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  1. NK ME

    What happened to this game?

    Exactly. Quite exaggerated. I dropped solo squads two nights ago and had no problems. It’s probably because one of your teammates is better or snagged all the loot for their self.
  2. I guess I haven’t really either. I haven’t tested it, but do different red dot reticles change on different weapons? Or is it the same across the board. I’d look on it now, but I’m home away from home on break rn.
  3. NK ME

    No snow map?

    I kinda agree that the team could have handled the situation better. A month it pretty vague as it is, let alone “winter 2018” Anybody else wonder why they couldn’t hold off the PC PTS so they could get us all on the same page? Could’ve silenced this whole crying delema.. But again, maybe the pc fans would have the same reaction Xbox players have now. Idk. I feel they could’ve done better with the situation. Kinda feels like the Halo Wars 2 forums were way back when..
  4. NK ME

    Are grenades too OP?

    Thanks for wasting everybody’s time. Have a a great day.
  5. NK ME

    Are grenades too OP?

    Everybody’s always gotta nitpick something huh? Sure. Let’s nerf everything.. Meanwhile........ https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nk-me/video/59752388
  6. NK ME

    What happened to this game?

    Yeah.. I don’t either.. Just one in my car and the gun in the safe. Haha
  7. NK ME

    What happened to this game?

    Ever wonder why the loot may have been nerfed in the first place? Perhaps maybe so 25-50% of the population in the game doesn’t die off before the first ring encloses? People keep crying about not having loot. Stop expecting ARs in every house with 2 first aid kits. What is this America? Last parts a joke. Please don’t get butthurt. 😁
  8. NK ME

    Vikendi loot balance

    Still in PTS for pc.. We don’t even have access to it yet... Im sure the loot will be fine. Why is this even a topic yet?
  9. NK ME

    Snow Map Monday on Mobile

    Well I tried. No nope train today folks.
  10. NK ME

    Snow Map Monday on Mobile

  11. NK ME

    Chances of PTS this week?

    Yes and yes. That’s where I’d put my money if I had a guess. As bad as I would love to see it sooner
  12. NK ME

    Trash skins

    That’s the whole point tho.. Rarity is for the better. Unless you like seeing everybody wearing that same pink polo shirt you got on....
  13. NK ME

    Just gunna leave this here......

    That’s pretty nasty lol
  14. NK ME

    What happened to this game?

    I hate sanhok. I’ll happily take double digit kills on Miramar and Erangel any day. I don’t have problems with looting, I enjoy the randomness. Life’s like a box of chocolates..... But I always end up with good loot every game. Just gotta work for it sometimes, so to me it’s a part of the battle royal experience. If I wanted just gun play I’d play Cod or something. But you guys have to understand that this game is based upon luck. From the play circle to having cover to having decent loot, it’s all random. It’s suppose to be. Edit: I notice you use “we”. I regularly only play solos. That makes a big difference. So maybe I can see where the loot would be not so good splitting it with teammates and other squads around. I’m gonna play some solo squads so I can get a feel for what your talking about
  15. NK ME

    Lost connection to host

    See, that’s not right at all. This is unacceptable. The game has been out for almost a year now and we still have to deal with this inconsistentcy. It’s really sad, because this could very easily be the best game around. I do love this game. But it needs to fix this trial and error shit.