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  1. So I’ve come from Xbox PUBG (with well over 1000 hours) to pc PUBG. I think I’ve got my sensitivities and audio dialled in. I just can’t win a gun fight unless I see them coming and surprise ambush them. I just get melted in every single gunfight whether it’s in the same room or across a field. Now I know I’ve gotta “git gud” but it’s so frustrating and no fun at all. Please tell me it’s not just me having this experience. I’ve spent a fortune just to play this game and a week in I’m regretting it.
  2. Just an update as I have just bought the new Steelseries Arctis 9x. I highly recommend them. I can hear footsteps much better with these even just in the flat eq setting. They are wireless and connect the same as the controller. I have also tried the Turtle beach elite pros, Astro a50’s as well as Sennheiser gsp500’s. Arctis 9x have the best sound and Mic my second favourite the gsp500’s have great sound and a great sensitive mic but open back means sound bleeds from ear cups so my teammates could actually hear my game through my mic! Weird and annoying for them. A50’s are good for sound and being wireless but the mic is awful according to friends. Then the Elite Pro’s are my least favourite as very quiet plugged into controller and the earcups make like a vacuum over my ears and no mic monitoring so I can’t hear own voice. So just my experience and opinions that might clear up the minefield of headsets a little more for the next person.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I don’t suppose you have a better picture of the tournament 2 I can’t quite make out the numbers. I’ve tried looking on reddit for it but all I can find is a link back to the Astro forum that’s doesn’t exist 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks
  4. I have tried looking for presets but it seems the Astro forum is no longer available? Any help on these settings would be great. Thanks
  5. Haha yes I know about canted sight. It was a 4x to a normal red dot not a canted.
  6. I just got killed by a guy (fair enough) then when spectating he was quick changing scopes. Now I know he could be doing this in inventory as it doesn’t show on spectate screen but he was doing it so fast. And we all know changing from a 4x to a 6x and then a red dot is not the fastest on Xbox. And he even changed from the 4x to a red dot while jumping?
  7. Sggarnham

    No g coin

    I got the bp added to my test server account but g coin says 0, even after getting the notification on first screen. Edit just gone to my items and there here was a g coin item in there but that only gave me 4,000
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