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  1. At first, I thought the easiest and most effective way to camp was. However, you get from 5,000 points only two points for the top 10, without a kill. If you reach the top 10 with two kills, there are four points. So you save a good 20 minutes (you should only play on Sanhok, it's clear to everyone). If you add that up to all his games where you get into the top 10, it definitely pays to play "right". What's added: You have to play at least 1,000 games if you are an average player and you want to reach the 6,000 points. Play time is about 180 hours (pure play time). With all the loading screens, etc. it's about 200 hours to invest. However, a nice side effect is: the game time will definitely make you better in the game! But: It's a lot of time and you should think about whether it's worth the two skins, that you spend so much of your free time in this game. I did it once, again I do not do it! And I hope BH changes what's going on here! I made a little video on my way to the Lone Survivor:
  2. Is that correct? I did not know that because I got the passport directly. So I actually have even less content in the purchased pass, even though it's the same price as the pass before. Well, so a clear argument not to buy it again. Quite apart from that, this issue is not just about weapon challenges.
  3. Oh, one thing I forgot: why is the points distribution graded after placement in the game? A lap on Sanhok is much faster than a round on Erangel / Miramar and faster than on Vikendi. Why does the survival factor play no role in the distribution of points, as is the case now in the new Weaponmastery? @Baits You did not understand what it is about. As a profit-driven company, you can not just think of players like you who seem to have a very high level of skill. You also have to think about the casual gamer I belong to. And I say that the casual gamer is much more than the pro player. And if they, like me, have no desire to "play well in the game" so that the money invested is well worth it, they spend no more money. I think a round of 5 kills is hard enough. If I also have to do 5 kills with a Beryl, which is now in all the hours I PUBG games have never worked, just too heavy. And so BH loses me as a continuing paying customer. Again, I'm far from the only player to criticize the season pass. And if BH continues to ignore the criticisms, I'm sure that's going to make a difference to Seasonpass sales!
  4. To reach 6,000 points and get all the season's rewards, you have to play at least 700 games. But you can only do that if you can handle the game really well and invest a lot of time. Because 700 games is quite a lot for a casual gamer. And who has a win rate of 30% and a top ten ranking of 50%? I'll have to play at least 900 games to reach 5,000 points. Because my win rate is ridiculous 0.3% and my top ten rate is 14%. Of course you can say that you have to get better because it's the ranking system. Ok, so I can live well if you just play because of the placement. But why do you have to invest so much time if you would like to receive (almost) all the season's rewards? There is a very simple solution: many people like to play solo, duo and squad and are not limited to just TPP and FPP. But if you want to get a certain score (like I get the 5,000 points), you have to focus on one type of game. Of course, scoring points for the respective game makes sense, since it is about the placement in the ranking. Why do not you count the points scored in the season in all game types but not together when it comes to the rewards? Let's get to the season pass. 10 € while only going up to level 70 At the last pass you can still reach level 100. So now you get less rewards for the same money than the last pass. In addition, the rewards are aimed very much at the female characters. Probably because more people are playing female characters. Why then are the male characters disadvantaged? Is not it possible, for example, simply to get a dress AND a jacket? Thus, both characters have something of it. You can also say that you also have the weapon challenges and therefore not less rewards than the last season pass ... and I have to ask now consciously but also provocative: do you want to sell in the future no more season pass to the casual gamer? I mean, getting a win is hard enough for a casual gamer. The fact that he also has to win with a special weapon makes it even more difficult (I was lucky that it worked in my only victory so far in 315 games with the weapon type, but only because I played the weapon targeted have). But now I'm supposed to get 5 kills with a weapon in a match. Seriously? At my K / D of 1.13 ?! Here I have to ask provocatively once: the people who are creating the missions are they playing the game themselves? Sure, no one is forced to buy the season pass. But I like to pay the 10 €, because I have something in the sense of rewards and support the development of the game. But every casual gamer is as much a customer as the people with no good skill or the hardcore players. And, frankly, I feel like crazy about the kind of challenge and I'm sure I'll not buy a season pass anymore. And on the basis of the criticism to be read, one can see that I am far from being an isolated case. An opinion from BH I search in vain, however! Sorry for the bad English: I have to use the Google translator and write it between the games of PUBG. Because to reach the 5,000 points, I have to invest every spare minute in the game ...
  5. Ich kann schon nachvollziehen, dass sie weiterhin Gewinne erzielen wollen. Gier ist etwas, was jedes gewinnorientierte Unternehmen an den Tag legt. Wir werden ja auch nicht gezwungen uns den Pass zu kaufen, da es ausschließlich kosmetische Items sind, die man bekommt.Von daher finde ich einen Pass zur neuen Saison schon ok. Aber die Missionen und Herausforderungen sind so willkürlich ... man wird den Gedanken nicht los, dass die jemand erstellt, der das Spiel selber noch nie gespielt hat. Bei der Art zu spielen bin ich ganz bei dir. Warum muss es heißen: erziele 5 Kills mit einer SR? Warum nicht einfach allgemein halten: erziele 5 Kills. Nicht jeder mag eine SR. Ich bspw. ziehe die SLR selbst der M24 vor. Andere spielen lieber mit SMG und AR. Diesen Leute wird also vorbestimmt, wenn sie die Aufgaben erfüllen wollen, wie sie zu spielen haben. Auch sowas wie: belebe 15 Teammitglieder wieder ... man muss also im Duo oder Squad spielen. Solospieler sind hier also gearscht. Und vor allem: man MUSS Teammitglieder wiederbeleben. In diesem Spiel geht es aber nicht darum niedergeschossen zu werden. Daher machen wir es immer so, dass wir uns in der blauen Zoe ausknocken lassen und uns "wiederbeleben". Und dafür geht dann gerne schon mal ne ganze Runde flöten, weil man am Rand der Karte ist.
  6. Ah, man muss die erste Challenge ja gar nicht mehr im solo machen. Das habe ich übersehen. Da mich nur die Beryl interessiert (den blauen Skin mag ich mal so gar nicht), gehe ich auch gezielt auf die. Aktuell muss ich die 20 Kills machen. Vor dem Chickendinner graut es mir schon etwas, vor den 5 Kills in einem Match aber noch wesentlich mehr! Ich werde den nächsten Pass aber nicht mehr kaufen, wenn es weiterhin solche Missionen geben wird (habe mich nicht vorher informiert, ich Depp). Primär war es eh wegen den Rucksack-Skins. Aber dafür 10 € ausgeben ist eigentlich auch schon zu viel! Dass sie die Punkteverteilung der neuen Saison auch wieder so hoch gesetzt haben, ist auch so eine Sache die nervt. Ich spiele derzeit krampfhaft solo, da ich versuche die 5.000 Punkte zu bekommen (den Bart muss ich einfach haben). Dass man da nur an diejenigen denkt, die das Spiel rund um die Uhr daddeln, ist in meinen Augen ne Sauerei!
  7. @TerenceCattivo Wie sieht es inzwischen mit den Herausforderungen bei dir aus? Bist in den zwei Wochen etwas vorangekommen?
  8. Mahlzeit, die deutsche Übersetzung eines Kills der Waffenmeisterschaft ist mit "Niederlage" ein bisschen unglücklich übersetzt, um es mal freundlich ausdrücken.
  9. - WaechterXX - Any of my matches - EU - Solo FPP and Duo FPP - Erangel and Sanhok - Beryl, SLR, P18, UMP, Bizon
  10. Same here: no experience, no counter!
  11. Believing that the statements of some players (we want more creative missions) must apply to all (in this case to me, where you have to prove for a skin skill) ... love it! : D If you think it's the right way to pay for a season pass, but you need to have "skill" to unlock individual skins, that's fine. But when sales figures for the season pass go down, you realize that's not the way to go. @Biochemikas Of course I have to go this way if I want to have the skin for the backpack Level 3. But that can not be what BH wants. It does not make fun to start dozens of games, where you finally have two AFK players who are not killed by someone else and who can be killed with a headshot over a distance of 200 meters. And since it is not enough that you have to do this crap once, you have to make it for the backpack in two games.
  12. If I had known in advance what success needs to be achieved, I would not have gotten the passport. Apart from the fact that the general rewards are also not very good. Next time I will not get a pass anymore. In a match kill 2 enemies with headshots more than 200 yards away. Alone for the 5 kills over 200 meters I needed until yesterday. Of these, two kills over 200 meters with SR were a headshot, the other three DMR kills without headshot. In a single match, I did not manage to score two kills over 200 meters away. Anyway not with headshots. So I will not be able to unlock the backpack level 3 in 10 weeks. And then the fun stops with me.
  13. Man muss nicht beim Bund gewesen sein, dass man weiß, dass Granaten, Magazine, Munition, Attachments etc. Geräusche machen, wenn man sie in den Rucksack wirft, man den Rucksack aufsetzt und damit rennt. Aber gerne können sie für Spieler wie dich eine Funktion einbauen, dass man alles im Rucksack ordentlich verstauen kann, was dann Zeit kosten wird. Und davon hat man je in diesem Spiel genug, um den Rucksack ordentlich herzurichten ... merkste selber, oder?
  14. Recently, the LED lighting on my keyboard (G510) turns off after 30 seconds in the game. The problem is only with PUBG, so it is definitely the game. Can someone help me how to solve the problem?
  15. On Vikendi you have the problem that you do not hear your own, short steps, but in the replay you can hear that the opposing players can hear these steps. Likewise, when you play in the squad and look for a dead teammate, you hear the footsteps that you do not hear yourself. Please fix as fast as possible, as opposing players have an advantage!
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