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  1. If you update your test server, you can play Vikendi and test the new G36C weapon right away! Have a great time! The problem is, if they forced Vikendi to live server, they can't just upload it once and for all. There are a lot of steps to do that, such as stopping current server data transmitting, backing up the whole player data, and etc. Moreover, the new map is not 100% ready for live server, just like sanhok, they need several weeks to fix the whole bug and they really rely on players report in this forum to fix it, you don't know the bug till it exists.
  2. And, what we are waiting for, NEW SKINS IS COMING!!! Apparently, NEW BOXES IS COMING!!
  3. NEWS Update guys!!! As informed by my friend, Vikendi will hit PC PTS tonight and developing test until 19th December. Good Decision and big thanks for PUBG Corp to prioritize PC player.
  4. Today you can play Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok map on PS4 if you have download it earlier. I tested it 4 hours ago. Yes, prepare your wallet for new winter theme weapon and cloth skins mate! Yes it is, despite the bumpy driving when you go off-road, Miramar or Marimar map the way I like to call it, is way better than other 2 maps available. Public Test Server is currently locked, and I really looook forward to play PTS today. I am not in the mood to play the current maps available.
  5. There is no sign of PUBG major update for PC tomorrow, so we can confirm that PC will receive Vikendi update later. PS4 started an automated download for PUBG with 33.5 GB file size, and the Public Test Server is 37.35 GB, from that alone we can conclude that Vikendi will be released first on PS4 Public Test Server. Maybe they want to give more privilege for PS4 users to brag something on their holiday. There are lots of evidence in the Steam Discussion forum that posted about player number counts is fake. Most of the post is deleted, and all the thread starter banned because they have proof about it and the moderator is told to do so. I won't talk about it any longer before we complete the evidence, the most important thing you must know, fake player counts can make people keep playing the game and hope something good will happen, buying a new release bad game, or even simply show the world that the game is not dead yet.
  6. If they did release the Vikendi map on PS4 after the fucking deal with Microsoft, XBOX and PC player will be annoyed and pissed off. Bad marketing plan to push everyone to have PUBG on PS4 if they want to play Vikendi. The concurrent player counts already low as hell, take a look at this: This is going to be the dawn of the PUBG era if they did release Vikendi on PS4 tomorrow. I did research with my friend, the Peak Players count isn't even real counts base on server data day by day. I will publish it later here
  7. Thank you for your info, appreciate it. Did you just remove my quote to Zultanah comment? I think every major update really need to pass test server first before going to live server, I hope they will bring Vikendi to test server sooner.
  8. Did you know that you can make a lot of steam wallet out of PUBG item market trading?
  9. Snow Digital - Kar98k https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=94 Snow Digital - M416 https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=90 Leopard Skirt https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=81 Snow Leopard Skirt https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=85 and moreover, these two Kar98 skins are really dope and I've been waiting for it for a long time Silver Plate - Kar98k https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=95 Gold Plate - Kar98k https://pubgshowcase.com/unreleased_item.php?item=93
  10. I got an insider leak, there will be a lot new skin available. There will be snow digital themed weapon skin, and leopard clothes skin, and new jacket skin to camouflage when we play Vikendi map. I care about the new skin update because of the PUBG market will be crashed every time they release new skin and event pass in PUBG store. Prepare your wallet mate!
  11. Will they able to manage their team to do 2 big release event? 7th December is confirmed as PUBG release date on PS4, will it also be the release date of Vikendi? I have a lil' doubt about it
  12. BOBLEO

    No snow map?

    A lot of people in my Discord community talked about 7 December Vikendi release, but I'm not sure they will release it on that day since we don't have Vikendi in Test Server until now, and yeah its December already my friend.
  13. Hi, I am Leo, PUBG Player from Indonesia. I have big PUBG Discord community in my region. Recently, they talked and argued about Vikendi map release date "a lot"! Some people saying that there will be a new Vikendi event pass and new weapon skin named "snow digital" Can someone from PUBG Development or Community Moderator inform us, when will Vikendi and event pass release? I'm not asking for an exact date, just tell us will it be released around 1st/2nd/3rd or 4th week of December? So I will be able to advise them to save money or steam wallet to buy it, thanks for the info, have a great holiday coming