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  1. @Sidartha You've already asked if you ever manage to reach level 100 without having to buy levels. With this kind of missions, some players will surely say that they prefer to buy levels to reach level 100 before they have to do such a nonsense in the game. Is certainly also a sales strategy.
  2. I'll try it without sarcasm! What do you think when you publish a new map and then build a "success", where you have to drive 500 KM with a buggy that does not even spawn on the new map? What do you think in a Battle Royal shooter that players should travel 500 kilometers on a specific vehicle? Would you like to devaluate the statistics? You can not shake the feeling that it simply meant: do something without thinking about it! The 300 shots with the Uzi, the diving on Vikendi, the holding in the redzone, the 3 helmet on Vikendi can spawn everywhere (you devaluate the Crates), in each round you have on Vikendi all attachments for a SR AND (!) DMR and does not find SR or DMR. Now it's happening that on Ernagel half of the players go to Myltar, the other is looking for a buggy. On the way you will meet honking players, because they were not looters, but just looked for a buggy. Others were only looted and then shoot at you when you pass by. Others do not drive to Myltar shortly to use healing ... what does all this have to do with a Battle Royal Shooter?
  3. WaechterXX

    Sound problems Vikendi, Steps

    On Vikendi you have the problem that you do not hear your own, short steps, but in the replay you can hear that the opposing players can hear these steps. Likewise, when you play in the squad and look for a dead teammate, you hear the footsteps that you do not hear yourself. Please fix as fast as possible, as opposing players have an advantage!
  4. The people who are clever and unable to read something in bold are really fond of me. Let's see if he has now understood or unkind answers again.
  5. Maybe you should consider how to react, if someone wants to help you and gives a tip. Read again through what I have written.
  6. You have to drive in, come to a complete stop with the spacebar and dismount.
  7. WaechterXX

    beginner mission vikendi pass ..

    Here is the answer:
  8. WaechterXX

    whats the week 1 challenge

    It is not impossible, but it is simply inappropriate to face the risk of suicide in a Battle Royal. It makes the ranking system ridiculous.
  9. Matchmaking Hi, how can you please finish the day mission "Games two hours on Erangel", if the matchmaking is still buggy? Who thinks up such missions without thinking that targeted matchmaking has not worked since the last patch? The tasks themselves are partly a disaster. Fuel a vehicle 12 times? Stop in the blue zone with a vehicle? Targeted to get a weapon out of the Lootcrate (why not just do the job of having to open a Lootcrate)? A Chickendinner in a certain game mode (why only limited to, for example, solo, if players play only duo or squad)? Destroy 10 vehicles? The series can be continued as desired. The daily tasks should motivate one to play more. But the goals have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself, which is about surviving and eliminating all players. That's frustrating and when a game starts to frustrate, though it's meant to be fun, then the developer has definitely done something wrong and should change that. And based on the biosherent feedback, you will surely see that many people are more than dissatisfied with the tasks.
  10. WaechterXX

    Match finding is broken

    It´s broken since the last patch. Unfortunately!
  11. WaechterXX

    Duplicates Survival Rewards System

    This is of course really annoying, especially if you have items twice, three times or more, but did not get one or more items.
  12. WaechterXX

    Duplicates Survival Rewards System

    That´s not the answer to my question. I would like to know, why there is no possibility to exchange the duplicates for permanent items that can not be paid due to the finished season. So how should I get the items I can not get from the supply crates due to the new season?
  13. WaechterXX

    Duplicates Survival Rewards System

    @TakariiWhat about the problem of duplicates of permanent items from last season's supply system?
  14. WaechterXX

    Duplicates Survival Rewards System

    Yes, it is a pity that items can not be exchanged as planned. Even sadder is that the topic is now also simply hushed up.
  15. Will there be a way to swap the surviving items from the Survival Rewards System, that you did not receive, for duplicates? I got items partially four times and only the sunglasses are missing. I would therefore like to be able to swap these for duplicates, as it actually (or similar) should be possible for a long time in PUBG.