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  1. Thankyou 🙌🙌🙌
  2. Still not there 🤣... it's completely disappeared from Microsoft store and my ready to install games.. If someone can confirm with screenshot or link it's still there that would be greatly appreciated 😊
  3. It was sitting in my ready to install area for months after i uninstalled it when the last testing phase finished 🤷‍♂️... heaps of my xbox friends still have it.
  4. Just wondering if anyone else can't find the PTS in the xbox store and it's also disappeared from your "ready to install" section on the xbox. 🤷‍♂️
  5. when's the next dev update with this game?. Asking for a friend 😂
  6. There's nothing wrong with the game, if you're complaining about some slight issues your life must be so exciting go outside and do something or find a new hobby..
  7. got a WWCD in duos a couple of days ago (have the video), though my weekly mission for week 9 hasn't unlocked.
  8. You need to get over the fact we do not need nor want it within the game!. It's stupid and there's no point to it.
  9. Never, why are people still going on about this? 🤣...
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