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  1. It's odd that I was just thinking the opposite as I logged in. I know I haven't gotten any better but my opposition is around my skill level last few days. It's nice to see them miss a shot two.
  2. BadBatch5040

    Controller Mods

    I have no plans to do so.
  3. BadBatch5040

    Vikendi buildings

    Ha! I run and jump off those. Never thought to drive.
  4. BadBatch5040

    10 grenade challenge tips.

    Ran around Erangel looking for 1 grenade. Made it to top 5. If I do find one, gonna blow up doors and windows because I can't get that The Things You Break mission either.
  5. BadBatch5040

    Question gameplay

    Are you talking about the the 1 gun shot sound sounding like a bomb just went off in your head coming in from all directions? If so, then yes. thought I clipped it this morning but didn't.
  6. BadBatch5040

    Footstep Audio Changed?

    Always a problem.
  7. BadBatch5040

    What should PUBG steal?

    Haha..nothing more aggravating than sliding 5ft down a wall trying to get thru a window because your .1 degree off.
  8. BadBatch5040


    When I first played this game, I was upstairs in a corner room in a multi building complex sorting thru my backpack trying to figure out what's what. After 5 min or so, I hear a car coming up and get all nervous. He stops. Enters this house. Climbs the stairs and throws stun in my direction and proceeds down the hall into my room and makes me a lead pie. Radar or Bot? Idk, supposedly neither exist on Xbox.
  9. BadBatch5040

    What should PUBG steal?

    +1 But they did add the auto reload. <heavy sigh>
  10. BadBatch5040

    Lightening has struck!

    The aviator goggles, black coat with the skull face mask is a menacing look. Hear a dude looting, busted open the door and hit him with the S12k. He messaged me saying that I scared the fn crap out a him. I still giggle.
  11. BadBatch5040


    Dino Park rendered well for me. The other ones....hahaha. Had to land at the edges and sneak my way in.
  12. BadBatch5040


    Same here. Sanhock..quit, Hansock...quit, Hansack...quit. Vikendi...meh.
  13. BadBatch5040


    Me. Dunno why but I do. Maybe because sometimes it's funny when they start running in circles. idk.
  14. BadBatch5040

    One of those that felt good 😄

    Good show. That's just another troll under a new account to protect his rep. I've been practicing with the hip flick fire instead of trying to actually aim and seems to be working for the most part.
  15. BadBatch5040


    Find an UMP was Booya... Now it's Pfftttt. I'll grab 2 TommyG's over the UMP unless I'm packing 9's with the VSS.