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  1. Cause on pc with good framerate is another game . On xbox is too much slow to do all the tricks that you can do on fpp on pc
  2. I play tpp in Eu only cause dont find match in Fpp in Eu.. Hav to say that fpp on 25-30 fps is not a real enjoyable experience.
  3. map selection will kill this game on xbox.At least you wanna wait minutes to find a match
  4. giuzzio

    Map Selection Pleaseeeeee

    Agree on pc on usa to get a match on erangel solo fpp you hav to wait minutes.....on xbox map selection would be the end of this game
  5. giuzzio

    FPP players in TPP

    In EU no fpp solo so a lot who like fpp can play it in tpp match
  6. giuzzio

    Map Selection (Permanent Fix)

    If queue times will be longer this game will die. People dont want to wait 3 mins to play a game (me too) so devs created this kind of selection mode. Only crossplay could permit map selection i think
  7. giuzzio

    Just curious

  8. giuzzio


    IM in EU and if you wait some seconds on menu oc disappear its a bug
  9. wait some seconds in menu and oc disappear i think its a bug (it happens to me and im in EU)
  10. giuzzio

    Am I playing in NA?

    you right but i think the priority of developers is to keep togheter the fact of playin in the correct server and to get a match as fast as possible so if you play with randoms maybe is faster get a match playin with US people
  11. giuzzio

    Am I playing in NA?

    It depends where your mates are i think ...😎
  12. giuzzio

    Am I playing in NA?

    if you play duos or squads its possible i think but in solo if on menu i dont have any server wrote i play always in eu
  13. If you are new to pubg first of all you hav to PLAY IT ALOT without ragin than you can search website .......
  14. giuzzio

    Cross play please

    Hope soon! Thx
  15. giuzzio

    Am I playing in NA?

    I think its a bug im in eu and game put me in oc server but waitin some second on menu seems that the game put me in the correct server. waitin there is no more oc on menu so you play in your region