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  1. Killing those that stop their vehicle to shoot out tires is one of my biggest pleasures. That and taking out the honkers as they drive by.
  2. Nice work. Is it me or does the nade thrown at you right before your 5th kill explode in a totally different place than the actual nade? Maybe its common, just never noticed before.
  3. I finished last season with a k/d of 1 or just under, maybe .98. I'm struggling this season much more with a k/d of .65. Not sure if its better players or just me getting worse. I do know that I don't always make smart plays. I often get bored and push when I hear a fight going on, spray vehicles that drive by and often fire at all moving things. Sometimes I just can't help myself, the thrill of a kill is just too great. There are times when I'm patient and it pays off with an ambush kill or a nice bolt action to the head (when they stop moving) but more often than not I'm aggressive at the wrong time at get myself killed. Lacking great skill and being aggressive usually isn't a good combo. Its fun though and that's why I do it. I'd much rather get a quick kill and die within the first 5 minutes then play for 20+ minutes and get a top 10 place with zero kills. I sometimes play duos with a buddy who is a lot more patient. He's fine with going prone and waiting. I struggle with this just because I lack patience, always want to be moving and can't stand being prone. I just feel so defenseless in that position. I often watch the replay of my death, acknowledge the error in my ways and tell myself I should do things differently the next time. Doesn't seem to work though!
  4. It's cute how they're all wearing the same outfits.
  5. If you have video proof, report them. It can't hurt.
  6. Very nice, love the human shield!
  7. Not sure why, but they did add a new jingle sound to the backpacks.
  8. What I find annoying is finding that random box of .556 with no AR's to match within 500 meters. Or, finding an 8x with only Uzi and shotguns to be had.
  9. I've adjusted my deadzone settings to stop this.
  10. Tactics, probably should get me some.
  11. These are my exact thoughts. I'd take Miramar over any other map, love the look of the terrain and while there is less structural hard cover there are a lot of areas to hide and find concealment.
  12. I'm more impressed with the double M249's.
  13. I live in NA and am constantly being warned that I'm playing NA.
  14. My kid and I fly to Pittsburgh every year to see a Steeler game. Nice city, good people.
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