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  1. BadBatch5040

    Probably the biggest fail ever

    Insert BadBatch model and its just another day.
  2. BadBatch5040

    What is this car doing?

    Haha, That car does that. Had that awhile ago and thought a guy was in it. it was to far away to see clearly but I was taking pot shots with an Iron sight anyway. Finally gave up, ran up to it and of course it was empty and the blue took me out. Figures.
  3. BadBatch5040


    I can't see it while I'm playing as it doesn't show on my screen, but looks like there is a vehicle health indicicator and when it goes below half it becomes a bomb.
  4. BadBatch5040

    sound issues

    It's consistent. play a game sound is good, next game dull and far away. Just got killed by a grenade and it didn't sound like it landed in the same room.
  5. BadBatch5040

    Trouble starting up?

    Yesterday. Hard Shutdown and no probs since.
  6. BadBatch5040

    Mini 14 Appreciation Society

    That's funny on so many levels.
  7. BadBatch5040

    Kills not counting towards Missions

    Thanks friend. I was just in the process of posting this. You got my back!!!!
  8. BadBatch5040

    Crossbow thread

    Panic mode in a 1v1 for sure. Sniper mode....no worries.
  9. BadBatch5040

    Kills not counting towards Missions

    The Winchester isn't counting as sniper kills. Not an easy feat to begin with, although it's quite satisfying. It'd be cool if they would add a skin also. Say, notches in the stock?
  10. BadBatch5040

    Is this a glitch?

    Haha, Looks like a test for flippers.
  11. BadBatch5040

    parachuting technique?

    I've been trying everything to get on the ground first or furthest with no avail. someBOTy always beats me.
  12. BadBatch5040

    Where is Niko!?

    Man Overboard !!!!!!
  13. BadBatch5040

    Brimming with anticipation!

    If someone gave me a gift card as an incentive...? We all win!!!!!!
  14. BadBatch5040

    Brimming with anticipation!

    I lived with three gals also. my goal was trying to keep a roll of toilet paper in stock.
  15. BadBatch5040

    Brimming with anticipation!

    Stolen words ☝️