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  1. Ill crash at least once in a 2hr session. Usually is at the most opportune time also. Like when we are in the middle of a fight or having to run to zone. Never just in the middle ofcircle or when im laying in a bush waiting to see what circle does.
  2. Over 6 weeks since i had played until yesterday. Got reminded of how much i love the game, took a while to get back into the swing but slowly but surely my aim is still terrible lol. Was a little disappointed that there are still network lag issues and either huge dsync or hit registration issues but its whatever. Still enjoy the game more than any other that i can remember...when i dont get booted haha. That is all
  3. So i havent played in weeks, mainly just because of laziness(will explain if anyone actually cares), but ive been checking in on the forums to see About updates or just read what people are talking about. I cant get over the fact that there has been 3 weeks since the ladt post update and the game isnt even going to get any sort of update for over a month! What happened to the weekly dev reports? And how do the devs feel its ok to leave the game in the state that its been in for that long? Or did i miss something and the game is in near perfect order now? Doubt it since theres a video on youtube talking about finally fixing Vikendi....
  4. Want to do an experiment and have the final 2 in a party and cook nades simultaneously next to each other and see what happens
  5. I've always had an issue with the phantom bullet setting also. Apparently if you die first, you're bullets disappear. Someone said once it was to eliminate the chance of a tie. To me that's a weak excuse to rob people of kills. In the very unlikely chance the last 2 shoot each other at the same time theres plenty of ways to figure it out.
  6. Why would you not accept the invite? Generally it's very apparently to me when it's a squad that is in a party and doesnt invite me when I get team killed. I dont condone team killing, actually one of my biggest peeves about the developers not doing something about it. Even gave simple solutions for it. It makes sense to me though to try and invite someone and they dont accept it then to just get rid of them. Communication is huge in this game and if someone doesnt want to at least hear what we are saying is going to basically be useless. Says they are just going to do their own thing.
  7. Played a match yesterday that once again proves to how much of a joke the reporting system currently in place is. Teammate killed another teammate solely on the way he was driving, shouldnt have been driving he was terrible, but that's not the point. About 5min into the game and the guy finally had enough I guess and killed him. He didnt even go to loot him he just meandered around. Do something...please
  8. I think you can change it once every so often or pay to change it. Have to do it through the website though, not on the console
  9. I have a lucid sound ls30. Pricey but functions great. Separate controls for chat and game volume which I've been having a hard time finding. Xbox you have to have it wired to the controller for chat which is annoying but PC and PS4 it's completely wireless. My only qualm is the head strap is made of cheap plastic. It lasted 2 years but now it broke and they wont do anything about it. Everything else works great so not buying a new headset, had to improvise. Piece of aluminum stock formed, added a piece of tape in the middle also for more stability.
  10. Look at the patch notes for the PC version it's all other those that will be coming
  11. I like when you chuck it through a window or behind a rock and arint really sure if they are even still there then after a few seconds of wondering you get the notification
  12. Sucks making an epic 3-400meter running headshot just as the guy is about to get cover but then is behind it before you can even rechamber a round so he can get revived.
  13. I love the red zone, love the sound cover, yeah its loud but turn down the volume. I've been hit by red maybe 3 times, all you can do is laugh. It's not like it doesnt give you sufficient warning to find cover if you want. I wish they extended the red to endgame, imagine that shit show. You think you got the advantage by being in circle with plenty of cover, then a mortor lands on your dome. Or its 4v1 l...you get the idea.
  14. I think any shot to a downed player should end them right then but I think putting a bandage on to slow bleeding...like in real life...to a point, should just prolong the untouched bleed out time. Head shots with SRs should be insta-deaths. I do think they need to come out with a hardcore mode too
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