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  1. played duos for the first time this season yesterday - first game stayed in the blue on the coast for maybe two minutes when a duo came from ha tin into the blue to chase us (ESP cause we were at the houses on the coast unsightable from ha ting) dude full sprayed my team mate with almost legit looking fire until you watched it again and noticed that the first three shots were all headshots and the rest were just sprayed anywhere afterwards because his hack didn't have a target anymore - then the other guy fires at me with a 6x on a m24 as i was zig-zagging about 200 metres away, switches to a red dot and single headshot kills me G fuckin G reported both... 2nd game drop exactly the same place and in the first house manage to find an ump and some ammo... load up and get attacked by a duo - I jump outside and empty a clip into a guy who spins and kills me with a few nice shots - watch the death cam and my first bullet hits him and my last bullet hits him and the rest went into some other fuckin parallel universe. G fuckin G
  2. wow thats crazy for me its always hard to conceptualize what to do when there is obvious differences in ping... so do you shoot where they were 100ms ago or where you think they are gonna be in 100ms - I guess in CQC its not that important, either ur gonna kill or be killed, but in a mid to long range battle it is really frustrating lol
  3. when you say "next closest region", what logic is used to determine that? Because for some of us it is not next closest by ping or physical distance or cable distance. I have posted several times about swapping out VPNs during initial matchmaking and then playing without VPN to achieve better matchmaking because the matchmaking routine that appears to determine your region via google dns servers does not accurately reflect locations/fastest routes/pings. And also could you explain how a person in NA and possibly other places (even after patch 27) can be placed in NA with no games playing as reported in other threads in the forum, instead of being pushed to a region where they could be queueing in their preferred mode? Are there different matchmaking routines depending on which region your matchmaking has determined you belong in? Thanks n
  4. shotguns are weird in that every shotgun except the sawn off uses shells with only 9 pellets and the sawn off only has 8? Do they not get that a sawn off takes exactly the same range of ammo as a non-sawn off weapon - its just had the barrel sawn off hence the name!!! OMG these people. I assume that they have pushed the envelope here in terms of performance in tracking 8 or 9 simultaneous trajectories which in turn gives an advantage once again for those with great connections and great hardware and bugs out when your opponent has a significant difference in either. IMO they should just admit that the shotgun mechanic is not useful in the current format and rework it entirely and get rid of it in the meantime
  5. Here is 100% proof that matchmaking is broken - if what Big Brother says is true you should be pushed OOR to an area that has players in a solo FPP queue but you are stuck in a non-existent queue state. And we get the opposite - stuck in JP/KR without ever even trying to roll up a server in our region unless we use a VPN to get a closer better ping server.
  6. I dunno... I think instead of the sarcasm or maybe as well as the sarcasm (cause it made me lol), you dudes should be actually saying what a stupid fucking idea this is, just in case Big Brother actually think people think this is a good idea and add it into the game... because you know when they do, it will only work every second or third time you try to do it, and the rest of the time it will be a self destruct button
  7. Lol I've always had the opposite experience with M$ - OEM is only for the original equipment manufacturer - I guess M$ NZ are hard arses
  8. I would assume the indicator is on a lower priority thread cause its less important than almost everything else on screen - meaning it will move when more important things have been rendered. I guess it would be more important if you were lost in smoke or similar but apart from that who cares? Pretty sure its the same for everyone, but nobody continuously looks at it while trying to stay alive and so haven't noticed it? Maybe...
  9. That depends on whether you have an OEM version or not - Retail versions can be (legally) transferred to the new hardware. You just have to assign your copy of windows to a microsoft account: https://support.microsoft.com/help/20530/windows-10-reactivating-after-hardware-change - I would recommend doing this before you swap out hardware. According to other sites you can do this even after replacing hardware (I guess they have to enable this in the case of sudden hardware failure) - google is your friend
  10. Another thought which I tried before upgrading (but only helped a little for me) was the spectre/meltdown (un)fix for haswell CPUs https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm The fix for these older CPUs causes bottlenecking which was obvious in my 4970 and also appears to be the case in yours with low cpu use and less than optimal gpu use. Maybe try applying the (un)fix and then try going back to your 2666 overclock.
  11. BTW I used to have those crazy looking graph spikes as well when I had a 4970k + 16GB DDR3 @ 1600 mhz - after about patch 22/23 it was just unplayable - so I bit the bullet and upgraded to a i9 9900K system and its smooth as butter.
  12. According to Intel your CPU doesn't support above 2133 which is probably why you don't notice "much" difference when you run them at 2666. The i7 5930k supports up to 64GB DDR4 @ 1600/1866/2133mhz. The CPU is your limiting factor. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/82931/intel-core-i7-5930k-processor-15m-cache-up-to-3-70-ghz.html Also agree with @Zurrad that mixing 4x4 2600 sticks with 2x8 3200 sticks is not going to be optimal.
  13. @charbel1011 I have the same CPU and 32GB 3200mhz and 32' 1080p @ 144hz - but only a GTX1080Ti (11GB) I also use to lock down the FPS in game to 120. I found that it didn't make any difference to performance so just left it to unlimited and it was pretty stable. There was a windows update a couple of days ago that affects graphics performance https://www.altchar.com/games-news/590811/windows-update-kb4482887-performance-fix Maybe check if that's been installed on your PC and roll it back? Besides that, check to see if you are having packet loss perhaps?
  14. wow this company has no morals at all... what a shocker
  15. snakes should get nerfed - give them a new random bug every time they start snaking
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