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  1. You and your prinzar too! the both of you are the only ones Ive ever seen in the forum games that killed me.
  2. ☝️..that...☝️ I tried to invite PJDad into the games and quit out of Sanhok by accident. One of these games I hope to score a kill. (Sleepygrumpycat)
  3. Yes. I've never experienced any issues.
  4. I dont recive invites when others send them. I've gone thru all the Xbox privacy settings and cant find anything on it. I can send them no problem. Am I missing a specific setting menu? Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  5. I'd like them drop the auto deploy on parachuting. I like dropping at the radio station at the base of the mountain on Erangel. If I'm coming from the east, my chute opens way early because of the slope. Besides that, it would include the risk of injuring yourself if you choose to open too late trying to be first down. And...on top of that, AFK killers wouldn't be open to free stat kills.
  6. Not everybody's equipment is capable of showing the entire screen. An in game adjustment would be the only option. Mine is pretty bad. When I pull up the inventory screen, the content pictures fall off the edge and all I'm able to see is words.
  7. +1. It's really bumming me out. Had to laugh at that kill. So typical for me also. Can't wait for the update to see if things will turn back around for me.
  8. It been better since the last patch for me. I generally have 60 sec now. The patch before that, I was getting no lobby time at all. After every patch, hotfix or update it bounces back and forth.
  9. My 2 cent. Don't Touch It!!!!! If they make any changes to it.....I'm sure it'll be fubar. History repeats itself.
  10. HA! Found this on Sahnok the other day. Not a fan of this map because of hilly terrain. Saw a guy coming up the mountain and did a little practice pre-aiming and tracking while I was waiting and found the diagonal speed was in fact out of sync. I thought it may have been because I set my left stick back to the default configuration from smooth w/radial calculation ticked having used this configuration for a good amount of time.
  11. This ☝️ We played the FPP game Saturday, dont like, and I was so infuriated cuz I was getting jammed up and disorientated. That was the most miserable game I ever played.
  12. Not sure what you mean but, A verticle axis dead zone for the look stick would be awesome anyway.
  13. Question for those custom lobbyists...... Does the game start by itself when full or does the host have to start it? I wait in a full lobby for what seems eternity and check the hosts status and he's off playing another game. Thanks in advance....
  14. This topic was fresh in my head when I came across a truck at the blue line. Jumped in under fire from the owner and then I drove around the warehouse out of his site, jumped out and ducked into the warehouse. He came running around the corner and started shooting at the truck which was rolling down the hill while I flanked him , lmao. My 300 IQ play of the day. (-299, because I forgot to record it)
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