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  1. That wasn’t Desync, don’t know what that was. Report that maybe?
  2. I recognize his name. I think he streams. He may just be really good my dude. Don’t watch him so I don’t really know
  3. After the hot fix, I’ve been playing a lot better. One of my guys have returned to the game and we are having so much fun. The notes don’t indicate any major game play changes but the game feels a lot better. I feel like the parachute changed just a little too. Anyone else feel this way?
  4. SezualCH0ch1ate

    BP... What's the point now?

    I finally got the cowboy hat
  5. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Challenges not recording

    No it is working. User error. Thanks
  6. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Soo has everyone become headshot pros??

    I don’t know if it’s the xim or not. I can tell you I’m not facing bums anymore.
  7. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Challenges not recording

    Hey I’m doing the Premium Challenges where you hot drop at Dino Park and the other city. They both stopped recording kills after I reached 6 kills. I probably have around 15/20 kills in each city. I need help
  8. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Wow the competition is rough

    I do stat check. Players that killed me most games today had higher KDs than me: Last season I had a 2.92 and 11kills per hr. Not complaining, wanted to see if u guys are having the same experience. I was in a lobby with the streamer vDemonic today..
  9. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Wow the competition is rough

    Today just felt a bit tougher compared to any other day. I
  10. Anyone else playing against Streamers or high level players?
  11. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Stat snobs

    Looking for groups is terrible. I just accept carrying my team and winning less.
  12. SezualCH0ch1ate

    KD ratios.... thoughts?

    I find most guys with sick KDs are arrogant.
  13. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Killing Knocked Players

    I’m gonna thirst, then I’m gonna loot. I dare your teammates to try to stop me... 😬
  14. SezualCH0ch1ate

    Killing Knocked Players

    I’m just always thirsty...