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  1. If you have these kind of suspicious pl dont play pubg it can be extremly frustrating experience for you. How can you recognize cheaters that hav aimbot?Only watchin the replay?Naaaaa Play the game and be happy man
  2. giuzzio

    Any noticable improvements?

    like the pc version you need SSD for good experience
  3. giuzzio

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    game is ok but vikendi is still laggy framerate seems better... To play this game you need SSD rendering without is not accetable. I'm on onex wired good internet
  4. giuzzio

    Why doesn't this game work yet?

    yes, why?
  5. giuzzio

    Load / Render

    I have xbox One X and rendering issues
  6. giuzzio

    Performance question

    yeah the problem is THE OLD ROUTER.
  7. giuzzio

    Frame Rate or Graphics?

    framerate but frames drop especially on vikendi so it not make a lot of difference the game is still broke
  8. giuzzio

    PUBG still broken

    With new patch vikendi has worst frames than before and rendering is bad it take 10-15 sec when i land to load all the stuff. Maybe this game is what it is ,and we have to stop watchin pc version cause on console we ll never have such performance. play the game guys if you like it or do something else idk maybe also this forum is not even fun....
  9. giuzzio

    Rendering after update

    I'm on x without ssd and have the same problems!
  10. Cause on pc with good framerate is another game . On xbox is too much slow to do all the tricks that you can do on fpp on pc
  11. I play tpp in Eu only cause dont find match in Fpp in Eu.. Hav to say that fpp on 25-30 fps is not a real enjoyable experience.
  12. map selection will kill this game on xbox.At least you wanna wait minutes to find a match
  13. giuzzio

    Map Selection Pleaseeeeee

    Agree on pc on usa to get a match on erangel solo fpp you hav to wait minutes.....on xbox map selection would be the end of this game
  14. giuzzio

    FPP players in TPP

    In EU no fpp solo so a lot who like fpp can play it in tpp match