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  1. BadBatch5040

    ETA for console please....

    I made it to #10 with a R45 and a grenade. That was the only game that I really wanted to chicken up.
  2. BadBatch5040

    Shotgun Chickens.....not by me

    It's funny that if I aim with a shotgun its all bad, but if I fire while turning, my success rate aint bad at all.
  3. BadBatch5040

    Advanced sensitivity for a better game

    On the Box? Reinstalled this morning and still only goes to 20 for me.
  4. BadBatch5040

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Apparently. Confused as to why actually. I'm just passing thru.
  5. BadBatch5040

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    8) Do Not Stalk Other Players from Match to Match Penalties may be imposed if you try to stalk other players in order to interfere with normal gameplay. https://www.pubg.com/rules-of-conduct/
  6. BadBatch5040

    Ultimate REGRESSION

    Add me. I turn it on. Wait for the lobby that isn't there anymore. Jump out of plane looking for a landing party that doesnt show, but will be fully armed when I get there. Hang out in the front yard while the house is being built. Get inside and hang around while the decorators to do their thing. Pick up a squirt gun that has a faulty trigger and head upstairs to take a bloodbath. And I'll do it all again because........
  7. BadBatch5040

    Crate chasing advice please guys...

    Bring a can of Whoopass. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/70809979
  8. BadBatch5040

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    I better work on my bridge camping skills.
  9. BadBatch5040

    Salty messages

    Haha...I had a guy like that. I was just getting into the zone and came up on a guy healing. Shot him and continued in the safe zone and he flooded me with messages. Behind you....over there....hurry up...ECT. PITA.
  10. BadBatch5040

    Leaning Throwables

    I'm pretty good with snowballs, apples and Molly's. Handgrenades...not happening either.
  11. BadBatch5040

    Been getting at vehichle kills

    Right now my Gen is set to 0 and need that boost. I hate it that low but any higher and I'm out of control. (for now)
  12. BadBatch5040

    Been getting at vehichle kills

    Following the thread on AA settings, I set mine to 5 and gave it a go.... https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/73129559 Ps. Tommy Gun is the shiznit.
  13. BadBatch5040

    Flare Gun Rant

    Found one on in a warehouse at the edge of map. was just going to hang around and wait for Mr.Blue. So excited. Got taken out by a parachuteless, footfall less sonofa.... Damn.
  14. BadBatch5040

    Elite controller....hmmm the jury is out.

    If you set the right trigger to 0-50, that will compensate for the short throw trigger lock.