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  1. Here is 100% proof that matchmaking is broken - if what Big Brother says is true you should be pushed OOR to an area that has players in a solo FPP queue but you are stuck in a non-existent queue state. And we get the opposite - stuck in JP/KR without ever even trying to roll up a server in our region unless we use a VPN to get a closer better ping server.
  2. Lol I've always had the opposite experience with M$ - OEM is only for the original equipment manufacturer - I guess M$ NZ are hard arses
  3. That depends on whether you have an OEM version or not - Retail versions can be (legally) transferred to the new hardware. You just have to assign your copy of windows to a microsoft account: https://support.microsoft.com/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change - I would recommend doing this before you swap out hardware. According to other sites you can do this even after replacing hardware (I guess they have to enable this in the case of sudden hardware failure) - google is your friend
  4. Another thought which I tried before upgrading (but only helped a little for me) was the spectre/meltdown (un)fix for haswell CPUs https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm The fix for these older CPUs causes bottlenecking which was obvious in my 4970 and also appears to be the case in yours with low cpu use and less than optimal gpu use. Maybe try applying the (un)fix and then try going back to your 2666 overclock.
  5. BTW I used to have those crazy looking graph spikes as well when I had a 4970k + 16GB DDR3 @ 1600 mhz - after about patch 22/23 it was just unplayable - so I bit the bullet and upgraded to a i9 9900K system and its smooth as butter.
  6. According to Intel your CPU doesn't support above 2133 which is probably why you don't notice "much" difference when you run them at 2666. The i7 5930k supports up to 64GB DDR4 @ 1600/1866/2133mhz. The CPU is your limiting factor. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/82931/intel-core-i7-5930k-processor-15m-cache-up-to-3-70-ghz.html Also agree with @Zurrad that mixing 4x4 2600 sticks with 2x8 3200 sticks is not going to be optimal.
  7. this is getting pretty common now with hardware manufacturers - just look at the aorus gaming monitor (AD27QD) with built in stabilizer for overcoming recoil and other features that give an advantage. It seems like they all want everyone to have unfair advantages? I wonder as they develop even more, how gaming companies can even try to prevent this happening when its at a hardware level?
  8. lol how do you get gameplay footage of something not happening? It will be a video of the dude just standing there holding his breath lmao. Or do you mean a copy of the replay file?
  9. @Camaxide I have recently upgraded from a 4790K system with 1080Ti and SSDs (only 16GB DDR3). I went to a Z390 system with 9900K, 32GB DDR4 @ 3200mhz M2 SSD and kept the 1080Ti. Before the upgrade I could not hot drop at all without massive stuttering during the first minute or so. I wouldn't have issues with loot spawning very often but picking it up was next to impossible and I would die pretty much straight away. Since the upgrade all that has gone away and the game is smooth as butter in almost any situation. It is strange and disappointing that what was a beast of a computer 5 years ago and for pretty much any other game, but will not run PUBG very well. My upgrade cost NZD $2070 (USD $1430) which is a pretty big chunk of $$$ just to play this one game well. However, it does look pretty now with all the flashy RGB stuff We were also having weird ping variance between two PCs on the same connection and when that happened we would experience the same inability to pick up loot and sometimes loot spawns coming in late. In the worst cases you would mash F to open a door and wait for it to open. If you thought "oh it didn't open" and hit F again the door would open and then slam into your face as you try to go through it because the second F had only just registered To try and resolve this, yesterday I downloaded and ran this DNS benchmarking application https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm and using its recommendations improved my ping to PUBG servers by around 20%. I couldn't test the differences on the live server yesterday because of maintenance, but the test servers were much better than they have been in the past. I intend to run some traceroute tests to the AWS servers tonight to actually measure the difference between the original DNS servers and the ones I'm using now. Not sure if any of that will help but I know what its like to be frustrated by these issues and there is only so much you can do to solve them yourself.
  10. Lol lucky you to be connecting to OC servers when OC players can't connect to OC servers
  11. did you notice your first shot in the clip hit his head even though you were scoped on his backpack? Thats the deal with all of those shots because you are closer than the zeroing of 100 metres. All the subsequent shots were (slightly) too high and missed but probably scared the crap outta him
  12. wow @MrHappyPenguin you have amazing patience those trolls in the training map just make me lose it lol... nice find btw 👍
  13. The test servers are locked to squad only to try and maintain numbers. Its not stuck, its on purpose for the test servers only
  14. n01s14m0r4g4zz3


    #1 jumping out of the left side of the plane leaves you pointing at the front of the plane instead of where you were pointing when you jumped #2 chat works in pre-game lobby but stops working at some point between lobby and end of the game - all or team only - tried switching to none for a match and still no chat #3 wasn't there supposed to be makeup (joker and harley)? #4 not a bug but a question about test servers - it appears that we were connecting to SEA? Are test server instances now available everywhere? ie OC? If so thats awesome. Just asking because before the patch to remove region selection there were only servers at AS and NA? #5 Also not a bug - when the "live" servers are active the only mode you seem to be able to use on the test servers is training mode because of the lack of players. Is it possible to reduce the number required to start a match instance so we can use the test servers with a lower number of participants? Cheers
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