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  1. I've adjusted my Dead Zone setting for the right stick to eliminate cursor movement on the map.
  2. I see no noticeable difference in loot on Erangel. I was fortunate to find a Mini and a SKS once.
  3. When they wear the same outfits, shoot the same players, loot the same crates, travel in same vehicle and share loot (ie. drop bandages for their team mate when damaged) I'd say they're teaming.
  4. Looks like PC is getting this on the PTS, 2 minimum players for custom matches.
  5. "How?"!!!!! I hit this guy with a 3-round burst to the head, M16 with a 3x scope. He isn't wearing a helmet and wonders how he died. https://pubg.report/streams/6f234556-fcbe-48b8-b5e0-45d4a615d92e/67109250
  6. I keep expecting to see my death in one of these!
  7. 58! I assumed I was the oldest here at 54. Even though I've reluctantly conceded I'm never going to be a top player, I still love the game and am hooked. I look forward to those hours after putting the wife, kid and dog to bed.
  8. Here you go, I'll give you this one. If they had an achievement that said "Team up and Kill with an Enemy in a Solo Match" I'd say you were absolutely correct in interpreting that PUBG was okay with teaming.
  9. I don't seek to complete achievements, but if I did I wouldn't think that riding with an enemy meant it was an okay to team.
  10. A random giving someone a ride, willingly or not, is much different than a group, dressed alike and as a team, seeking out solos and killing them.
  11. Although you don't agree or want to call it cheating, it is clearly against the stated rules of conduct. 7) Do Not Team (Form Teams Outside What is Allowed By The Selected Game Mode) Intentional teaming between players or other teams in ways that the PUBG system does not presuppose in each game mode is considered an unacceptable behavior and penalties may be imposed.
  12. It bugs me because its cheating, plain and simple. I can't comment about how it was promoted in the beginning since I wasn't around for that. If you want to team, enter a duo or squad match. The better question is "why do they do it?" The answer is to have an advantage and that advantage is unfair. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't keep me up at night and I'm not thinking about it all day. I also don't suspect that every time I'm killed, its because someone is cheating. I get killed more often than I kill. I'm not that good. So when I'm put in a situation that is unfair from the beginning, well then how much of a chance do I really have? The game is fun and I want to have fun. Going against cheaters isn't.
  13. I got killed last night by a guy who, I realized after spectating him, was teaming with two others. They were all wearing the same outfit (how cute!). They shared loot, synchronized on kills and shared vehicles. When I went back and watched the replays of my two kills I realized they too were wearing the same cute outfit. Five guys teaming in a solo match. They've all been reported. It would be nice if the anti-cheat team reported back as to their findings and if any punishment was issued.
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