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  1. Import1985

    Resetting of stats

    When will PUBG stop resetting stats on PUBG for the Xbox community. I used to care about keeping a good kd but not it's barely above a 1.0 for squads. Once I know it's stopped I'll try. On PC they're not recent why not here.
  2. Import1985

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    Yes you're right tried just pressing x and it worked appreciate it!
  3. Import1985

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    Thanks Hollywood good to know I'm not the only one having the issue.
  4. Import1985

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    I'll give that a try I haven't played it in a month or so since the PTS update with the new map. It used to be hold to revive, that might have changed I haven't checked the bug fixes or updates made.
  5. Import1985

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    I've turned off the controller and turned it on and held X button and paddle it didn't work at all. Then I tried a regular brand new never been used Xbox One regular controller and tried reviving someone with that holding X button and it still didn't work. So I doubt it's on my end even if a regular controller doesn't work.
  6. Import1985

    Xbox Elite Controller doesn't work

    I haven't played PUBG since the new snow map wasn't integrated into the actual game from test server. I've always owned and played with my Elite Controller. I just went to revive my teammate. I held X button on the Controller or with the paddle I had mapped to it and I was unable to revive him. Please fix this issue otherwise it's useless to play PUBG if an official controller released from Microsoft doesn't function properly on this game.