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  1. Ya gotta put it back in gear dogg!
  2. Booch

    PUBG easier in the day?

    Yes it's easier during the day and I attribute it to the kiddie hackers are in school and the adult hackers are at work. You could take the "hacker" portion out of my comment and it still stands. The evening is when the majority of people have free time to play and subsequently is when the better players are on. (TTV losers who think playing video games all day is a job are not withstanding)
  3. Booch

    Erangal Loot

    Try dropping in a different place. I don't have an issue with no "FAK's" as you like to call them.
  4. Booch

    Blue circle distorting scoping

    The first shot may have been a hit but the other two were complete fails.
  5. Booch

    Lobby clock to 30 seconds

    Because sixty seconds is so fucking long.....
  6. Booch

    Desktop/Laptop Recommendations

    Steel Series 600. ❤️
  7. Booch

    viewdistance ultra or very low?

    Wider will have an impact on performance as you have to render more data. No less than 90. One could argue the bigger the monitor the bigger the FoV as you won't lose as much in overall size of items. I originally used max FoV but went back to 90 as I feel I can see more detail. I have ears and peripheral vision to "see" what isn't directly in my face at 90.
  8. I took it as he was simply drawing a comparison about how he feels about TPP. I guess we'll have to wait to hear from him.
  9. TPP mode's inherent ability to see around corners. i.e. angle exploiting
  10. We're talking about consistency here man. Yes that rig was able to achieve 144fps but in pubg it wasn't consistent. Other games had zero issue.
  11. Yeah because my 100% GPU usage and 60% CPU usage shows a bottleneck. Your buddies i7-*** quad core at 4ghz isn't doing anything more than my i5-*** quadcore at 4.8ghz.
  12. "The amount of loot on Sanhok, the close proximity of the players, and the reasonable circle settings are the sole reasons some people still play this game every now and then." - This is 100% your opinion and means absolutely nothing in this context. "By the way it's true that from every single point in time from February onwards PUBG popularity has gone down. That statement of yours is completely meaningless." - You know what else is true? EVERY GAME LOSES POPULARITY All of your statements are completely meaningless.
  13. Not snooty dude just telling you how it is. i5-6600K OC'd to 4.8ghz, 1070 ROG Strix (max-performance) and 16gb of ram. "Maybe PUBG ISNT THE ONLY GAME ANYONE PLAYS????" - Has nothing to do with the argument of PUBG not performing as you want it to under a certain configuration. Peppered? lmao. I simply disagreed and stated you can not have an opinion on something you've never tested. It's all conjecture from you. Hey, if you want to be a sally and take honest truth as insulting your rig feel free, that's your issue not mine.
  14. Booch

    Error purchase?

    Wrong website/forum homie.