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  1. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    DEVELOPERS! FIX vikendi!!! NOW. +new maps topic

    Try turning down the blue light on your monitor (if it supports it) saves your eyes and increases visibility at the same time. On my monitor its called "Low Blue Mode".
  2. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    **Test Server MUST Be Up When Live Server Is Down!**

    The test servers are up when the live servers are down but I guess this week not many players are interested in playing on the test servers? Here on the 15-16th depending on what time zone you are in the live servers go down: and here at the same time the live servers are dead, the test servers are running but hardly anyone on them: Can't help it if nobody wants to play?
  3. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Error trying to get into game jan 16th

    yes it was a thing they later fixed ?
  4. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Strange Server Ping Question

    Thanks @theexecutioner I think your test will show whats going on. Will run them when I get home but it makes sense (and at the same time makes no sense ) that perhaps we are being routed on different paths. If we are it may need some external solution like maybe a VPN? I saw this post on reddit this morning about an aussie guy having strange routing to higher ping servers without a VPN so maybe thats somewhere for me to start as well? Thanks all for your interest any more thoughts appreciated!
  5. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Strange Server Ping Question

    Here's a quick network layout When we are gaming there is nobody using other devices. There will be other network traffic but not generally huge amounts. And our internet connection is pretty awesome for this part of the world.
  6. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Strange Server Ping Question

    yes... I should mock up a LAN diagram... gotta get my crayons out, BUT we never game on WIFI because.. lag spikes and interference etc. Will post up a diagram but its pretty complex
  7. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Strange Server Ping Question

    No. House is fully wired CAT6 connections except for cellphones through AC3200 D-Link Router.
  8. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Strange Server Ping Question

    I was wondering if any of you had a similar thing happen and if this was just a PUBG thing or some configuration changes could fix it.... so this is what's happening: Two PCs on the same LAN playing DUO FPP PUBG. PC #1 connects at ~180ms with packet loss up and down PC #2 connects at ~240ms - no packet loss We play the game and end up 3rd, dying to better players swearing at us in mandarin Connect again PC #1 connects at ~240ms - no packet loss PC #2 connects at ~180ms - no packet loss We play the game and end up 2nd to better players Rinse repeat - no chicken dinners alternating between higher and lower pings and sometimes packet loss and rarely getting the same ping. How is it possible to have the same connection and get such variation in ping? Are there settings somewhere - network or PCs or ??? where we can remove this variation? It doesn't seem to be related to PC specs as either PC will get the shittier connection (although one PC is significantly better than the other). At ~240ms and packet loss the game is basically unplayable and definately not fun Connection is 1GB fibre (~900mb down/~500mb up) PC #1 is i7 8800K - 16MB 3600mhz DDR4 - M2 3500R/1300W - GTX1080Ti PC #2 is i7 4790K - 16MB 1800mhz DDR3 - SSD 1800R/1000W - GTX1080Ti cheers
  9. n01s14m0r4g4zz3


    yes happened to me yesterday in AS server - couldn't see the guy live but was standing right in front of me in death cam... no sights and no footsteps Unfortunately have got the replays switched off to try and conserve FPS because I'm crippled by living in OC and stuck with pings around 180-240. First time I have seen it personally and hopefully the last time. Nearly had a heart attack lol, its bad enough when you know they are there, but when you get destroyed out in the open like that by a ghost it really screws with your mind... I had to go have a whiskey to calm down
  10. n01s14m0r4g4zz3


  11. GG btw wait times > 30s generally means never
  12. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Is there buggy on vikendi?

    yeah I did the 10km boat mission in one go on sanhok by circumnavigating the map in the blue with 3 boosts and 4 first aids and then got sunk by a grenade lol... i think you'd need to do at least 100 laps of the main road to get near 500kms
  13. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Cheaters since latest patch

    Have you guys ever had this happen? I was playing solos trying to do missions and got suspiciously headshot from miles away... I go to spectator mode to watch the guy who got me and its so blatant aimbot and esp and the dudes not even trying to hide it... I watch him kill 4 more guys before hitting the report button just as he's throwing a nade at a guy who he hasn't even seen or heard and a message comes on screen saying "'hacker name' has been removed from the game." and I immediately start spectating the almost naded guy who gets a chicken dinner. Next round I get a message saying the guy was permabanned!! It was like either a mod was watching him already or everyone that saw him hit report and it crossed some magic line that instantly bans assholes? Anyway if this is new its very cool
  14. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    OC anti feedback loop

    I'm not sure if that discovery thing is correct? I have monitored network traffic multiple times since the patch went to test servers and not noticed any difference. The butt tonne of traffic is there, but is to battleeye and pubg and not to the regional aws servers or google dns - that part happens before the game even loads. Anyway even if it does check every time you go to the lobby, (instead of when you initially start the game like my results suggested), its not enough to make OC and perhaps other low pop servers fire up. It needs to be polling the lowest ping server constantly for numbers so that as soon as it is viable to spin up an instance it happens. It should happen constantly until you decide to click "start" so that at any point in time you can choose whether or not to go to AS/SEA/NA or where ever its decided to send you.... or wait for OC. If it just checks once and then sends you to the next lowest ping server, it will never fire up an instance - exactly what happens now. Also don't agree that it's lazy design... imo it's a lack of design altogether. PS: yeah the TPP vs FPP thing... the game doesn't know which perspective you want to play before you set it but it does know its going to send you to AS either way RIP
  15. In invision forums it takes less than a minute and then maybe the same time in domain name server records... why does PUBG need a "team" to "resolve" something that takes two minutes for any web admin? Amazing