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  1. Your clip explains the audio so much more, exactly what i thought might have happened. Looks like lag. Either server lag, or C was lagging. Pubglookup shows the guy on the roof made the kill, no one else nearby One time on PC i had the server lag so bad that the blue zone timer stopped, and nobody could open doors for 2 minutes. Two minutes later everyone teleported around like crazy lol. I've also had shit exactly like this happen as well. Weird shit happens sometimes.
  2. I originally advocated for map select on PC, and it really didnt work out the best. They made it so you have to pick Quick Join, OR any SINGLE MAP. You couldn't pick like 3 of 4 maps and leave one off (Which would have made more sense and helped queue times overall) Also Quick join should have ROTATED maps evenly so maps with longer queues (miramar) get some help So yeah... poor implementation and it caused problems. Mostly for miramar players
  3. Hmm, says he killed you with DP-28, telemetry doesn't show anything weird either. My first instinct was some bush wookie hiding out somewhere, but doesn't seem to be the case here Your partner said you were moving though, maybe some sort of lag? dunno, weird shit happens in this game sometimes. I've gotten lag spikes before and my guy has teleported around a bit, wouldn't surprise me if that's what this was.
  4. Someone from another vantage shot you maybe? Behind you? I don't know.
  5. Imerzan

    Running people over

    OH MY GOD.... I rammed this guy in an open field with the UAZ I was going at least 30-40 and I dragged him in front of my vehicle for like 20 meters or more!!! And he DIDNT DIE!!!! What on earth is going on with the running people over physics.... Why am i pushing him across the field with my truck while going lethal speeds to hit someone?
  6. Just hold R2, doesn't need to be changed/fixed at all
  7. In the modern age of gaming, not being able to achieve 60 fps =/= great
  8. Oh so your G1 PS4 is getting 60 fps? Lets see videos of this "Amazing" performance of you hot-dropping into Pochinki
  9. Imerzan

    Warning about Vikendi Pass

    Be that as it may, the missions are incredibly tedious, and the overall amount of experience required to hit 100 is prohibitive to the vast majority of regular players. To the point where most people feel forced into buying "Paid Level Boosts" to skip levels or risk missing content they already paid for. I'm not saying we should get everything for no work, just a few small modifications: Make the missions relevant to normal-ish gameplay and fun to complete (no shooting 300 micro uzi rounds in 10 separate games, or driving 500km in a buggy). Examples of good missions would be the ones requiring you to drop at a specific landmark, and/or get a kill at that spot. Reduce the amount of XP to reach Level 100 so it's easier for most players. We shouldn't have to play 8 hours a day/every day to complete the pass.
  10. Imerzan

    High level / high k/d players

    Honestly, hot drops are a shit-show on console and it's a LOT of luck more than anything. Mostly due to poor technical performance of the game at the drop. I like hot-dropping on PC a lot more than console because I feel like I have better control over my character in that early part of the game. On console- I usually will avoid taking people head on unless I have superior positioning, or get a weapon before them. Instead I'll try sneak up on them or ambush them -- or take them out from afar. Sometimes taking someone out from a distance is the best idea because if things go south you can usually take cover or run for it.
  11. I see where you're coming from, and aside from the occasional people who are ranting about stupid crap (or posting clips that don't prove anything) -- there is some credibility for those of us saying this game is poorly optimized from a technical standpoint. If we're not allowed to continue complaining about it, how is it ever going to get fixed/improved? If EVERYBODY stayed silent and just played the game without giving feedback, Bluehole would just assume the game is fine (for the most part)
  12. Take a chill pill @HelloDaddio Just because we're saying the game runs like ass (sorry - it does), it doesn't mean we're saying your beloved game sucks. The gameplay is good or most of us wouldn't even be playing it. That doesn't excuse the game from having shitty technical performance though. There's no reason this game should be running at 25-30 FPS when Blackout and Fortnite can run at 60 FPS. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinmurnane/2018/03/02/comparing-fortnites-60-fps-patch-on-the-xbox-and-playstation-consoles/#7315e42a5354 Interesting read.
  13. Imerzan

    Content in game ( PS4 )

    I dunno, Blackout looks pretty good graphics-wise, but runs at 60FPS on console I know most of the PUBG maps are huge compared to Blackout, but I wonder how Sanhok compares to Blackout size-wise. If PUBG ran at 60 FPS it would be so much better.
  14. @HELLBRECT I looked at the video and on the FIRST GUY that looks like a neck shot to me you had to aim just a little bit higher and it would have been a one-shot. On the last guy that you died to, it looks like the bullet went over his head but it's really hard to tell. He shot you first and there appears to be a bit of aim-punch causing your shot to go over him. At least that's what it looks like to me. EDIT: Looks like I'm late to the party lol @ShaiG deduced everything