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    Game crash: Megathread

    Fix your fucking game and stop bringing out new updates that do fuck all. I’ve played 5 games in the past 2 days and only in one did I get a ‘fair’ start where I could get into buildings without: 1. Rubber band lag - extremely irritating. dying because you can’t walk into a building or get to a vehicle whilst other people are looting happily isn’t fun. 2. Buildings not loading at all - landing onto a patch of ‘ground’ where you think there is a building hoping that you’ll land next to a floating gun. Half the time bouncing around hopelessly until someone who’s game has loaded chases you down and kills you. Occasionally you’ll survive the initial onslaught but only have a slither of health left due to a fight which you could have easily won otherwise. All of this is irritating. Also this has resulted in me being stuck inside objects within the map on more than one occasion, resulting in having to quit. 3. Having a building load first only to run through all the rooms and there be no loot - this is the worst one for me. The buildings are all loaded in properly as you come to land and you’re excited that for once it’s working. You’re the first person to land but oh wait you go from room to room unable to find any loot at all. Someone later to the party turns up and oh the loot appears, they go into somewhere you’d just been and pick up a weapon that you should have had. Being killed by loot you should have had is by far and above the most irritating issue. When I did finally get a ‘fair’ start to the game, I got 15 minutes into it and the game crashed! I ended up being killed because I had no meds left after being eaten alive by the zone due to the crash. Bluehole and PUBG corporation - I think I can stand for everyone and say please stop bringing out new features on this broken game. Fix the crashing and make it your PRIORITY! We have paid £25 or $30 for this game and it is a really good and fun game and we should have seen vast improvements to its optimisation and nobody expected it to still be crashing. It’s completely ruined by it’s inability to run smoothly. As well as the crashing stop trying to fix the rendering issue by making it so all the items or ‘layers’ appear at once. Just make it so that even on a basic xbox one all of the items are fully rendered and there before anyone is even within 200 metres of the ground. Even before they jump out the plane if you can. It seems that you’re trying to throw in quick fixes to the game to help maintain a user base. You’re going to lose a huger userbase if you don’t fix the game and optimise it soon. It’s starting to get more than just irritating.