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  1. I hate cheaters, but I can at least trust that the system will eventually work since I continue getting ban notifications. The desync is really the absolute worst thing about them joining other servers. I unloaded a full, extended UMP clip at a guy from <10m away as he ran through an open section of field. Not a single bullet hit and he was able to duck behind a tree to safety and then his teammate sideswiped me while I was reloading. The second part is fine since I was completely open on that side but there's just no fucking way the first guy should have been able to dodge 40 rounds traveling toward him at 400m/s from what had to have been 5-10m away. That's some Matrix bullshit and yet I feel like it's somehow even worse with melee. If you land with someone and they grab the only gun, getting a headshot punch or just pummeling them with your fists can be a lifesaver. Instead you hear 5 impacts from the 10 swings you took at point blank range but only two registered as hits so they finish loading the gun and then they just blow you the fuck away.
  2. I just got out of a match where someone didn't have a visible parachute. Instead they were just running all the way down until I lost sight of them. I messed up my jump trying to get a screenshot and it's not a very good one but:
  3. I've had it count where I stayed inside of the vehicle, I've had it count when I died in the vehicle, and I've had it not count when I've gotten out of the vehicle. The whole mission is just really buggy.
  4. I've seen an issue where loot spawns inside of a rug or inside of a pallet and I can see the item but I can't pick it up. In the screenshots, there is a silencer that spawned on a pallet outside of a house in Vikendi and because it's "inside" another object I'm unable to pick it up. I've had this occur on the other maps as well, usually when something is clipped into a floor mat or rug.
  5. Date Seen: 26 Dec 18 Area of Map: Vikendi - Cement Factory Description: In the building visible on the minimap, I dropped from one floor down to another off of a platform and landed between the wet floor signs and the lockers. I got stuck floating/falling for a while and was unable to reliably move or jump and I couldn't go prone or crouch. Eventually I managed to jump at the correct pixel and pulled myself up onto the lockers. If more pictures or a video are required, I can get them once the server maintenance ends.
  6. Maybe the top 3 one has to be done on a normal map?
  7. I think everyone is having this issue. Reaching the top 3 without killing anyone seems to be bugged too.
  8. I'm having the same issue with the "Reach top 10 without vehicles" one.
  9. The motorcycles physics are terrible. I was on the standard motorcycle in Miramar and hit a small bump which caused the bike for somersault forward and throw me off, all while in the red zone. I got back on, managed to not be killed by any bombs, and then died 10 seconds later when I hit the brakes a little to slow down for a turn and the motorcycle flipped forward like I was doing a stoppie and hurled me off so that I face-planted in the dirt at like 60 kph. The three-seater is especially volatile and unpredictable, unless you're expecting it to hit an errant pixel and send you careening to your death. It's so bad that if it comes down to me either having to run halfway across the map or taking a three-seater, unless I'm definitely going to die otherwise I leave the bike behind.
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