Nerfed?

    The sanhok loot does feel a little bit nerfed I agree. Could be wrong though
  5. I actually won a game where a guy threw a smoke at me, and I was able to use it to my advantage to get an angle on him. Poor guy.
  6. I mean... I think everyone can agree it's incredibly tilting when someone chucks 3-4 or more grenades at your general vicinity. (or even just blind throws that happen to get you) Let the guy vent
  7. I get 2-3 spammed my way fairly often. I do appreciate they reduced their spawn rate on Vikendi a bit, i don't get nearly as many chucked at me as I used to.
  8. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    You're using the wrong type of argument. Even though Snipers are countered by L3 Helmets, and are slightly more rare, they are still GOOD. They just aren't competitive with DMR's is all. The map is very sniper friendly in the sense that due to the long ranges you will be advantaged as a sniper against a non-sniper. Like I said I should have said M24/K98 is useless (compared to DMR) , not useless entirely. But it is very odd that they decided to upend the SR/DMR balance so heavily when they were pretty competitive with each other before. The map is AMAZING to snipe people on (whether you use a DMR or traditional SR). I get a ton of kills from 100-200 meters on this map. Does this make it sniper friendly? Yes. Get that through your head! /bonk
  9. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    Even though sniper rifles are objectively worse than their DMR Counterparts, they are still better than a M16 on Vikendi. Just because SR/DMR spawn less does not negate their necessity on Vikendi. If you get stuck in a longer range battle with someone and you don't have access to an SR/DMR, you're at a huge disadvantage. I should probably clarify my thread title "M24/K98 useless compared to DMR" ... Because they're still better than nothing (they just didn't need nerfs is all IMHO). In the majority of engagements, having an SR/DMR on Vikendi is actually beneficial to the party who has one. If you try engage someone who has a SR from 100+ meters away (common on Vikendi) with an SMG in your hands, you're going to have a bad time. Vikendi is definitely a sniper friendly map, you're just not as likely to find a sniper rifle is all.
  10. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    How a map is designed in terms of what weapons work well with the map, is first dictated by how the map is laid out. Changing the loot to force a certain type of loot distribution to change this does not reflect how the map was "designed". Snipers, and moreso DMR's are very effective on Vikendi due to the long sightlines. Yes they are hard to find, but that doesn't making sniping BAD. The biggest problem is the L3 helmet spawn, since it makes the already rare Sniper Rifles exponentially worse than their DMR Counterparts (which were arguably always better in the first place). You're probably just another salty noob who gets headshot by snipers because he doesn't know how to peek properly. I'm glad that you finally found your salvation in welfare L3 Helmets on Vikendi
  11. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    The base map (terrain, design) is very sniper friendly, they just chose to force everyone into using close-range weapons on a very long-range map. For what reason I do not know. It would be like the Sanhok Devs going: "Gee, Sanhok really seems to be good for close-range weapons (Vector). Maybe we should make everyone run around with M24's and M16's and make full-auto weapons extremely rare drops...." That being said long range weapons are still very important on Vikendi due to the large amounts of open areas. And L3 Helmets don't do shit in regards to DMR Balance - they are still a 2 hit kill regardless. They disproportionately nerf sniper rifles though. Maybe you need to figure out how the game works bud
  12. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    Lol what? There are plenty of long sightlines to snipe on this map. If anything it's 1000% more sniper-friendly than Sanhok. I won last night using the SLR / 8x scope and I was able to take advantage of the full zoom in several scenarios. Something that would be hard to do on Sanhok (4/6x is the most I will use on that map).
  13. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    Just because something doesn't affect me, doesn't mean that I can't have an opinion on it. Sure, this change benefits me more than anything, but it makes the game almost boring when I don't have to worry about snipers anymore. The last five games I won I was able to find a L3 Helmet, and I recall two recent games where I got headshot on a reckless peek, and went on to win the game still (I should have lost). It's OK I still win regardless. 19.5% win-rate after last night's games. DMR's are the way to go now
  14. Imerzan

    M24/K98 useless on Vikendi

    Uh huh, seems like an easy cop-out rationalization you just made there. SR/DMR were balanced delicately before. L3 Helmets on Vikendi has broken that delicate balance by making DMR's insanely over-valued. You keep saying "Adapt or die" lmao. Can you say anything else? I already HAVE adapted. I never really used SR much anyways (just less-so now), and I have almost a 20% win-rate using DMR's when I can get my hands on them. You can keep trying to pin this as a "personal problem", but it goes much further than that. If anything this change benefits me since I'm primarily a DMR Player.
  15. Imerzan

    Let us pick the map!

    If we didn't have map select it would be a lot easier to match players with close pings, and we'd probably see less de-sync. Also queue times would decrease tremendously. I think map select was fine when we had 2-3 maps, but 4 is stretching us too thin.