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  1. Out of respect to Shauny Boy... I have to keep this post alive 🤣
  2. Go to Pubg.report , search SezualCH0ch1ate. First guy on there. It only shows it when I’m on my pc on the web browser. It doesn’t show it in the app or my phone.
  3. On Pubg.Report, a streamer killed me and he had a blue circle 🔵 in the middle of his screen. Has anyone seen this before? Is it legit?
  4. Naw I’ll stay where I’m at and compete against ppl who want an unfair advantage
  5. Wish I could aim like I was using a mouse. I would probably destroy and wouldn’t find it challenging.
  6. All in all, the devs have a choice to detect and make a change. They aren’t doing it. Adapt or choose not to play. It sucks and it’s not fair. A lot of things in life aren’t fair. When I first discovered people used the emulators I got upset too. I will continue to enjoy the game until something better comes along.
  7. I commented on this is issue during the livestream with Nico last summer. He basically said they know about the issue, small amount of players using it, blah blah blah. The other guy he was with basically said ultimately you have to get better and not accuse everyone who kills you use m/k. According to you , I’m stupid though
  8. What is totally stupid is a person calling someone else stupid and misspell multiple words doing so.
  9. If u don’t like the players getting an advantage by using a emulator, play another game. You do have a choice. Fixing this issue isn’t high on there priority list. Look at the thread history and actions/responses they take on the subject. I play a lot and I probably outplay a lot of these guys
  10. People will do anything in life to gain an advantage. Especially if they can’t get caught or punished from doing so
  11. When it becomes native and the developer allows it, there shouldn’t be a problem. If a player who decides to use a controller doesn’t wanna get smoked, don’t buy the game. Money talks!
  12. Hey I wanna see how far off my stats are compared to yours. Do u mind saying what your kda, kill per hr and headshot% are?
  13. Naw it’s definitely still available to players. A guy I met on looking for groups was using it 2 days ago.He was laughing how unfair it is. Xim apex .
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