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  1. It appears to be the Xbox's internal HDD and only for Pubg all my other games work fine and this issue only started occurring after update 6. I copied the game over to my external HDD and uninstalled from the internal xbox one. The game loaded and its actually playing better it's not an SSD either
  2. Hi, Two out of the last 3 days I have tried to play PUBG on Xbox One X I keep getting an error message when I try and launch the game. I have attached a photo of what happens and there is no fix to get it to work again. I have to uninstall the game and then reinstall it which is a pain as it's a 20 GB download and my adsl is very slow. Is anybody else encountering this error? Kind Regards, Dogga
  3. Hi Andy, Today it seems ok it was last night after the update, today it seems ok. There was a bit of freezing on Erangel & miramar when you first land and loot but overall not to bad. Thanks for the reply mate hope you're having a great day. Kind Regards, Dogga
  4. Hi, Since update 6 went live we can't get any Oceania games is there a problem with region and local servers? Only getting NA servers when we always got Oceania servers? Kind Regards, Dogga
  5. Hi Team, I have been unable to get Oceania servers since the update 6 went live. Last night for a period of time the server was flickering between EU and NA but normally we always get Oceania can you confirm if there is a problem with the servers and region selecting please?
  6. Hi, A couple of months ago my wife purchased the Pubg Xbox controller for me. i didn't realize that there was apparently a download code/token for some items and accidentally threw the box in the recycle bin, is there any possibility of getting another code? Sincere apologies as it was my mistake and didn't know it had the code, was so blown away buy how good the controller looked and just wanted to start playing straightaway. Cheers Dogga
  7. Hi Team, My Vikendi Survivor pass hasn't updated and is not showing any new challenges now for week 3 on Xbox One X. For the past 2 days it just says "Unlocking in 0 Days" but nothing changes please fix, and we wont have much time now to complete the challenges, screen shot attached. Also in Duo and Squad games can the team please introduce an option to remove inactive players from your lobby. It's very frustrating having to continually create a new lobby because other players don't leave. Kind Regards, Dogga
  8. Can someone from Xbox or Pubg please fix the Oceania/Asia servers as we can never find games anymore in our region. We are forced to play in Europe or USA with pings of 300 to 440+ms which is absolutely terrible. PUBG said they where addressing the matching servers in a post a while ago but since the latest update nothing has been done to address the match making in our region. It used to be so good and our ping was 30ms hope u fix it soon before its to late. Kind Regards, Dogga
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