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  1. Ajadams

    Where are the PTS players?

    How is that possible? It says it right on the home screen of the main game when pts is open. However I do know it doesn't do that every time so I guess that's understandable
  2. Ajadams

    Cant get a game to match make

    So I deleted pubg and reinstalled and that had fixed the issue. The game works again!!!!
  3. Ajadams

    Cant get a game to match make

    No sir. I mentioned blackout alot bc I was worried exactly about this issue and it happened. I dont like blackout if I did I wouldn't be worried about my pubg not working. Granted u have a point, I did troll blue hole about blackout but only to try and motivate them to fix the game because I care about pubg. It's my favorite and only one I play. So no I am not trolling. Was just worried about black out having this effect and it came true. Well I thought it did but from the forums I see no one else is having issues. I wanted to play so much I started just playing mobile but it's full of bots so no challenge. Also if u look at the majority of the post mentioned blackout its saying that my pubg doesn't work anymore. I was saying I personally believed black out was the reason the matchmaking wasn't working. Then I noticed no one else was saying the match making didbt work. That's when I noticed I had a problem and quit blaming black out
  4. Ajadams

    Cant get a game to match make

    I tried the test severs and that's when the issue started. They quit working. So I went back to live, and that didnt work either. And yes I've run the update since the pts went live. But the issue started before that. I'll wait 10 or 15 mins of match making and still no lobbies
  5. I can not get any games to load ever since black out came out. Is something wrong with my pubg? I see other people posting here like there game works fine. I cant get solos or squads to load up. Haven't been able to for weeks now.
  6. Ajadams

    Where are the PTS players?

    I cant get a game on live to load???? How are you? Match making over ten mins and still no game
  7. Ajadams

    can not matching

    Fortnight is a completely different game. Blackout isn't "completely" different. It's pretty much the same game except from a AAA game maker. If it isn't blackout then explain to my why u cant find a game in pts? There has been way worse issues in pts and still never had any issues finding a game. Now all the sudden u cant even play on the pts bc wait times are ridiculous
  8. Ajadams

    can not matching

    Blackout black out. Black out killed this games playerbase
  9. Ajadams

    Where are the PTS players?

    A lot of people started playing black out. Black out is out so now matchmaking times are ridiculous bc there isn't that many people playing anymore
  10. Ajadams

    PTS matchmaking is broken, ridiculous waiting times

    And cod black out is out